Cube official world record 7.08 Erik Akkersdijk

World record cube for sale! 7.08, 11.11 avg(former) ebay link


This is the cube being auctioned at Ebay, link: Cube: 3x3, ...

7.08 anniversary win game example


Enjoy, join and win a nice Gan Air SM .

Erik Akkersdijk 4x4 39.83 sec (former) Official World Record!


Awesome 4x4 (Mefferts) solve by Erik Akkersdijk ... recorded by me(with my old bad cam)... But i think i was the only one, who ...

Rubik's cube world record remix


Videos used: (Erik's legendary 7.08s) ...

Rubik's cube bloopers, by the world record holder


A compilation video I made of things going not entirely as planned ^^

Rubik's Cube (former) official World Record! 9.77


This is the former world record for solving the Rubik's cube. I set the current world record at 7.08 seconds (check my channel for ...

Rubik s cube official world record 7 08 Erik Akkersdijk


this is the real world record not 28 sec.

Rubik's cube European Record 9.57 avg 5 Erik Akkersdijk


European Record 3x3 rubik's cube, at German Nationals 2010 in Warner Brothers Movie Park Germany. Times: 9.81 9.44 9.46 ...

Rubik's cube official (former) World Record 7.08 seconds Erik Akkersdijk


This is the official former world record for solving a Rubik's cube in 7.08 seconds for a single solve. It was the reigning world ...

5x5x5 cube former World Record - 1:16.21 - Erik Akkersdijk


Amazing 5x5x5 solve by Erik Akkersdijk at Danish Cube Day 2008.

Erik Akkersdijk Solves my Giant Rubik's Cube Puzzle


Erik the world record holder of the Rubik's Cube kindly agreed to solve my Giant Rubik's Cube just before The Dutch Cube Day.

Erik Akkersdijk 3x3x3 official 11.11 average (parts)


The last 1-2 solves of Erik's 11.11 world record average plus some extra footage. Sorry I don't have all solves, I think I was busy ...

Erik Akkersdijk SloMo Former Rubik's Cube World Record (7.08)


This is a SloMo Production. Subscribe for more SloMo World Records like this! This World Record was set at: Czech Open 2008 ...

World Records rubik's cube 3x3 (1982-2016)


Records mondiaux au Rubik's Cube 3x3 partant des années 80' jusqu'à aujourd'hui. Vidéo à jours de tous les records 1982 ...

RIP 7.08 hello 6.75! Rubik's cube PB German Nationals 2016


After 8 years it has finally happened! New official PB 6.75. Its the end of an era. RIP 7.08, you will be missed! Unofficial PB: 4.96 ...

Collin Burns - 5.25 3x3 World Record (better reaction)


Here's one for those of you who don't like ear-bleed level screaming. *This is NOT me* Here's Collin's channel: ...

History Of Rubik's Cube World Records 1982- 2016


If you like the video click SUBSCRIBE ! History Of Rubik's Cube World Records Credits to original videos: WR 4.74 Mats Valk ...