Top 100 Best Songs Of All Time

- Top 100 Songs 2017

A Kiwi Nerd
uhhhh no no sweetie\n\nBohemian rhapsody should be #1 not #2\n\nthe show must go on should be #2 not #88\n\nthen we will rock you should be #3 not #27
Amirreza .y
where the F is careless whisper?\nmadonna's music?\ncyndi lauper?
An Obsessed Queen Fan
Why is it that half the comments section is people talking about Queen
Andrea Procopio
There’s only 3 Queen songs on this list... aren’t we forgetting, I don’t know, maybe the rest of their career?
Angel Del piero
What happend with despacito?
Anne com E
beatles 💜
Anton Razzouk
For all the teenagers here, we must keep these songs living on through our children and grandchildren ...\n\n*IT’S* *OUR* *MISSION*
Axel DeOcampo
Too many Queen fans here.......
Queen \
Best Of Kpop
We Are The Champions by Queen should have been number 1, but nice list
Carly Brown
Where are the nirvana fans??
Chrille med måge Skillz
Where is dont stop me now by Queen
Christina Gomez
People are saying bohemian rhapsody should be number one.. I think it should be \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI'm in love with my car
DeadlyHenry 101
My heart will go on?\nSpace oddity?\nLove of my life?\nThe twist?
Pessima raccolta c'è di meglioooo
Dragon Fire 71
Sono Italiano e concordo con molte canzoni ance perchè molte di queste le ho ascoltate più volte nella mia vita nonostante la mia età è nn troppo alta ( 12 anni ) \nMa ci tenevo a dire che secondo i miei gusti , we well rock you merita un posto in top 20 e Bohemian Rapsody merita il primo posto !\nCmq sono tutte canzoni belle e rispetto i gusti di chi ha creato questo video \nLike se concordi e se sei Italiano \n( se ti piace R6 passa dal mio canale ! \nmi impegno molto e sempre più ! )
My favorite band = Queen\nMy favorite singer/dancing/artist = Michael Jackson \n\nSomeone like me?
Ezra Musarra
Somehow we went from music that actually sounds good to despacito.
Fire Leopard
Jesus we get it you watched the movie
GameMania 04
Radio Gaga?
Gameguy589 - Clash Royale
Bohemian Rhapsody is my No1
Gaspard Hermans
Smell like teens spirit should be in top 10
George !!!!!!
The best 17:53 minutes of my life
Michael Jackson - Thriller ???????
Giuseppe Pio Spataro
Eye of the tiger?
Griffin Reviews
Great list - Should do top 100 Rock Songs
Guroosh Chaudhary
Hayden Dias
Man so many Queen fans here these kids don't know about the beatles
Haylee Meeks
The best band ever is The Beatles!
Hussain Alqallaf
90% of the comments : queen \n8% Michael jackson \n2% the Beatles
I’m a drama Queen
I’m only 14 and I was born to listening Queen every day of my life, it is so... beautiful ( sorry if my English is bad because I’m french )
JT Kirk
Bohemian rapsody 1
Kasper Nielsen
Im not normally listening to queen but they deserved the 1st place with bohemian rhapsody
Kingz 06
How the hell is Bohemian rhapsody not first
Kohvras Sharapova
For all Gunners (GN'R fans):\n12:43 - November Rain (28th place)\n6:19 - Sweet Child O' Mine (65th place)\n1:41 - Welcome To The Jungle (92nd place)\n\nKeep loving Guns N' Roses!🤘🏻🎩🌹
The modern music sucks like if u agree
Го русский коммент в топ)
LSD Plays
Bohemian Rhapsody should be number 1
Laura Floris
Where is toto? And the others songs of Jeff Buckley, Beatles, queen, acdc, gun's N'roses ecc? I understand, there's only the 100 best songs of ever, but a lot of them are unknown... Maybe because I'm Italian and I'm 13, and the music culture is a little different than the American music culture ... I don't know\n\n (I'm sorry for any mistakes, I don't speak English very well)
I'm so glad that this list had only ''the real good music'' and not that bullshit from the 2000's. There are some good 2000's artists but most of them are 100% shit. (My opinion don't get mad)
Lian 900
Bohemian rhapsody perfect
Lila Nova
Where are:\nAnother One bites the dust\nKiller Queen\nFat Bottom girls\nBicycle Race\nYou're my best friend\nDon't stop me now \nSave me\nCrazy litte thing called love\nSomebody to love\nNow I'm here\nGood old-fashioned lover boy\nPlay the game\nFlash\nSeven seas of Rhye\nWe are the champions\nA kind of magic\nUnder Pressure \nRadio Ga Ga \nI want it all\nI want to break free\nInnuendo\nIt's a hard life\nBreakthru\nWho wants to live forever\nHeadlong\nThe miracle\nI'm going slightly mad\nThe Invisible Man\nHammer to fall\nFriends will be friends\nOne Vision \nBarcelona\nTo much love will kill you\nYou don't fool me\nHeaven for everyone\nLas palabras de amor\nDriven by you\nLiving on my own \nLet me live\nPrinces of the Universe \nNo-one but you\nThese are the days of our lives\nThank god it's Christmas\n....?
LoLa La Queen
Sunday bloudy Sunday 80?
Mar Lorente
Bohemian Rhapsody should be the first one!!!!
Marco Rancan
I love beatles and Queen
Marilia Louceiro
Queens+guns+pink=classic rock
1.What? No,no,no 1 is Bohemian Rhapsody!
Mat Bolton
Led zeppelin needs to be atleast in the top 10 spot
Matilde Ruivo
No Linkin Park?!! Lol
Max Bloi
Oh damn. I’am so jealous of my parents youth. More social interaction and better music. \n\nLike if you feel you where born in the wrong time.
RIP to all of the legends, who died to early
Milica Tomić_
1. Bohemian Rhapsody\n2. Bohemian Rhapsody\n3. Bohemian Rhapsody\n.....\n999. Bohemian Rhapsody\n....
Miltiadis Athanasiou
My Top 20\n1. Bohemian Rhapsody \n2. Stairway to Heaven \n3. A Day in the Life\n4. Imagine \n5. Wish You Were Here \n6. Like A Rolling Stone\n7. God Only Knows \n8. Hey Jude \n9. Life On Mars \n10. Comfortably Numb\n11. Let It Be \n12. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out\n13. Baba O’Riley\n14. Strawberry Fields Forever\n15. Paranoid Android\n16. Space Oddity\n17. Love Will Tear Us Apart\n18. Smells Like Teen Spirit\n19. Shine On You Crazy Diamond\n20. In My Life
Mj McKenize
Journey, don’t stop believing, isn’t even on the list
Monkeyman7474 YB
Necropolis **********
Alguien que hable español???
Nicola Antonino
I'm 11 and i listen Queen every day,I think the Queen is the best band of all time,all your songs are beautiful,yes,BEAUTIFUL(sorry for my english,I'm italian)
Nirvik hazra
wish you were here? shine on you crazy diamond?
Niv 'Mohnd
_It took me a while to write all this crap, so PLEASE give me a like._\n0:05 *Hello*\n0:15 *Personal Jesus*\n0:27 *More than a feeling*\n0:37 Total Eclipse of the Heart -\n0:49 I love Rock n' Roll -\n1:00 Won't get fooled again\n1:10 Who'll stop the rain\n1:20 Blue Suede Shoes\n1:33 *Welcome to the Jungle*\n1:42 Roxanne\n1:52 Sympathy for the Devil\n2:03 Don't let me be misunderstood -\n2:14 *The show must go on*\n2:24 Still loving you.\n2:34 Nothing compares 2 u\n2:45 Sweet home alabama -\n2:55 Creep\n3:07 Brodge over troubled water\n3:17 Kiss\n3:29 Comfortably Numb\n3:39 Sunday Bloody Sunday\n3:49 Rehab\n4:00 Whole Lotta Love\n4:10 Shape of my Heart\n4:21 I just called to say i love you\n4:32 You can leave your hat on\n4:44 Simply the best\n4:54 It's a man' man's man's world\n5:05 *I will always love you*\n5:15 Livin' on a prayer\n5:27 Come as you are\n5:37 I will always survive\n5:48 Your song\n5:58 *Bitter Sweet Symphony*\n6:08 Heart of Glass\n6:19 Sweet child o' mine\n6:28 Tutti Frutti\n6:39 *Johnny B. Groode*\n6:48 *Killing me softly with this song*\n6:58 London Calling\n7:09 Hot Stuff\n7:19 Enter Sandman\n7:30 Tears in Heaven\n7:41 How deep is your love\n7:52 Come together\n8:01 Losing my religion\n8:12 The end\n8:22 Ziggy stardust\n8:32 Blitzkrieg Blop\n8:42 Fortunate Son\n8:53 Highway to Hell\n9:04 All along the Watchtower\n9:15 Jailhouse Rock\n9:25 Runaway \n9:35 Piano Man\n9:45 Sweet Dreams\n9:56 Baba O'Riley\n10:06 *Iron Man*\n10:17 Paint it Black\n10:27 Dancing Queen\n10:37 With or without you\n10:48 Layla\n10:58 Goodbye yellow brick road\n11:10 Dream On\n11:20 Purple Rain\n11:30 *Beat it*\n11:41 Unchained Melody\n11:50 Oh Pretty Woman\n12:01 My sweet lord\n12:11 *What a wonderful world*\n12:22 Hallelujah\n12:32 Smeels like team spirit\n12:43 November Rain\n12:53 *We will rock you*\n13:04 Another brick on the wall\n13:16 You never can tell\n13:27 The sound of silence\n13:37 Heroes\n13:47 Hit the road jack -\n13:59 Billie Jean\n14:09 Every breath you take\n14:21 Hey Jude\n14:30 Hound Dog\n14:41 Smoke on the water\n14:52 Knocking on Heaven's Door\n15:02 California Dreaming\n15:13 *House of the rising sun*\n15:23 Hotel California\n15:34 Yesterday\n15:44 Light my fire\n15:55 Satisfaction\n16:06 Superstition-\n16:17 I got you (I feel good) -\n16:28 No woman no cry\n16:39 I can't help falling in love\n16:50 Like a rolling stone\n17:02 Stairway to Heaven\n17:12 Let it be -\n17:20 *Bohemian Rhapsody*\n17:31 *Imagine*
Wow seriously, how can today's music beat this!? I see a lot of QUEEEEEEEEN here in the comments, yeah they are one of the best groups with the best songs, not EVERYTHING. BTW I am a proud Queen and MJ fan
Ojii Gerlee
Where is Take On Me from a ha??
Peter Petrov
Where are \
Plutarch Heavensbee
Bohemian Rhapsody could have been number 1 on this awful list. There were only 20 that should have been mentioned. Two Michael Jackson songs and one was \
Production Riddle
Bohemian Rhapsody is the best
Proxim Stenvaag
Its only american and english songs, you have no the sensation to be the center of the world?!!
Ron Swanson
Honorable mentions:\nQueen - Don't Stop Me Now.\nQueen - Somebody To Love.\nQueen - We Are The Champions.\nThe Beatles - A Day In The Life.\nThe Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand.\nLed Zeppelin - Immigrant Song.\nLed Zeppelin - Kashmir.\nGeorge Michael - Careless Whisper.\nDavid Bowie - Space Oddity.\nThe Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter.\nScorpions - Wind Of Change.\nDaryl Hall And John Oats - You Make My Dreams.\nA-ha - Take On Me.\nToto - Africa.\nBlur - Song 2.\nJohn Denver - Annie's Song.\nJohn Denver - Take Me Home.\nRoy Orbison - Crying.
Ruhlan Jef
90% of comment section : Bohemian Rhapsody is #1...
ST Striker
Bohemian Rhapsody is the #1
Schafsohn Zürafa
Riders on the storm?
Storyx K
Susanna Vehanen
We need more songs of Queen on this list
The100 Fan
Rıp john Lennon :(
Toxologie II
nearly all of them are rock 'n roll...wonder why ?? rock n roll is the answer to all questions!!! its the best!!
Trucs Pratics
where is 'jul' ???
Eagles - hotel california . I always sing it 😍😍
What's up ?
Guys, the best is bohemian rhapsody. Get out of here!
“Thriller” where is it ;-;
I dont feel so well
Yassine El Ganich
2019 !!🎸🎸
YodaWars 1000
10 Most Popular:\n\n1. The Beatles - Hey Jude\n2. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You\n3. Prince & The Revolution - Purple Rain \n4. John Lennon - Imagine \n5. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody \n6. Santana & Rob Thomas - Smooth\n7. Whitney Houston - Will Always Love You \n8. The Eagles - Hotel California \n9. Taio Cruz - Dynamite\n10. Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
Zanther Duh!
Is it just me or is Sting- Shape of my heart sounds like Lucid Dreams by JUICE WRLD?
aku suka soto
I thing hey Jude by the beatles should be top 10
amber lavenderr
Where's despacito?\n\nOops sorry, found it in my trashcan💁\u200d♀️
diversao rula
Somebody please explain me how we went from awesome music to 2018?
back in black ?????
Bohemian Rhapsody should be the number one
rodr1mor4# 5994
Bohemian Rhapsody is the First
rokasisLTU GT
NIRVANA would always be the best for me. R.I.P Kurt cobain😔
sir Fmmm
2017 Kids:\n\
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Queen \u003e\u003e\u003e
Рок Котик
Killer queen has left the game
עופרת פלדה
I know almost all of the songs here from the radio. It's funny because the national Israeli radio I listen plays English songs, not Hebrew...
Where is oasis?
David Bowie héroes me encanta