Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (lyrics)

Load up on guns and bring your friendsIt's fun to lose and to pretendShe's over bored and self assuredOh no, I know a dirty wordHello, hello, hello, how low? (x3)Hello, hello, hello!With the lights out, it's less dangerousHere we are now, entertain usI feel stupid and contagiousHere we are now, entertain usA mullatoAn albinoA mosquitoMy libidoYay! (x3)I'm worst at what I do bestAnd for this gift I feel blessedOur little group has always beenAnd always will until the endHello, hello, hello, how low? (x3)Hello, hello, hello!With the lights out, it's less dangerousHere we are now, entertain usI feel stupid and contagiousHere we are now, entertain usA mullatoAn albinoA mosquitoMy libidoYay! (x3)And I forget just why I tasteOh yeah, I guess it makes me smileI found it hard, it was hard to findOh, well, whatever, nevermindHello, hello, hello, how low? (x3)Hello, hello, hello!With the lights out, it's less dangerousHere we are now, entertain usI feel stupid and contagiousHere we are now, entertain usA mullatoAn albinoA mosquitoMy libidoA denial! (x9)

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a mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido yay! Yay! Yay! I love nirvana especially this song
R.I.P XXXtentacion he loved Kurt
4Chan Anonymous クロアステル
Smells like the only Nirvana song you know
A Ford
I learned today my dad also loves this band apparently when he was my age they were first getting famous and this was one of his favorite songs and he learned how to play it on the guitar
Who came here from Pablo?
Ace Brir
Acid Head
Up there with Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven and Come Together
Adam Harris
This song was featured in/by the Horror Movie: The Movie/2nd Horror Movie: The Movie (2012) trailer.
Almighty Loaf
Shit i didn't know the song was in English
Amor Amor
The awesome and unique Nirvana\nRock everything
Anouchka Liekens
My mom told me to look this song up after I watched The Voice and it is stuck in my head for almost a week now.
Anthony Sifuentes
7000 people do not have teen spirit
BTS Black Pink :v
I love Nirvana and Kurt nwn
BeastlyGamer Dude
Hey little kids, this isn't the only Nirvana song, your not cool if you don't know more than just Smells Like Teen Spirit\n\nHere are some albums:\nBleach\nOutcesticide\nIncesticide\nNevermind\nIn Uetero
Blazing Coal
Bob McFishkens
Those lyrics tho....
I just listened to each individual track of this song one after another (guitar, then bass, then drums, then vocals only) and then listening to the full song, such a fun thing to do because when you listen to the full thing you really appreciate and feel how the whole thing fits together
Buddha Baby
I know a dirty word... Sharks
CS _Gaming
R.I.P Kurt Cobain
Cameron Lorenz
Optimistic people :\nThe water is half full\nPessimistic people :\nThe water is half empty\nEdgy 12 year olds :\nhAhAhAh WaTeR iS gAy *dabs*
Cameron Wilson
8.8k people are\n1. Women who got divorced after their sons graduation\n2. A wannabe welder who uses only name brand soups to heal himself\n3. YouTubers who doesn't have a profile pic because they're afraid their biology teacher will see them\n4. A person who feed his dog gravy train due to the overstock of water he bought when he was hung over\n5. A teacher who uses chalk markers on her chalk board\n6. A liberal art student who measures the water in his ramen noodles before pouring it out\n7. A mailman who wears white socks in March but not in April\n8. A fitness trainer who eats yoplait after taking the stairs at the library\n9. What the fuck I just wrote\n10. My logic is flawless
Catilyn Chavous
i was born in 2005 but still choose this kind of music over todays rap or cliche pop music
ChaikiDoes Music
who's here 2018?
Chris von Sweetz
Ciel Phantomhive
Claudia Malta
Beautiful forever!!!
Hello, hello, hello, how low?\n\n the real question is.. How high? eue
Cyber Cyborg
Hello hello hello, how low?\nHello hello hello, how low?\nHello hello hello, how low?\nHello Hello Hello.......
Dennis Cowe
Just headbanged to this song so frickin hard my head hurts and I’m tired\n\n\n\n\n\n*worth it*
Fin Huckabee
Oh well, whatever, nevermind
Gerard Way Jr.
' Walks into hot topic'. *mysteriously sniffs air*. \
3798 anyone?
Iced Lemon Green Tea
I find the song by searching \
Isaac Gonzales
October 2018 anyone
J Madden
This fucking song is more relevant now than ever. Which makes it so great.
Jatavier Smith
*Dance like Tyler Joseph, with a big t-shirt on screaming wrong lyrics*
Jay Bacay
2018 anyone?
Johnny DevilBoy Depp
Me: *enters a Mexican restaurant*\nWaitress: \
Justin Morey
2018 and forever
Hello hello hello hello how low?
Kaitlyn Timmons
in love with this song!!!!!!!!$!!!!!!!! 🔥 🔥 🎸
Kayciaz World
one of the greatest songs of all time
Kimosha Letoi
You ever just hear a song and know the making of it was pure magic? I could only imagine the jam session that lead to this masterpiece. I was first introduced to this song in 1996 and I still love it! R.I.P Kurt Cobain
King Kyle
The other two “yay!” Are actually the guitar... the more ya know 👍🏻
KommentarSpaltenKrieger 129394032
The last time rock created something globally important.
2018 anyone?
screw that \
Lee Boy
lol im 27 and still i have a teen spirit and do a great things ;-)
Lizette Castro
2018 anyone???😂 The Best Song EVERRR!!! R.I.P Kurt Cobain💗😔
Lloyd Albinio Gasper
whenever people tell me my armpits stink I say it smells like teen spirit.
Madanne Donston
Darn you Rayyan Blah
Mark Lester Tagala
2018 anyone?
MetallicaGirl 101
Yes because I totally want to listen to a cheese ad, right before listening to Nirvana. Lol. 😂
Nicole Duskfeather
After he yells \
Nicole Swain
still rocking 2018
Nomad Colossus
Nice shot of junior Kirt at the end ; ) So sad - he was like another John Lennon that the world missed out on!
Paulo Lima
Does anyone else think the drummer from Nirvana kinda looks like the drummer from Nirvana?
Phil Ferroni
How could anyone not like this song?!?
Queen Queen
Literally the BEST band EVER
“Our little group has always been and always will until the end” here comes the waiter falls.
Raven Of Shadows
Nirvana is my absolute favorite band of all time. Growing up in the 90's Kurt was like a god to me and so many others at the time and i still love them and listen to them til this very day. I'm sorry but compared to the music nowadays Nirvana is better then all the crap that's out now. The music scene is dead and totally fucking sucks now. R.I.P. kurt you will be missed but never forgotten.
Rayyan Rah
A mulatto \nAn albimo\nA mosquito\nA potato\nA casino\nDespacito\nMy libido\nEdit:Avocado\nNo problemo\n...
Ricky Jackson
Never stop isn't music, unless its a way of life ...
smells like everyone is thinking that smelling another person whom smelling you is like smelling a smelly smelling smell.
Saman cheetry
Wish Kurt a happy birthday in heaven ❤
Sandy Brown
Kurt your missed and your one of my favorite rocker
Savanah Strange
So I walked into my math class and someone said \
Skeleton_Frührer 666
This sounds like a song you would listen to as a kid then when you get older you try so hard to find it, you give up and then you finally find it you get so excited you just cant explain it
Stale Bagelz
this song is for teenagers, no matter the generation.
Stephanie Coelho
Happy birthday Kurt!
Steven Brown
00:10 my reaction when I clicked on this song
Stupid philosophy Penguin
Once my parents played a nirvana CD in the car. Best. Day. Ever. Thank you for introducing me to this band and many others. 😊
Thanks Hermione
It was so weird when this song was sung in Pan by Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard and a bunch of the cast, despite the film taking place in the 1940's. Then Peter Pan asked, \
The FU-2
lol the last part of the chorus sounds completely random
The God of Potaotes
Everybody else buys a Nirvana shirt because of this song \nBut I was like nah I buy a Nirvana shirt because of\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nB I L L N Y E
of course this was the first nirvana song i listened to and got into... and then i decided to give everything else a try. I regret nothing!!!!!!!\n\nRIP Kurt
Tiffany Rivera
Just lost my best friend yesterday from a heroine overdose at 430 am. My heart is broke we been threw it all we grew up together from age 7💔💔💔😫😫\n This was her favorite song#rip#loveurain#missingyou
Treyton Johnson
1:10 hidden guitar track
A Mosquito \nA Casino\nA Frappuccino\nA Burrito\nA Latino\nA Volcano\nNo problemo
Wil Alvizun
2018 still grunge not dead
Xxxx iiesha Xxxx Xxxx
Wish Kurt was still hear he was such a inspiration to everybody even me and I'm 21 I love him and his music he was so layed back and down to earth didn't care about fame or money even got married in his pjarmers lol we all love and miss you Kurt KING of grunge 💖💀❤🎼
You're Correct! I agree!
The first time I heard this I thought he said a mosquito and \
chloebear LPS
Ahhh I love this songgg
christopher basha
When i first heard the song i thought he said \
The song that everyone loves to sing......incorrectly.
omg every time i hear this I am scared my mom will get in my room
death trip
R. I. P. Cobain
duran andrews
RIP Kurt Cobain the father of grunge
houston made
This the only thing besides rap and jazz I'll jam to
What I hate is when, people only know/listen to this song from Nirvana, and claim that \
Heard this on my local classic rock station earlier today.\n\nI thought it was weird that Nirvana could be considered \
You got the lyrics so wrong it hurts
pia potocnik
2018 and Nirvana is the best...... ❤ ❤
I know these aren't the lyrics but does anyone else hear this?\nI'm a liar (A mulatto)\nAn abomination (Albino)\nI'm scared of how to feel (A mosquito, my libido)
*_R.I.P ❤️😢_*
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Quite possibly the most overrated song ever
white shadow 24
Nirvana is way more better than 69tekashi and lil pump 😂😂😂
Who from 2018-2019??\n\nЯ знаю руский