James Blunt | Goodbye My Lover | Live Performance at Oxford Union

SUBSCRIBE for more speakers ► Having won two BRIT Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, two Ivor Novello Awards, as well as receiving five Grammy Award nominations, James Blunt is a singer-songwriter who has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. He rose to prominence in 2004 with the release of his debut album, Back to Bedlam, which became the best-selling album of the 2000s in the UK. He previously served as a reconnaissance officer in Kosovo under NATO, and actively supports Médecins Sans Frontières and Help For Heroes.ABOUT THE OXFORD UNION SOCIETY: The Oxford Union is the world's most prestigious debating society, with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford. Since 1823, the Union has been promoting debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across the globe.

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Smartphones are ruining live music
Adrita Roy
His eyes were searching for someone... At least that's what he made me feel. One of my most favourite songs.
Agung Adi
James is getting older but his voice still there
Alv Olsen
Some musicians sing straight from the heart, James is one of those musicians...!
Angami Accent
nilo nilo nilo come back
Ania xyx
I Love this song ❤😭😍
Anna Gorka
I love the expression on his face this man. 😍
Anuj Mishra
He should have got a standing ovation for this brilliant performance....
Apoulant Howl
the pain on his eyes...
Aurelijus Baranauskas
James Blunt you are very good singer,this song is beautiful
Axel Cardenas
Its amazing that he can still can still this song with such conviction after playing it probably thousands of times over the last 10+ years. Amazing artist
Bel M
Beautiful tune..
Bill finney
This song was playing when I was going to my mothers house having been told she had just past away so I change the lyrics to goodbye my mother
Never seen anyone sing with so much passion and emotion ever
Brandon Locke
His eyes show soo much
He completely relived that relationship in one song and to imagine how many times he's had to do it is miraculous. Superb job!
Bridgette Hope
The emotion in this man 😭😂
Börsen Kalender
This has to be based on a true story for him
One of the most emotional musical performance ever
Craig Lancaster
So much emotion in his singing! he must of sung this song thousands of times but sings it as if it was his first time.
CuriousPanda Astoria
Two years ago.. i was once the happiest man on earth...i met this lovely girl... without thinking too much, i proposed her ... she said yes... so i put that beautiful ring that i got from my savings...,\n\ntime goes by, everything went so perfectly beautiful.. and were just like two love bird destined together forever.... we were so naive, talked about futures like we know it...we set the hopes high to the stars...\n\nthen one day, it happen... the day that silence overpowered her... no text, no calls, no replies, no explanations, no reasons at all... it all happened while i was so madly in love with her.... \n\nhow can i move on when i still in love with her.... \n\nso here i am, trying to stand tall even though i am weak inside... trying to keep the smile while it hurts inside.. \n\nall hoping that this wil pass.....\n\nToday i saw her with her guy and she looks happier.... and i am just here silently dropping my tears.....\nGood bye my lover....
Daniel Ginting
one of few singers who always puts total emotion into his song. In the end it becomes a story that echoes in your heart.
Darryl Miller
This man takes so much stick, a very talented and humble man.
Dee Platnum
That part when he says he still holds her hand in his when he sleeps got me crying forreal. Especially after a breakup.
From 2:10 till 2:22 it looks like he about to break and start crying... so beautiful and with so much passion sung... one of the most underrated artists in the world.
Don Bronator
This is awesome!
Dr. Nagesh Parekar
Two beers and this song. And lots of tears..
Ei Chi
I really do not know why all the people are filming this really great performance with their smartphones. It ruins the moment! You should just enjoy this great piece of art with your whole attention.
Eliana Ocaranza
I lovee James Blunt ... Cada letra me llevas a un vieje en mis Recuerdos 😔
Oxford Union... people filming vertically
He forgot some lyrics, but he saved it with style. :) Great job man.
Soo good. And even at Oxford, there are people, who are filming this on their phones. Why not just listen and enjoy the music?
Harrison Wheeler
Would have been a great experience for those who saw.
Ian Taylor
I tell you what this fella has critics beyond belief but that performance is nothing short of exceptional. Simply brilliant seriously. Just beautiful
Jake & Eve
How are there almost 1000 dislikes, that performance was AMAZING
Jason Chen
How the hell could people dislike this?
Jayden Hughes
2:10- 2:50 just look at his expression
Jennifer Brown
How do you listen to this without sobbing
Jessica Lapraik
Beautiful 😭😭😭😭
Jimmy Siroki
Goodbye my lover goodbye my friend thanks for 17 amazing years 😥😥😥
GOODBYE MY LOVER by JAMES BLUNT\nThis song is about a girl Blunt dated, but he wrote it years after the relationship ended. When he appeared on the UK show Songbook, Blunt explained: \
Justin Welch
At around 2 minutes and 53 or 2 minutes and 54 seconds you can hear his voice shake just a little bit, it's barely audible but it kills me every time
Kevin Enrique Carranza Suarez
I think he was hurt In the past because in all the videos I see the pain in his eyes and make me feel sad and with this song is worst for me... nice very nice song and voice is perfect 👌
Kuarzorosso Patricia Torres Torres
You are the only one... ,,\
La Beethovienne
Imagine this song as part of a funeral... Might be even more heartbreaking than it already is.
Libby Autumn
This is so pure
💔Love hurts💔
Lynn S
I love him. He moves my soul with his singing. Tears flowing, here.
Fu kin legit. What an excellent performer/performance. Those shoes, icing on the cake. Spot on dapper my man. (☆☆☆☆☆)
Mark Page Home Studio
Fuckin Legend!
Matius Zhu
oh man, he sang it as if his ex was one of the audience.
Max Max
The most emotional performance I’ve ever seen
Melanie Marshall
Beautiful always this song.. Xo
My forever crush 😭
Miara Angelina
Goodbye my EX lover, thank you for breaking my heart. Remember me💔😢💔😢💔😢
Miguel Tiago
Being capable to transport people to another planet, galaxy wtv you wanna call it, is such a hard job but not for Mr Blunt. Wow. I just cried my eyes out. And see that his voice it stills on point after all this years...c’mon guys, this Man deserves millions of standing ovations.
such a nice one \u003c3
Mohit Menaria
Love you James 😍
Mr C
Thought James was going to cry! Emotional words.
Neil Bryan
That man with the white hair, though,...\nShe was listening, brother. \nLove transcends space, time,........ \nAll things.
Nick Buakaew
Now that’s the man who sing his heart out.
There was a boy I used to know... he was from Oxford, Bloxham to be precise. We used to have a long distance relationship, but for some reason it was the strongest out of any. I would go visit him and the time we spend together felt timeless... and at a time when I was too naive to appreciate what I had, I under valued him at the time and didn't make the best decisions. I ended up losing him and every word sung in this song literally brought me to tears, as nothing ever spoke out to me in such a way, right into my very soul inside me.\n\nI just wanted to say thankyou Jack for every single day that we shared time together and gave up a piece of ourselves for eachother. I will never ever forget you, and you will ALWAYS be the one for me. \u003c/3\n\nPeter.
Pablo Astini
Yep. This song never fails to get a couple of tears out of my eyes...
Panda Bear
A moment that no one in that audience will ever forget. A soul was bared.
Peaceful Stranger
I'm sorry but I'm jealous of every single person watched him singing this masterpiece live
Prince of Sahara
his voice is natural even he is getting older and sooo emotional song you can see the pain on his face and how that song takes him back to the days of darkness :(
Rafaela Almeida
Did I disappoint you or let you down?\nShould I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?\n'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun,\nYes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won.\n\nSo I took what's mine by eternal right.\nTook your soul out into the night.\nIt may be over but it won't stop there,\nI am here for you if you'd only care.\n\nYou touched my heart you touched my soul.\nYou changed my life and all my goals.\nAnd love is blind and that I knew when,\nMy heart was blinded by you.\n\nI've kissed your lips and held your head.\nShared your dreams and shared your bed.\nI know you well, I know your smell.\nI've been addicted to you.\n\nGoodbye my lover.\nGoodbye my friend.\nYou have been the one.\nYou have been the one for me.\n\nI am a dreamer but when I wake,\nYou can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take.\nAnd as you move on, remember me,\nRemember us and all we used to be\n\nI've seen you cry, I've seen you smile.\nI've watched you sleeping for a while.\nI'd be the father of your child.\nI'd spend a lifetime with you.\n\nI know your fears and you know mine.\nWe've had our doubts but now we're fine,\nAnd I love you, I swear that's true.\nI cannot live without you.\n\nGoodbye my lover.\nGoodbye my friend.\nYou have been the one.\nYou have been the one for me.\n\nAnd I still hold your hand in mine.\nIn mine when I'm asleep.\nAnd I will bear my soul in time,\nWhen I'm kneeling at your feet.\n\nGoodbye my lover.\nGoodbye my friend.\nYou have been the one.\nYou have been the one for me.\n\nI'm so hollow, baby, I'm so hollow.\nI'm so, I'm so, I'm so hollow
Ray Jennings
He wasn't just singing a song here. He was living his life again. Just watch his facial expressions.
..so much Respect for you James♥
Can people EVER stop recording with their mobile phones and just sit still and enjoy the moment?
Rory Stewart
Think this is my favourite rendition of this song
Skip Keeley
He is so underrated! So emotional. I had to say goodbye to my dog Buddy yesterday. I was married for 10 years and we got this dog named Buddy, he was such a great part of my life. goodbye my friend. After 8 years of being divorced I realised listening to this song I am still heart broken from losing my wife and now for losing my best friend Buddy. And yes I am sitting here crying helplessly!
No autotune, no shit , REAL lyrics .. pure talent .. \u003c3
Proof you only need one song.
Taz DJay
Wow, #jamesblunt amazing live, this song genuinely got me and the better half back after a two year split, and 11 years later we have two awesome kids and happy as larry, weird as the words are so opposite #boom
That Nerd Is Cool
True passion. Wow.
The Gentleman Cave
this song always bring back all the memories ... miss you Beb
Wow. I honestly love this so much more than the original. The interpretation to slow some sections down or make some softer than others rather than having it at a fast pace the whole time. It shows how real the pain is to think about all of the things they did together and saying goodbye for the last time and crying out how hollow he feels. Beautiful.
Thomas Deevy
Still sound great after all these years
Thomas Kyster
Im so hollow,, Im so hollow.. Im so so hollow baby
Tim Smith
Sung with such passion that it made one think maybe that the lover was in the audience that evening, like just maybe?
Tobias Kittel
Put the phones away and listen
Vitalbra MC
“I am a dreamer, and when I wake, you can’t break my spirit, it’s my dreams you take.” Gives me goosebumps everytime, so beautiful, especially with his raw emotion.
Wendy Macefield9
Heartbreaking, this song obviously means a lot to him.
Xfortnitepredatorxx 3456
never seen such emotion on an artists face when they sing there song. Quality performance and such a great song
Yesui Ikhertsetseg
Even after all these years and even he’s married, James still gets emotional... I mean, who wouldn’t?
Yury Pratikto
awesome performance by underrated singer , trully brilliant
bharath vyas
and people who all clapped ..just started their life ..hihi...and the same faces will start crying quicker than oat meal ..hihi
christan stuckey
I'm cry ):
conor boyle
He gets so much slagging, yet he's an absolute gent and a quality musician - great performance
1:18 emotions taking over =/ stumbling on his own lyrics
how to detect morons: at such event, they film with their phone instead in living/focusing on the moment
Its hard to not cry.. 😢
jay williams
Blown away by this performance, and his incredible song writing
mikamika mika
I have not been crying this hard for years,i hid my feelings until i become heartless, not able to respond any kind of sadness, but this one performance just caught me off guard, i cried like a bitch
night on the tiles
I'm not ashamed to admit I cry when I listen to this.. Reminder of the wonderful women I was with for 25 yrs.. Unfortunately she decided to go another path.. Still I should be thankful for so many years with her.. Strangers now and that's more painful than splitting
stephen collins
Right who hurt James??? I want a name and an address, I will not let this go Unpunished 🤨🤨😂
v innie