Cube official world record 7.08 Erik Akkersdijk

Solve da Semana - 3x3 - WR 7.08 (Erik Akkersdijk)


Link do Video do WR : D R ...

World record cube for sale! 7.08, 11.11 avg(former) ebay link


This is the cube being auctioned at Ebay, link: Cube: 3x3, ...

7.08 anniversary win game example


Enjoy, join and win a nice Gan Air SM .

43.72 4x4 new WR (former)


Dutch Masters 2008. This WAS the official world record for solving the 4x4 rubiks cube done at an official competition. I just broke ...

Erik Akkersdijk 4x4 39.83 sec (former) Official World Record!


Awesome 4x4 (Mefferts) solve by Erik Akkersdijk ... recorded by me(with my old bad cam)... But i think i was the only one, who ...

Rubiks cube bloopers, by the world record holder


A compilation video I made of things going not entirely as planned ^^

Rubiks Cube (former) official World Record! 9.77


This is the former world record for solving the Rubiks cube. I set the current world record at 7.08 seconds (check my channel for ...

Erik Remix Spartacube


A Sparta Remix to Erik Akkersdijks cube: 7.08 seconds :)

Rubik s cube official world record 7 08 Erik Akkersdijk


this is the real world record not 28 sec.

Rubiks cube official (former) World Record 7.08 seconds Erik Akkersdijk


This is the official former world record for solving a Rubiks cube in 7.08 seconds for a single solve. It was the reigning world ...

RE: Famous Cubers Try Familiar Scrambles


Reaction to: Patrick gets another try at the 4.69 (previous WR) scramble. Scramble: B2 R2 U F2 D2 ...

5x5x5 cube former World Record - 1:16.21 - Erik Akkersdijk


Amazing 5x5x5 solve by Erik Akkersdijk at Danish Cube Day 2008.

Erik Akkersdijk SloMo Former Rubiks Cube World Record (7.08)


This is a SloMo Production. Subscribe for more SloMo World Records like this! This World Record was set at: Czech Open 2008 ...

World Records rubiks cube 3x3 (1982-2016)


Records mondiaux au Rubikhui. Vidéo à jours de tous les records 1982 ...

RIP 7.08 hello 6.75! Rubiks cube PB German Nationals 2016


After 8 years it has finally happened! New official PB 6.75. Its the end of an era. RIP 7.08, you will be missed! Unofficial PB: 4.96 ...