Talking Cat - Oh Long Johnson

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In this funny cat video, watch as this impressive feline can talk just like a person. He says "Oh Long Johnson" For all licensing inquiries please contact: info(at)homevideolicensing(dot)com.

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A. Nonny Mouse
oh don piano
Abrar Samen
What breed is that? It's so goddamn beautiful..
Adam Lunter
It's funny to hear, but that cat is really upset with the other cat in the room (I think).
Alexandra Mikka
Oh long Johnson! Oh long Johnson hey!
Alyssa Allen
what breed is this cat
Amber Rose Willsey
Avery Phillips
south park brought me here
Brandon Hernandez
That cat is cursed
COD caster
Captan Kirk
i made this cat suck my long johnson
Charlie Norton
His voice cracks at the start 😂
Chocolate Brownie
Cole Warren
0:04 \
Corey Mineard
I thought he was calling the other cat \
As cute as this is, he is clearly upset. His ears are back, whiskers tensed, back arched, fur up..... Maybe it is his superstitious 'keep it away'' rant at the sight of the other cat....perhaps they are not friends. *lol*
Cringe Kid Mc Meme Lover
This cat looks like mine\nBut more dissparated and funny 😂
Dani Mario
David H
glad for this provided by you, nothing added, and full length
David Webster
The cat is saying oh long Johnson
Diana fayyumi
The best cat ever!!
Elizabeth Sullivan
I'm really this bored that I'm watching this lol
when my granpa's drunk, he says the same things too
Good Nitrogen
Oh long dog,\noh long john,\noh long johnson,\noh don piaaaaano, \nall the live long day, ×2\nall long long long day.
Gustavo Rigon
South Park.
Hannah Fair
This is so hot
2018 - still faith-hilling
0:00 there's a guy!
next phase is letting the head rotate 360°
Jenny Mason
Jens Lindner
hahahaha...funny cat ;-)
Joelle Watkins
Oh my dog oh my god cat speaking
Why did you shorten someone else's video and then put an ad on it?
Katie Steele
Kevin Jones
South prak had it
Kevin Smith
That cat was being molested by the other one.
Kos One
Oh don piano.
Lady Cheyne
The other cat was begging him to hush or he'll blow their cover.
Legored The Epic
Chatty cat! :P
I don't give a shit about how old this video is. I still love this cat!
Matheus Araújo
Dant's return
Matthew Pacillas
This video is in a episode Trey Parker and Matt Stone took from youtube to put in one of their episodes of South Park and dubbed in the voice Long John Johnson.  Its the episode where Cartman starts the Faith Hilling where you lift your Tshirt by your nipples and dance.  For those of you who watch South Park on a regular basis such as me have probably seen this episode as they like to take videos from the internet and make fun of them as they do with everything else.  The original video is just the cat meowing & growling and the other cat.  
Petter Osen
Goat man
Hahahaha my eyes are getting watery from the laughter. x'D
Random Guy That Comments On Videos
Raven Vaughan
Oh Long Dong Johnson\nOh my human better not put this on YouTube\nOh where is my frikin catmip?\nHe sounds so much like a human it's kinda creepy
Kannt ich schon viele jahre vor south park
Cats have such an entertaining vocal range.
Rex Holes
Oh long long long Johnson, why I eyes ya
Ricia Love
kinda freaky
Robert Mihail Bobina
My cat reacted to this.
Roman Candle
All fun and games until it's so long johnson.
Ryan Mangin
How the hell is that cat able to make that sound?
Rz H
Just switch on the subtitles 😂
Lol the other cat is jus like \
Salman Al-Humaidan
He is funny
Sarah Mistvalley
My kitten looks just like that one! Made my eyes water! XD
South Park
Shawn Rivera
the damn auto subtitles are gr8
Siman Dirgax
Singghaechriztan 8689
0:13 he said \
Stefano Fiorentini
I'm here for the South Park episode hahaha
Sounds like an old Asian dude
Sue Lang
Note the ears back, crouched position, dilated pupils and vocalisation (so called \
I name that cat Don pianno because of his black & white colours as well!
The Gaming Cow
Cool vid!
It's going to be hard to sleep tonight...... 😰
Tigi Toni
That's so cute it's sick! Sounds like an old Spanish Harlem Jew complaining about yuppie gentrification.
oh long long long johnson LOOOL!
Unknown One
1:ooOOH lord hes gotta long johnson \n2:GO LONG JOHNSON!!!!!
Velcro Nieves
I must say that this is one of my favorite videos. What a hilarious cat!
Xeno - Scout 23
if hes long johnson hes a pokemon
Youhanna Muttashar
So funny
Zelda Legend
I think you need to reboot it
oh long johnsonnn
lol I love this video I watch it almost everyday my brothers love it too they start laughting  so much they start to cry lol I love I... I wish my cat or dog could do it... but they cant there weird anamils lol......
Ohhh, my dog! Oh Long-John. Oh Long Johnson. Oh don piaaaaaaano... WHY I EYES YA! All da Live Long Day! Oh that long Johnson. All Long Johns live long!
Anybody notice the shirtless guy at the beginning?
crazy android
shout park...
entertainment world
the other   cat was like     what is ur problem   lol
flo V
please remove the ending music from future uploads it's so annoying
but this vid so old!
john prince
kavitha kavi
Oh my God \nWhat was that \nIs that other cat \nI don't like it \n😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
kenny mack
so nobody thinks this is creepy
It's speaking Japanese!
marshall smith
i got here from south park
paul Z
he's saying our two species can't coincide and we must have war!
That cat is either upset or scared shitless lol.
sarah cyphers
This video vaver funny
oh long Johnson \nA lond Johnson \nOHHHHHH Lord Johnson LONG LONG JOHNSON !
tobias johansen
Oh long John oh long Johnson oh Don piano