History of Electronic Music (1972 - 2017)

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AE Project
3:23 I miss this song😍😍😂
Adria Adria
Skrilexx??en serio jajajjajaja el MALUMA DE LA ELECTRONICA
Adrian Hizaky
Adriana Suarez Cotal
Si no está Pet Shop Boys esta lista está incompleta y con un grave error por no incluir a quienes hicieron y hacen cátedra en la música Electrónica mundial.
Ailton Power Produções
1. Hot Butter - Pop Corn (1972) 0:06\n2. Bee Gees Stayin Alive (1977) 0:29\n3. Donna Summer - I Feel Love (1977) 0:49\n4. Kraftwerk - The Robots (1978) 1:10\n5. Lipps inc - funky town (1980) 1:30\n6. Soft cell - tainted love (1981) 1:50\n7. Eurythmics - Sweet dreams (1982) 2:10\n8. New order - blue monday (1983) 2:33\n9. Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (1984) 2:53\n10. A-ha - take on me (1985) 3:14\n11. Michael jackson - bad (1987) 3:34\n12. Technotronic - pump un the jam (1989) 3:54\n13. Depeche mode - enjoy the silence (1990) 4:14\n14. C c music factory - gonna make you sweat (1990) 4:34\n15. Snap - rythm is a dancer (1992) 4:54\n16. Robin s - shown me your love (1993) 5:14\n17. Faithless - insomnia (1995) 5:34\n18. Robert milles - children (1996) 5:54\n19. The prodigy - smack my bitch up (1997) 6:15\n20. Stardust - music sounds better with you (1998) 6:35\n21. The chemical brothers - hey girl hey boy (1999) 6:55\n22. Underworld - born slippy (2000) 7:15\n23. Daft punk - harder better faster stronger (2001) 7:35\n24. Benny benassi - satisfaction (2003) 7:55\n25. Mgmt - kids (2003) 8:15\n26. David guetta - the world is mine (2004) 8:35\n27. Dj tiesto - adaggio for strings (2004) 8:55\n28. Bob sinclair - love generation (2006) 9:15\n29. Guru josh project - infinity (2007) 9:35\n30. Eric prydz - pjanoo (2008) 9:55\n31. La roux - bulletproof (2009) 10:15\n32. Hot chip - i feel better (2010) 10:35\n33. Avicii - levels (2011) 10:55\n34. Skrillex - bangarang (2011) 11:15\n35. Calvin harris - i need your love (2013) 11:35\n36. Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer In C (2014) 11:55\n37. Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (2015) 12:15\n38. Marshmello - alone (2016) 12:35\n39. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This (2107?!) 12:55
Albrto Osuna
it was good living through the 2107s
Amadeusz Malek
No GiGi Dag no party
Andrei Bradu
2004 - \
Annabelle G
Para mi la música electrónica es otra cosa.... Michael Jackson? No
Arubaro Arumonashiddo Baruderama YT
Like For 2107
Benjamin Frank Bach
Bei 12:55 steht 2107. Wird das 2107 nochmal so kommen, das Lied?😂👌
Que viva la música
Carlo's André
Sou de 2000, mas as de 1977 até 2009 por aí, foram as q marcaram minha infância
Chris Clarke
No Beltram, no Orbital, no Leftfield, no 808 State, no acid house, no 2 Bad Mice, I could go on and on...at least Kraftwerk got a run.
Christian Muñoz Rodríguez
Like y fav sólo porque me gustaron todas las canciones xd
2107 something 😂😂
Daniel Licona
Esta super incompleta tu lista daft punk impuso around the world en el 95, born slippy es de 1996, xq no nombraste a Alice deejay en el 99 con better of alone y bueno el final.... realmente no creo q sepas lo q realmente es la música electrónica,en pocas palabras no te ufanes de hacer un conteo de electro cuando es pop la mayoría, asco de lista
David Wurzer
Chainsmokers 2107 xD
90$ the best
El Condor
This list should be called History of Electronic Pop Music. There is loads more electronic music that didn't hit mainstream, but are defining for any given electronic track today.\nWhen you start with Technotronic as one of the first \
Ernesto Rodriguez
Depeche mode made electrónic music since its beginning, and... Where's OMD, Pet shop boys, frankie goes to hollywood, just to mention a few...
Evgen k.
колосальный разброс по жанрам, не показывающий реального развития всех веток електронной музыки
Francesco Santini
Where is \
Gaja Ukotić
Pablo brate. Jesi nas uredio. Sve si sjebo mjke ti
Gigiboy Music
What was that? You have no idea what electronic music is ! Electronic music History ?! Bad versio.
Gray Bull
No Aphex Twin, Autechre, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Massive Attack, Boards of Canada, Nine Inch Nails, Amon Tobin, Justice, Flying Lotus, SebastiAn Akchoté, Kavinsky, Lorn, Carpenter Brut. All these guys pushed electronic music beyond stupid dance pop music (like some of your list) that is only made for braindead sheep.
Bei mamchen denke ich mir so das soll elektro sein...?
Guillaume Foucher
sadly you forgot Fat Boy Slim back in the late 90's he was a hit maker, not a great live artist but what a studio producer!!!!
HB Stone
How is the Bee Gees - Stayin Alive \
Henry Nightwolf
0:05 2:54 *Crazy Frog* perdeu todo o meu respeito....
Ignacio Rojas Alí
It is a pity that you make this top only with commercial tracks, there being many others that deserved to be on this list.
Isaac Moreno
Viva el electrónico de los 80, 90 y de los 2000 medio xdd❤❤
Isadora Amorim
amei a música de 2107
Iuliia Tufar
Where is Gary Numan????!!!
Javier Cornejo
Bad ? Michael jackson ?
Jenn W
History of pop electronic music, not artsy electronic music
Joao Lucas F. Garcia
Muito bom :)
Josh Frederick
These are terrible examples of how electronic music has progressed. Many of the songs you have picked are very dated sounding considering the year in which they were released.
Kaasmeneer !
No Daft Punk...?
Kchay McGowan
I wouldn't call this a \
Kewl Dude
King J
Gigi D’Agostino ?
После 97 пошли фуфло гнать. А так хорошо начиналось.
Kurt De Gambals
Ni pajolera idea tienes de musica electronica amigo, muchos videos o son de pop o de dance. Michael jackson en serio?
Leandro de Oliveira
Lebron vonderhaar
Where's Shoot stars, come on
Loic Reviews
As soon as I saw that you forgot Daft Punk in 1996 I knew your video wouldn't please me.
Matej / Psiloz
No Aphex Twin? No Brian Eno? No Moby? There's even more important ones to be mentioned, some of which were innovators in technology as well.\n\nYou just listed history of mainstream electronic songs and artists, but you missed even more important and crucial innovators in Electronic music that produced and released successful and influential work. That's the way I see it at least.
MuT3 Clan
Apparently the last song was out in 2107, like if you noticed it 😋
wait.... so every song using a synthersizer is electronic.... so pretty much EVERY SINGLE SONG FROM 2016 to 2018 should be classified as EDM or electronic music...
Shit. I remember all of them, but it should have been Dear or Alive - You spin me right round, instead of Michael Jackson. Jackson is not really electronic music, is it?
Nestor Avila
faltan muchos no me gusta este video ja
Лайкос за настольгию)
Nikita Polubinskiy
R.I.P Aviici
12:56 that jump to 100 years in the future my goodness XD
Pablo Franco
Rest in peace Avicii
Pere Prujà i Magallón
There is not SANDSTOOOORM!!
Prometeo ascendiendo
No cabe duda la música electrónica siempre estuvo está y estará de moda :3
Proximo Overwatch
Where is Jean-Michel Jarre ?
Rebecca Smith
CORRECTION: History of electronic chart hits (1972 - 2017)
Rock Sanchez
This list really confused me. It was some electronic music but then went to pop, r&b, edm, synth-pop, disco, new wave then some electronic songs I have never heard of......wtf.
Roman Riesen
More like history of pop with electronic influence (mostly).
Ronik Guha
Kraftwerk ❤️\nMichael Jackson ❤️\nRobert Miles ❤️\nMadonna ❤️\nCrazy Frog❤️
Sebastian Manassevitz Bardasz
People criticizing this guy for putting “pop” songs... should stfu. Sorry, I don’t want to insult nobody, but for real.\n\nI’m a HUGE raver, but I know that “Electronic” music doesn’t exist. Everything that is made with an electronic device is electronic music. Now, EDM does exist as a genre (Electronic Dance Music) and range of this genre changes. It can go from Moonbathon (mix with Latin/African reggeaton/drums) to Rocktronic (mix with rock). What I’m trying to say is that, this songs may not represent the CORE of EDM, but they have certainly help the PLUR community to expand. I know, I kinda hate Marshmello too 😂 but you can’t deny he has helped Electronic Music expand nowdays since in 2014 EDM fell after their 2012-13 peak, but it wasn’t until Kygo/Marshmello/Chainsmokers that we had the ultimate peak (2017) where others genres had more EDM influence.\n\nSo ultimately, this ARE songs that are part of EDM history, because EDM comes from Electronic music (which is not the same). Nevertheless, the picks from 2009-10 were trash tho sorry 😂 the rest of the video is pretty good tho. Can’t deny Daft Punk on its history
The fact that you put Beegees in here but not Sylvester pretty much shows that this video is not the 'History of Electronic Music'.
Tangerine Dream?
Sonny WesT
Vocês distorceram música eletrônica de um jeito que eu nunca havia visto antes, música eletrônica só existiu depois dos anos 90
Sssaga Benches
*Giorgio Moroder*\n*Jean Michel Jarre*\n*Miha Kralj* (born in Slovenia; Yugoslavian Jarre) who was the pioneer of electronica in Yugoslavia. Check his album _Andromeda_
St. CalaumBous
12:55 2107?!?
Stephanie Molina
You miss a great hit “This is what you came for”
Steven Quartz
1972 and 1977 ...... that's a lot of chaneges in between
TRellex ElectrO
7:35 es el principio de todo
Tara Suzanne
You missed the entire rave scene though lol
The Stupid Planet
Like si eres español y te diste cuenta que en vez de 2017 decia 2107 :V
Twisterone Let's Play's
U. Wummel
90% of the songs isn´t electronic music....
Vanessa Martins
Mueto top parabéns \nAmeiiiiiiii❤❤❤❤❤
Vinyl Spell
Yep.. electronic music is a genre not a fact, electronic history but no JMJ :))) and somebody mention no Sandstorm = joke, even if the rest of the list is quite good
Vitaliy Mikhaylov
The Prodigy - with big P!
I'd definitely add \
no darude sandstorm no history
Who Am I, Who Ar You
9:58 gta tbogt theme miusic
Wollyland Official Germany Inc.
The 2107 is very funny but human... thank you for your work and spending your time to built this compilation...
Y jean michel jarre? fue el que inovo la musica electronica y no esta :(
The fact that a synthesizer is used in a song does not by definition classify it as electronic music. This is just a top 39 of pop songs, lacking depth and variation. Cannot be taken serious as a historic overview of electronic music.
danny vanessa bedoya hernandez
oye gracias porque no recordaba algunas canciones que aparecen en este video.\n\nthanks for this video!!!
dj magladon
Where is Martin Garrix no whithout Martin Garrix video is half
fg gf
The List is invalid - there was no Darude Sandstorm.
fá de oliveira
Gostei muito dessa seleção de musicas. Muito boa tem tudo a ver.
ganjabass 28 rus
12:55 I’m pretty sure it’s not 2107 yet it’s 2018 now
stu wilks
What I find interesting is that in the late 70s and to mid 80s electronic music became mainstream and flooded the top 40 chart with Donna Summer, ABBA, Bee Gees, New Order and Human League, whose song Don't You Want Me should have been included in this collection because it's a pretty seminal moment for electronic music hitting #1 on American and British charts. But for some reason in the 1990s up until 2007 electronic music went back to the underground, the DJs and the nightclubs. I think Lady Gaga should be given a lot of credit for putting dance music back into Top 40 when she came on the scene in 2008. Since her success the charts have been much more dance and electronic oriented.
william lyons
Donna summer set the bar high back in the day! Genius!
Алексей Бурец
100% SHIT
Звездный Лорд
It feels like still 2010 today
Константин Саломатин
Yello ????????
М. И.
НЕТ !!! примерно после 1994 стало очень много электро музыки. И выделить один ТРЭК на весь год очень непросто , и субъективно
Олег Балашов
Были раньше нормальные клипы новые если честно не очень искри им не хватает как у старых клипов