Nirvana-Smells like Teen Spirit

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Like Nirvana Smells Spirit Teen feel feel like like you look look like smells like whatever you you like

Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics\n\nLoad up on guns, bring your friends\nIt's fun to lose and to pretend\nShe's over bored and self assured\nOh no, I know a dirty word\n\nHello, hello, hello, how low? [x3]\nHello, hello, hello!\n\nWith the lights out, it's less dangerous\nHere we are now, entertain us\nI feel stupid and contagious\nHere we are now, entertain us\nA mulatto\nAn albino\nA mosquito\nMy libido\nYeah, hey, yay\n\nI'm worse at what I do best\nAnd for this gift I feel blessed\nOur little group has always been\nAnd always will until the end\n\nHello, hello, hello, how low? [x3]\nHello, hello, hello!\n\nWith the lights out, it's less dangerous\nHere we are now, entertain us\nI feel stupid and contagious\nHere we are now, entertain us\nA mulatto\nAn albino\nA mosquito\nMy libido\nYeah, hey, yay\n\nAnd I forget just why I taste\nOh yeah, I guess it makes me smile\nI found it hard, it's hard to find\nOh well, whatever, never mind\n\nHello, hello, hello, how low? [x3]\nHello, hello, hello!\n\nWith the lights out, it's less dangerous\nHere we are now, entertain us\nI feel stupid and contagious\nHere we are now, entertain us\nA mulatto\nAn albino\nA mosquito\nMy libido\n\nA denial! [x9]
Alex Ferreira
Muito massa essa música
Alex Theve
best album ever
Alfons Baiges Parada
I love this!!!!
Amanojaku devil
かっこよすぎる カリスマ神 神 神 音楽の神に愛されてる!
Angel Guzman
Bernardo Pereira García
What indecence! that baby is showing his genitals!
Biah sua Loka
Nirvana 💓❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bruno BRF3
Unforgetable 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎼🎼🎤
Bruno Costa
Nirvana ouvindo 2018!!!
CJ HotWheels
This song pretty much predicted the rest of the 90s when it came to music style. To me this is what really started the Grunge era of the 90s.
Carlos Rodriguez
Gracias por las joyas musicales que nos has dejado Kurt Cobain.\nFue una pena que te hayan asesinado esos malditos hijos de puta.
Happy Birthday Kurt!
Chris Mouchteros
Generally, Nirvana are one of the best rock bands, ever and worldwide!...
This can never be loud enough.
Danielle Santana
Minha banda favorita
Dorian Nuellari
25 years ago history was made...
Erick Teixeira
Carregue suas arma,mate seus amigos, hello hello hello how low
Evaluna Padilla
Ohhh que hermosa canción y por supuesto una de las mejores bandas
Federico de Wolanski
Che album geniale
Felipe Medeiros
O tempo passa mais ainda continua sendo muito bom Nirvana.
Gea Blu
Higor Cesar
Isso sim é música BOA .héhéhéhé
Hugo Neveux
toujours des rageux: 68 pouces rouges, a croire qu'ils se sont inscrits sur yt juste pour ca
Hunter Mohr
Never mind best album 💿
Forever nirvana in my heart BRAZIL SHOW.
Janaina Oliveira
Ta aqui!!! Brazil
simply the best
Karla Guerrero
Kimmo Laine
The band might have hated the song but thanks to this the world became to know the rest of their material. :)
Krol Silveira
A filha kurt cantando lembra muito ele
L Lewis
Never gets old‼️
the day this album turns 30 years old im gonna feel like shit.
Larissa Mihali
Like a chi è un quattordicenne ama i Nirvana
Le Koopa FDP
Liker si vous êtes français et que vous aimez nirvana
Lemuel Gamer
*2019?*\n\n\n\n\n*LIKE!*\n*NICE!*\n*BR NA AREA!❤️🇧🇷*
Lewie Gray
R.I.P cirt cobain you’ll be remembered forever
Always gonna be the best. best regards.
Maniam Raja
I need this to be louder
Maria José
Maury Freitas
Dia do rock 13/07/2018 ?
Melly Bongui
une musique intemporelle, dans 50 ans on l'écoutera encore !!!
Michele Petrone
fantastico album...fantastico kurt
smells like the only nirvana song you know
Mountaindew Girl
Still listening to this song 2018
Mr Khalill
Kurt cobain
Mundo Retrô Games
Muito show adoro essa música!!
Murat Sahin
well actually breed is nr. 4\n\nbut nevermind
Nathan Gonçalves
Conhecida tbm como a única música do nirvana pela maioria dos brasileiros
Owen Pearce
hehe his foot looks like a pee pee x
Pathy Swag
Amo Nirvana Sdd dele , uns dos melhores
Randall Stockwell
This album reminds me of camping out in tents in the backyard because I was in the '94 Northride earthquake
Ricardo Büll
Nirvana ever ❤
Rita Milan
why \nu died kurt!!!!!!!
Samantha Dennise Jimenez De La Cruz
Samoht 59
2018 toujour pas morte
Sandra Mara Oliveira
É na pele que se sente 🎶🎶✌❤❤❤
Sans Dec
2K18 je fais découvrir Nirvana à ma fille
Stay Positive
Still one of the best songs..........Greatz from Bulgaria!
Sâmya Oliveira
Tach 466
to 1740 possers don´t like this song
Taylor Huston
All my friends say, \
Tenurial Corgi40
8102 anyone?
bumping these songs at all times
Thiago Barcellos
Não somente o Nevermind, mas grande parte das bandas da era Grunge naquela já distante década de 90, muito fizeram para dar um teco no marasmo que assolava o rock mundial. Bandas como: Pearl Jam e Alice in Chains foram de grande valia para que os fãs inconformados com a decadência (e posteriormente o sepultamento do Hair Metal) tivessem alguma cabeleira para que pudessem enxugar as lágrimas na despedida. Outras bandas de Seattle bem menos conhecidas do grande público (Skin Yard, Tad, Melvins), seguraram a outra alça do caixão. A maquiagem andrógina dos membros do Skid Row deu lugar às camisas de flanela quadriculada; as botas de cowboy à la John Wayne do Bon Jovi cedeu espaço para os tênis All Star remendados com fio dental dos Screaming Trees. O cabelo bem cuidado de salão da galera do Poison se transmutou nas madeixas ensebadas e desgrenhadas de Kurt Cobain Os riffs de meia hora deram lugar a uma linha debaixo monocórdia e arrastada, uma mistura, explosiva como disse certa vez o baixista Kim Thayl do Soundgarden: \
Tom Peters
They said that this song was supposed to be played faster but had to \
Größter Track aller Zeiten. In jedem Land in jedem Alter kennt man diesen Song
Vhanny Cobain
Forever Nirvana \nForever Grunge.
Wagner Lima
Cade os Brasileiros ouvindo esse som fodastico ?
I like you Kurt Cobain
Yara Rosé
I'm buying Nevermind for Xmas,I need it so bad :v
Yohn Alvarez
alex milla Gianola
ayye its Anika msp
I wish music now days was like this....
carol garcia
May 2018? 👍
dark slim2006
I love nirvana
dek boo
Happy 25th Bday!
dima buzovskiy
dimitris kerasidis
one of the best songs in rock history
eliel perea colin
Una de lasmejores bandas de rock de la historia
enrico fumi
still remember when this came out, i had the cassette for my walkman. \nmusic was better in the '90s or i was younger
Rating The Tracks On This Lp\n1. Smells Like Teen Spirit- 10.0\n2. In Bloom- 8.6\n3. Breed- 8.0\n4. Come As You Are- 9.4\n5. Lithium- 10.0\n6. Polly- 8.3\n7. Territorial Pissings- 10.0\n8. Drain You- 8.5\n9. Lounge Act- 7.5\n10. Stay Away- 8.4\n11. On A Plain- 9.3\n12. Something In The Way- 10.0\n\noverall, not as good as In Utero. But still one of histories greatest musical accomplishments. \n\noverall- 10.0
gina damaris martinez garzon
guy man
i get more chills then Antarctica when i hear this album. It will go down as one of the greatest music has ever seen. thank you for all the great memories.
igor vargas alves
junho de 2018.alguém mais
Crazy to think that Nevermind was released 25 years ago tomorrow (24th Sept). Such a great, memorable album..
joao pedro Joppert morier
very very god
me hubiera gustado ser de esa época
Looking back, we were lucky to grow up on this in the early 90s.
miguel fernandez
porque coño te tuviste que meter un tiro en la cabeza ahorita estuvieras dando conciertos benéficos viejo .....
mr bendix
better sound forever
penaranda isabelle
Kurt pour toujours en français
pepito du94
Bordel de shit \nMusique trop.trop.bien \nUn.français de.France.
ray mckinZie
tété triber23
Classique 🔥🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊
zer0 95
this song is a masterpiece, but it became so mainstream so many people don't see the quality of the song, same thing happened to radiohead's creep
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