James Blunt - No tears

Don't I know itNobody has to sayI've been luckyGuess I was born that wayI thank my fatherHis absence has made me strongAnd I love my motherBut she had troubles with GodNo tearsFor the life that you ledYou had angels in your headDid you hear them singing in the end?All the things that do seemAll the things that could have beenWell I've been everything I wanna beSo no tears, no tears for meYeah I've bathed in sunshineBut cherished the fading lightAnd I heard my heartbeat falterOn a winters nightI loved a womanBut she didn't hear my prayersSo lord, oh lord, I'm yoursAnd no tearsFor the life that you ledYou had angels in your headDid you hear them singing in the end?All the things that do seemAll the things that could have beenWell I've been everything I wanna beSo no tears, no tearsBecause someone somewhere's going home tonightTry to understand the sacrificeSo save your tears for those left behindFor the life that you ledYou had angels in your headDid you hear them singing the end?All the things that do seemAll the things that could have beenWell I've been everything I wanna beSo no tearsNo tearsNo tears for me

blunt kind no of some tears trouble james

1st january 2017
Achal Shah
Anyone here because of the Barney Stinson video?
Adriana Maldonado
me mata... escucharlo
Amanda Rocha
Essa música é linda demaaaais! ❤❤❤
Anneke Poolen
No tears for me anymore.
Aristino Ndoye
love love love
Asher Naftali
I am a religious person and I haven't father and I just lived with my mother until my 4 old-years... As say this music, she had troubles with God ( She smokes so much, so much alcohol and other things) She (my mother) beat me because of any reason and I went to my grandmother house. I think because I never had a father it makes stronger, and I love my mother, but she never will be like my grandmother to me. If I know what is love it was because I learned a little with my grandmother. No tears to me really because my mother and father made me stronger, altrough I think I am gay because I never had a father to be my friend and maybe I was searching this in another boy (just now I can understand after so much pain because of obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder) . I lost all my friends when I finished my school because I am bipolar and I have obsessive compulsive disorder... I thought it was fault of my parents, but no tears for me... Any person if was me could say \
Avelino Vindele Dungue
A verda, canções como estes são aquelas mesmo não querendo ouvir, conquistam a alma sem quer... Nice Song--James Blunt - No tears
BillyCrzBoy Eziio
it's so sad when you see a song like this have only 3m views and the other crap songs have 1b -__-
Bob Fox
No Tears 4 Me......Regrets Only bring Sadness.....I've Been Who I wanted To be....Love Only 4 Me......Fox
Brian Baptist
a wounderful song with great meaning at least for me
Carol Dela Cruz
thank you for such wonderful lyrics.
Casbert Chigova
James Blunt the best
Celly nunes Nunes
no tears lindíssima!!
Christian Marechal
I've been in nedex team bro!
Cutipie Applepie
there were lots of tears ... \nwho you foolin' ? \nI guess the atheist ;)
Cyrille Nkolo Ayissi
james is the best
Dave Fordham
Some bits of it remind me of another song that I love. All Time High performed by Rita Coolidge for the Bond movie \
Denise Clark
This song makes me think of my brother who passed away with cancer in 2009 makes me think he would be say those words no tears for me cause hes free from the pain and now flying and singing with god and the angels in heaven still so hard not to cry though miss him terribly !James blunt yr lyric are a legend
Diana Galdamez
me encanta esta cancione :3 grr!
Dilyora Rahimova
Well I've been everything I want to be...
Edwin Torres
my mom rip always in me always
Elineusa Matos
I thank James Blunt his songs made me happy
Elkhan Zahidov
dont forget me
Fernanda Fabiola
Lembranças maravilhosas.
Francinaldo Nascimento
está de parabéns por todas as suas músicas ... realmente muito lindas
Francis Plomp
Ilona Warmuth
was für ein Genuss zum anhören
Issawou Tchabana
Sometimes people can be mean, most when they are young and later they forgot what they did. But to the ones being bullied, betrayed, lied to, ... they will always know who they are and what they did. I'm sorry if I ever have been upsetting someone, making them cry or doubt themselfes. But I know what's in the past can't be changed but can only be remebered as a lesson for later.\n\nNo tears for the words some people said to people, hurting me and breaking me down. I can build myself up and now I'm 5 years older I feel good that happened. I'm stronger now. No tears to shed anymore
Jenny Lo
Súper linda esta canción💚
com vontade de comer essa música de tão boa que é kkkjkkk
Katie Jackman
.. Reminds me of all those beautiful ppl whove died in my life.. :(\nBut like looking back on pics and videos, etc. They look so alive. so weird.. \nalways remember, \
Katrina Schuster
What beautiful words from a beautiful soul. James you ease my soul and help a broken hearts heal.
Kevin Sellers
whats up james. loved ur concert at hard rock in Biloxi
Khaled Mustafa
He is much better than many singers out there, so underrated!! 2017 anyone?
Ky Zane
Typical james blunt , have every album , fantastic , says the words I would if I could
Layla M
Came here from HIMYM? And crying?
Lee Mitchell
Don't cry for those who are dying. Cry for us who are living.. they will be in a better place than us.
Lena S
no tears? I started crying at the first tone..
Leo Lira
o melhor cantor de todos os tempos sem dúvida
Leonardo Goldoni
These words are unfortunately my story now :(
Lorraine Ashby
No tears for me.....sometimes when I  tell someone about certain incidents in my life and they get upset I say 'please don't cry I am not looking for sympathy because whatever mistakes or choices I made were mine to make and I take responsibility for that and as hard as it was, when you come out the other side with greater clarity and wisdom there are no tears - it's about loss without regret........
Luiz Santos
Perdi minha mãe para a depressão; me pergunto o porquê. Só Deus sabe o quanto eu sofro até hoje. Essa música é demais.
Luís Maurício
I love you Dad !!!
Madjdo Lina
Anybody from october 2018?
Miha Kopač
It says no tears, but i think that you need tears in life.. tears are like expressing of deepest feelings:( tears helps you get over some thing. But i understand song, because you need to accept some things like they are meant to be without tears, because that is life...
Miss Kelly
James wrote this for his parents and he wanted to thank them that he achieved his goals in life
Morenna lee
amo demaisssss! slv Brasil ⚓❤
Natalie Jo
I love this song.
Ngọc Mai
So beautiful!
Nong Nat
really like this song
Nya Lpro
Paulina Szpilur-Kasprzak
cudna piosenka😍😍😍
Peace Moyo
no tears for me
Petra Hermans
Beautiful James! Thank you for your beautiful song!\nPetra Hermans - Worldpoet 546
Rennan Kenedy
Maravilhosa canção, goste de todas...
Richard Chitalu
This song make me realise that its very important to show love to the people around and no when they are gone..its a very beatiful song!
Richard Okoth
I just crossed into 2018 listening to this song. My all time best.
Richard Wilkinson
me...... always
Rico Arthur
love this song, its a great song.all tracks on this album rock guys....
Robin Ritzy
Sandra Connor
No tears.
Six O'Clock
Omg! Ow! That hit me right in the feels. 😖😢😭
Sueli Novicki
Amooooooooooo muitooooooooooo!!!!!!
Suran De Lanerolle
This song means so much to me... \nand it's always inspires me.. 
Suzanna Ghukasyan
2018 and who else? :)
Teresinha De Jesus
Sou apaixonada por essa musica
Tina Schlegel
I'm always listening😆
So beautiful lyrics... my father committed suicide a year ago and it's so incredibly sad and consoling to hear this song, since he left us a letter telling us not to cry but believe that everything is alright now :'(. So thank you for posting this.
Veve Erilus
Amooooooooooooooooooooo James
Yanddra Antonucci
Lindas canções! Realmente tocantes!
Yolanda Gutierrez
I love this song bec.i really have no more tears to shed for him whenever i think of my father who left us for another women(plural) and my good mom never remarry again for the rest of her life
Zubair Khalil
The woman is quite tantalizing. This is how a woman out of reach can get very tormenting. Alas, James could have her at the end of this song. But, there is where the song gets interesting. Such paradox.
This song makes me think of my old friend that i interrupt him because of his careless between our friendship :/ and all the day thinking of him i really miss him .. sadness
bryan ng
This song perfectly describes Barney Stinson...
eugene davis
nice song
this song is perfect
gaurav kumar
Awsome sinnger..whoom I ever saw..
jefferson reyes
me encanta esta canción ♥
jele brunner
i love this beautiful song..
kouame konan claver
who listen in july 2016?\n Except me!
lucija 2
i love this song but i dont understand what is this about. lyrics dont make any sense.
patou 04
j adore la délicatesse de ses chansons trop génial j adore.
saharinah müller
its so nice...    i love this song (most of jame`s songs are very nice..:))
sheilla joyce
this is a beautiful song
lyrics of no tears - james blunt:\n**music**\n**describes my life**\n**music**
tomoyo o
James Blunt - No tears
troy harrington
This is going to be my goodbye song. I have struggled with words. Thank you James. I hope you don't feel this way. World needs your talent.
viky land
Beautiful song!!!
Виталий Осос
...классная тема в мр3
Жанна Тимурова
ليليا ليلي
أنا كان حملي خطر علي فتركت هاذي الاغنية لابني عشان يتفكرني بيها فستر الله و ولدت بصعوبة و أمان
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