Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Openings All 1-8 Full

1-SPLAY-Drawing Days.2-LM.C-Boys & Girls.3-CHERRYBLOSSOM-Dive The World.4-LM.C-88.5-T 2 ya-Last Cross.6-BCON-Easy Go!.7-SxOxU-Funny Day,Funny Face,Funny Place.8-GOING UNDER GROUND-Listen To The Stereo!!.

You came into my life as a story, you left as a legend
Adi_Tv TM
Akihira Baka
Where can I find dem wallpapers :3
Aljon arancillo
DO you Finish The All of episode Hitman REborn?
All of Jimin's Jams Namjoon stole
I want to cry......
Allen Jaeger
one more day to 2018. I still miss this anime. Op 2 is definitely my favorite.
Ayitok luna
Blue Frost
I'm currently watching it
Byn Zum
26/6/2018 ?
Chipchip Com
Hay mà ít người xem
Ciao Su
OnePiece and then Reborn songs! are the best!!!! Even the instrument music! Love it very much!! Now I have a 2nd choice to listening to it without stop.
Cibele Moraes
Crimson Gem
Still waiting for shimon family arc and Arcobaleno Arc to be animated
Currently Sweet
why haven't i watch this anime yet\nonly listenedto the openings how weird
Delina Pham
Welcome 2018:)
E Dawg
Elvis cesar
2020 ?
Emerson Gallardo
Etherious NatsuDragneel
8:24 MY FAV
last time i watch this is 6 years ago
Goldman 95
one ring to rule them all
Guiga dos Reis
um dos meu animes favoritos
HiHi KaKa
Hope Fearchild
I am so gonna rewatch this after finals
Huan Zhang
Around 29:00 is my favorite
Hwi Yeo
i'm lowkey going to cri from all the sentimental feels bc AH i remember back when i had all the mp3s for these and when i would just listen to them nonstop and now i'm older than all the characters and 😭 where did all the time go
4- 13:03 -LM.C-88. MY FAVE ;p
Jahnavi Patel
This is literally my all time favorite anime nothing in my heart could top it honestly nothing \nI wish this series gets redone but like better than the masterpiece it already is and properly finished I would love to watch all of the arcs animated including the manga arcs that didn’t get animated it would do my heart good
Jazzy Quiambao
😭😭😭 I REMEMBER THIS!! I was really young though so I don't remember all of it. I wanna rewatch it but 8 SEASONS WITH A LOTTA EPISODES HELP 😭😭😭
Joaco-GamerProHDFull4K100%RealNoFake Salchichón
My fav 13:00
Joseph Christian Estranero
2018 still playing
Jugjug Dummy
didn't know they had an OP with a Canon Rock tune lol
what i misheard on boys & girls\nboys & girls eat applesauce\nboys & girls eat cereal\nboys & girls eat applesauce\nboys & girls eat cereal
Kathy Nguyen
i wish a miracle would happen and they'd continue reborn
the memories... THE MEMORIES \n*sobs*
I suddenly want to rewatch this.... for the nth time. This is one of my fav shounen anime
Khrime Dra
i like this song
Lay Blanket
Honestly like one of the best animes I have ever watched, it has one of the most unique plots in anime I have ever seen, I honestly wish that more people can see how beautiful this series actually is.
League Of Anime
the most epic anime!!!!
Mario Diez
me vi hasta el manga
Martin Avila
OMG did they make it an anime? i've read all the manga without knowing there was an anime??
Mito Hibari
When the second opening started i couldnt hold my tears......sob....sob....\nPlease come back best anime ever katekyo hitman reborn!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭
Morales Fit
Terminé llorando :(
Natalie .C
Nerdy oulas
this anime's budget was a falafel and a diet coke
Nigh† Mare
16:57 the opening when tsuna start raiding the mellone base.
Noordin Kassim
My biggest regret is finishing this anime. Lucky are those who haven't watched it yet
OMarion Swinton
Omar Mhjoob
Oscure AMV\
リボーンは決して忘れられない: 'v
Peter Park
Katekyo Hitman Reborn was the first anime I ever watched. It is still my favorite, even compared to masterpieces like Steins Gate, FMAB, Total Eclipse, HxH, Akame ga Kill, Monster, Yuri in Ice, ERASED, and more. There was just something so special about the character dynamics, the plot, the perfect harmony of tragedy and humor, the animation and music. It just came together to something that really can't be explained other than inspiring, intriguing, and memorable. I wish more people knew about this anime. It's so underrated jesus.
My favorite op was probably the 3rd one and this just made me miss the anime l’:
Rafael TM
My FAV 25:03
Most underrated anime, why i feeling the kingdom heart main character sora and tsuna are looking same
Salted Water
Khr needs a remake pls Akira Amano UwU
13:08 mi favorito
Sherley Ika
I still keep rewatching it up until now and i feel like my childhood is complete *w*
Shinobi Alex
who wants reborn to return
Mega nostalgia
Slav McSlavington
This show has almost got a JoJo level of consistently good openings
Taki Kung
I m miss old day
Team KenXgamer
Thamara Lucero
acabe de leer el manga justo cuando acabo la canción ahora.... estoy llorando
Tomy Luna
Thak you
Topaz Malcolm
This anime no doubt had some of the best opening and endings.
Trần Ánh
Hello Reborn! 2018 \u003c3
Tào Mặc Tiên Sinh
V Log
Who wants KHR live movie with great effects😉
Vivi Akemi
i miss it
William G. Medina
Man this show had some great intro songs. Pull me in everytime. :)
Wong Junyong
The first anime i ever watched the whole thing. Not even pokemon did i put as much passion
Yamiranpu Kai
I'm rewatching/rereading Reborn because I missed these characters so much from so many years ago and I'm almost afraid to finish because I don't want the story to end! I guess I'll just watch and read a little at a time, but I'll end up reaching the end eventually TT~TT
Ylhan Boutza
Best anime
Yuanken Joseph
I wish that they make another season of this anime even though its a quite ling anime I really love it and after hearing this songs nostalgia slam me in the face im only 15 y/o but this brings back my childhood and im so lonely while listening to the songs
abdou salem
The nostalgia hit me and broke my heart.
alvaro figueroa
Pro Demasiado
bucor ias
dive the world is an awsome lss to me
carolina covach
diversión Tv
Mi favorita es el openig 8
jaybie balignasay
Anyone listening to this on 2018 ?
leonel francisco vallejos
grandes openigs :V\n
let me cry a little
Even after six/ seven years....this is still my all time favourite anime and will probably stay that forever
loopybrogaming 1
The only long running anime where I liked every single op
my voice
Omg omggg... memories memoriess... i already watch this anime 3 times and read manga 2 times but never got boringg.. this is one of the my most fav anime😍😍😍 and i really love KHRs song it makes me get my spirit never get boring😍😍😍
nurul najwa
I watch this anime and really addicted because my friends show this anime to me when i was 13 and now im 20 but i just feel i watching this yesterday omg i want to cry... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
openings y mas xd
me encanto esto :\
you know, didn't like the anime much but man did it have one of the best music in an anime. LOVE IT!!!
قيمر ا
พีวาย ดับบิว
2018 ✋
ちゃん ちゃん
I love it 👍👍
ミ コ
Nostalgia hit me so hard right now oh god help I NEED THEM BACK