The World Of Stainboy - Chapter 2 The Toxic Boy

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The World Of Stainboy - Chapter 2 The Toxic BoyStainboy Created By Tim Burton

Burbank Burton Stainboy Tim Toxic

@polishpat822 whats the MOMA?
Amellia R
wow that was weird.... love tim burton's work, he is a genius!
Andy mclaughlan
my strange addiction
your like a one man walt disney company!
Auro Karlitis
me identifico muchisimo con stainboy
Really?! Omg, where did you hear that from? XD
BelieveInMagic YouMuggle
Yeah drawings
Betsy Woodhouse
Poor Roy The Toxic Boy :( I love Tim, he is this generation's Einstein \u003c333
Burton wasn't even a real animator on that. He was just one of the guys who filled in the gaps between frames in the principle animation. \u003c:S Talk about hell...
Bryn May
@ECL28E I would love to see Jhonen Vasquez so something with Tim Burton, like make some movie for JTHM or something
Christi Burton
I love how he die it is so funny :)
Tim Burton is something more than happy tree friends. His stories have a background story and a point that most ppl cant see or understand besides the weird sounds and chars.
mine too =]
Dionne Rosana-Astrande
I'd love to see Tim Burton get involved with the guy who did Invader Zim...or happy Tree friends
Evelyn Price
Hahahahahahaha :'D
Friskishdrawings - Friska
Izaya idk
@london61407 Ummm they both are creepy -__- but I like tragic toys better :D
Jack Blackthorn
I have a roy the toxic boy t-shirt.he´s so awesome n_n
Tim Burton is awesome!
Kate Macdonald
Roy is my favorite
The houses in this film are a lot like the houses in Edward Scissorhands
its Roy the Toxic Boy!
Leah Cox
I love how he shuffled around the hole in the floor.
Lily Bollard
OMG flamethebagx3 I agree with u 100%
Linnéa Selander
i have not read the book. (but i want to!) \nexplain to me? :D
Loki Laufeyson
Guys just go read the little book. I really want a MDoOB show too, but this is shit.
i wonder how does toxic-boy's parents look like...
Maddi Henderson
And don't make a mess! XD
Maja Andersson
this is so depressing o.o \r\nbut I think I like it XP \r\natleast a little bit...
Marie Charlotte
Je comprend rien !!!\r\nXD
Missus Hallows
Aww, I love these! I have the book and some of the toys. I LOVE them, and Tim Burton.
Montana Hall
@ladyeyeballz83 me too!
Morgan Madariaga
Jhonen Vasquez and Tim Burton would be a great team.
i guess tim burton dont like disney
Toxic Boy is my Fav.
i saw it,and it is worth seeing if you can get into it, it sells out fast .
Patty Tee
I encourage everyone who can, to go see Tim Burtons exhibit at the MOMA........simply awesome!!!!!
@ECL28E or salad fingers that is so weird already
Păpușile Natașei
I love tim burton
Ryan Brown
I'm not sure why he said that, considering many of his films have been distributed and licensed by Disney, including the upcoming Alice film.\n\nDisney could get angry. :|
deeberian traducir laa caricatura y pasarla en televisioon esta buenisimaa!
Lolz - Wunderbaum\u003c3 (some toxic shit...) : D.
Sam Haze
you can get them they're called tragic toys for girls and boys :D
Sarah Hansen
@maggie101monkey jeeezz suchh a low life. actually getting pissy over someone who doesn't know who made invader zim haha its a cartoon get over it. lmao :P
Scarilyn Monrawr
anyone know or have an idea what program Tim used to make Stainboy?\n
eat pine fresh punk! hehe awesome
Skye M
@ECL28E or salad fingers
Taya Guerin
acid puke!!! now thats what im talking about! i love this!!! XD
Is it just me, or did that dog look like Zero, from NBC?
V - Pony
Dude, reminds me of the Spitter from Left 4 Dead 2\r\nSounds like it too\r\nXDD
@ECL28E \r\n\r\nHappy Tree Friends is a bunch of bleeding puppets. Tim Burton is art.
Xena: Destroyer of Nations
Yasmin Wardhan
I think the same comment below mine!\n=D\n\nI love the poems he wrote so much, i wish he stop-motioned them like what he did with Vincent.\nThat would be so cool..\n\u003c3\n\nI love Tim Burton..\nAnd Roy!\nHe's my favorite character.. And also the cutest!\nx3
alakemedejaisya a
akguien me puede decir de ke van estos dibujos??
Yay! I like stainboy.
with this cartoons, burton give a great gift for all the weird kids =D
@FredrickOfFletStreet because of how it looks? or because it only eats sweets and doesn´t pay attention to you? =O
What the heck.... THAT.WAS.AWESOME!!! Tim burton I don't bellive there's one bad thing you have made!
jacob smith
@ECL28E or salad fingers XD
i want a toxic boy doll!
karol zd
The Toxic boy looks like Dexter's termite from \
i just found out about stainboy today at the MOMA, he's grate!!!
Still not as creepy as salad fingers
this is awesome. they should of made a collection dvd of this and sold it at Burton's exhibits. I would've boughten it
stinky loves
haha never knew an exorcism can smell so good :P
sugar tiara
Air Freshner LOL.
Awww this is sooo cute!!
i hate you
@ olindadragonlvr hah I was thinking the same thing!
אופק סרויה
oh no Roy died again, now thers a nother hall in the ozone layer