Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight Medley : Why So Serious? / Like A Dog Chasing Cars

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i am not the owner of this video.If you want more Hans Zimmer please Buy the original release Bluray Hans Zimmer Live in Prague (2017).

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1Life Resist
What would Mozart think of Hans Zimmer? I think they're equal (gasp)!
this and 10 things i hate about you rip legend
Abhishek Dey
80 justin bieber fan found..
Aleš P
Johnny Marr at 3:02??
Areeb Shamsi
Arjit Malviya
7:04 he's also impressed :D
Augusto Godoy
very good natalie portman on the drums
Bad Boy
Hans Zimmer is a legend
Balbo Target
Nolan + Zimmer = Legendary Masterpiece
those 145 who disliked got seizures after watching this video
Blk Symbiote
Everyday im watching this video !!!!!!
I have started believing in Music again, No Lyrics required. Man the Legend Hans Zimmer.
Christian Rincón Henao
5:21 whos she?? soo beatiful!!
Claudiu Banu
My running playlist has Man of Steel soundtrack and The Dark Knight. The best music for running!! 😁
That moment you realize they compose a 7 minute song only to use about 20 seconds of it at any given time
Daniel Ribeiro
I've never seen anything like this in my entire life !\n\n\n\n\nnow I saw ... thank you!
Drake Santiago
Given how many percussionists that Hans Zimmer has on his band, he must be the biggest employer of drummers of any Hollywood music composer.
Increíble FABULOSO
Elisabete Proença
@Tasos Brightside, If i buy the Bluray - Live in Prague(2017) this version is there, right? thks
Ellie Bumont
Epic soundtrack of The Dark knight and special thing at Heath ledger our Joker beloved😢👍👍👍😊😊😊😊
Fabrice Ascenso
That beginning! Those violins, how to define a character on a single note! Legend!
Gaurav Sinsinwar
orgasm begins 5:10
Gergely Habony
This is worth getting a seizure from :D
5:54 Somebody is having an orgasm here. 🙄
Hasib Turzo
Hans zimmer: \
Holly Yeah
Heath ledger never die
Hussein Baghdadi
Those who dislikes this video, their punishment must be more severe !
Huzaifa Sajid
Indra Allen
Mozart have Symphony no. 40, Beethoven have 9th Symphony, Vivaldi have The 4 Seasons, Hans Zimmer have The Dark Knight
Isaac Tanti
I got to admit this, thank the lord that i wasn't watching this live, for i would have had a heart attack from the joy and happiness i would have felt!
JP Alpha
This is a proper joker heist song
Jordan Neave
That is a TOOL intro if ive ever heard one!
Kevin Larson
My god. If that doesn't grab you by the balls I don't know what does.
Kishore Kumar Biswas
Best of the best villan J O K E R 🃏 RIP Heath leadger \nW H Y. So. SeR!Ous? \nLove uuuuu....Hans Zimmer ✌ 😎and Mr.Christopher Nolan
Last Free Man
Chuck (of Better Call Saul) definitely has good taste in picking female musicians!
Damn... if I was there listening to this on a concert live ? after the performance, Id stand up the Chair and give an APPLAUSE !!! \n\nThis performance requires not JUST a standing ovation, it needs a freakin SALUTE I tell ya !
Linda Bergman
I was sitting on the edge of my chair when i heard this song live
Lizi Lock
This is GOLD!!!! My Goodness!
man, Charles McGill sure makes good music.
MJ Trace
Right around 2:50 is the most bored bass player lol
MP Pr45ads
This instrumental describes everything about the character of 'The Heath Joker Ledger'!👌👌 RIP Man.. no one can replace you as The Joker!💐
Manoj Kumar
After 7.00 that was bomb
Marinalda Ferreira
Maritza Piccarillo
Geez...makes me feel like learning to play an instrument.....so that I can jam TOO !!
Martin Bean
“I’m not the owner of this video.”\n\nThen why have you uploaded it? 🤷\u200d♂️
Who else is reminded by the guitar lick at 6:59 of Daft Punk's Aerodynamic?
Max Beter
*this is not the masterpiece we need, but the one we...*
Muhammad Zubair Afzal
the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only, Hans Zimmer
Murat Tosun
Let’s ask the 503 people why they are so serious
Omar badran.
Absolutely Sensational
Patrick K
These 9 minutes making my day 😍😍😍
Philippe Jespersen
Damn, the amount of hot girls in this orchestra. 🤤
Radosław Podgórski
Every time I listen to Hans Zimmer motion themes I have goose bumps. So many instruments, this music is so rich and breath-taking. And the base line is just tremendous!!! I am absolutely astonished and can't have enough! GENIUS!
Rafaela Santiago
I love han Zimmer i have all the sound track great job ...this a great masterpiece
Rahmat Firman
I play this too loud... now all my neighbors are batman...
Raymond Etternal
Wow Guthrie on a Strandberg
Rohdian Al-Ahad
Starting from 6:41 I feel like i'm the dark knight chasing joker. Epic!
Royal Shukurov
Hans Zimmer Genius !!!!
Sachin Keely
This is a masterpiece. Thumbs up all those who feel the same!
I thought they were gonna break into 'Down With The Sickness' when the guitars came in 2:00
Sardar Asad
Hans Zimmer is the AntiChrist
Shlomo Yosef Shekelbergzuckerowiczgoldmannsteinberg
2:59 *I got an earection*
Sikandar Khan
Heath ledger fans like here
Sorin Ichim
That beautiful Asian playiing bas... I'd marry her instantly!
Tawana Dangare
I think I'm in love with the woman who winks at the camera at 9.15 :-)
Tristan Lefort
GREAT addition of the electric guitar ! God damn, I'm hard.
As much as I love Danny Elfman's theme, for me this is peak Batman music
Vincent Lie
Man, i'm all tears, this epic piece of beautiful music sums up The Dark Knight story!
Do they so these kind of concerts of movie soundtracks often or what?
Vinícius Shidonei
0:40 - 1:08 = I did think that the song would suddenly break and Joker cut Gamble's mouth 😂😂😂
Man that asian violinist is feeling it. She looks like she's cumming every 10 seconds.
Was that Hans Zimmer just hanging out on keyboard?
colin freeman
if your good at something never do it for free
dev vikram Midya
One of the best background scores for one of the best movies and for one of the best characters....LOVE IT!!!
dimas novib
Heath Ledger as Joker + Hans Zimmer's music = legendary masterpiece. RIP for Heath Ledger, the best Joker ever
At 03:05 when u have good speakers
kshitiz gupta
Watch Tushar lall's cover of the dark knight..Goosebumps guaranteed!
Hearing this live was the most incredible experience.
pranot zode
even a dead arise from Grave when he listens Hans Zimmer
rahul agarwal
Hans zimmer is the one, who can define any legend .
rute abdo-shimizu
unfortunately my only memory of this concert is how I wish to punch the guys sitting behind me who talked shit the entire time. I mean, who goes to a INSTRUMENTAL concert and TALKS? and not even meaningful conversations about the music. fml
Awesome video and song... and it's totally obvious that Hans Zimmer is without a doubt into tiny hot asians, holy hell!
I always think of Heath Ledger a.k.a The Joker when hearing \
shehroz yousuf
248 dislike wow Alliens arive on earth
Such a unique style of film score composition. He's changed the game in the industry big time.
AMAZING music!!..but @ 6:41 is where shit get SERIOUS!!!!
subin thomas
80ppl disliked this video...I think it's time to show them how I got the scar \
How is a human capable of creating such an amazing piece?
7:00 when she does anal for the first time. sorry my dirty mind
7:31-7:57 i fcking love that intro from Why do we Fall?
Özkan Şahin
God bless you! A perfect Orchestra.
Es increíble...es inevitable no emocionarse con HANS...NO HAY PALABRAS!!!!! It’s AMAZING!!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
דוד אלקפרוב
Such good musik