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19xfan 1
Even covered in blood I would still do Sarah Polley!! 😉👍
First, I thought this was a movie about the LA riots lol
Adamantium Scorpion
Umm...She had enough time to....GET HIS GUN! Then drive away.
Adolfo Sanchez
that guy that was running after the car. he was acting running like 30mph
the first part of this movie is what I want to see in a Zombie Apocalypse movie, not the same group of idiots doing the same stupid stuff before being eaten, - I want to see the first stages - how it grows - the news broadcasts, the mass exodus of panicked people... I want to see how it all crumbles.
Aisha Santos
so cool.
Alexander Jackson
I love films about zombies! So much fun, so much!!!
Anjali Harikishun
This look like an awesome movie
Antonia Macias Macias
Oh , hell no! THAT HURT!
Apex Predator
To all those fanboy nerds who think a Zombie outbreaks is gonna be some fun, walk-in-the-park.... I should advise you to watch this movie and see how 'awesome' it would be.
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
2018 who is watching?
Bacon Boo
Zombies don't run like that
Barebare kun
The perfect Toyota Corolla commercial.\
Bryce Wakefield
I blame Obama for this
CGDF Gaming
1:42 My driving test be like
Captain Obvious
Wow... the car started right away! Doesn't that go against expected horror Cliches?
Charlie C
Zombie apocalypse sure. But hey, atleast it's not Detroit!
He says \
And in less than two minutes Zack Snyder managed to do what Fear the Walking Dead couldn't in six episodes.
1:43 The van literally comes out of nowhere.
Eren Jaeger
World War Z
Fatty Buccha
14 years old and I still love it!
zombies at my neighbors. I see what you did there movie clip. That nes game was like my childhood
Thats what Democrats wake up to every day!!!
Griggs Gibs
The helicopter at 1:38 is a reference to the original day of the dead. Same color pattern as the bell 206 flown in the original
Hotlatin Barrett
If that happen I will run for my life and go hide some place safe... If I can get everyone like my family... I will leave my friends behind.... Ain't no time for that.....lol
HOLY CRAP 38 sec 😨😨😨 how did the zombie break the window?!
Indra Windiardi
Remake movies usually sucked, but this is a masterpiece. Running zombies like this and 28 days/months are the best! TWD zombies are boring!
Jack Xiao
Makes me want to buy a camping back pack and an off road bike.
Jahir Moreira Londa
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Jake Alter
Out of all the zombie movies I've seen and, coincidentally, is one of the first zombie movies I saw along with Land of the Dead and the first two resident evil movies (and is far scarier than most that I've seen since then). This one has the best start up of all. The foreshadowing from when Anna finished up at the hospital to the the little girl attacking Anna's husband and the neighborhood gone to hell the following morning is great as is the intro with Johnny Cash's \
I hate it when zombies are fast.
Josh Robertson
Summer early 2000s, this movie was like the scariest movie I had ever seen.
Rest easy George A Romero. King of the zombies
Does anyone see the comedic irony when her neighbor got hit by an ambulance? You know it's bad when you see an ambulance gtf. Might've been stolen though?
Kathryn Free
Still my favorite zombie movie of all time. Running zombies is way scarier XD
Keezy Mann
0:17 well... Not sure why an ambulance would do that but okay?
Kevin Ceniceros
Damn, this movie scared the hell out of me when I first saw this fourteen years ago. I used to get nightmares of the dead girl coming into my bedroom. Ha, ha, ha.
Kills slayer Skule
What was the girl doin at 0:52 just standin there while a guy with blood on him Is running to the car?
Law Katy
I've never seen this movie before but holy crap this scene is INTENSE I wanna watch the whole thing now aaaah
Lexy Rose
1:36\n\nDid anybody else see the flash at the bottom right cornor where the green metal roof house is?
Lilly Susila
So funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOh is not funny beacus im kidding ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😁😁
I have a little theory that will NOT blow your mind, Dawn of the Dead 2004, Dawn of the Dead 1984, and Shaun of the Dead takes place in the same time. Here me out, both of the main characters are in the movie, the helicopter that is flying during gas station explosion is the same one as they use in the original. There is actually 2 types of zombies, slow and fast the eastern US has the slow type due to outbreaks starting there first (since it starts at night) Wisconsin gets the first sights of infected
lol sound of that woman screaming
Mero030 49
0:54 SCREAM FROM HALF LIFE 2!!!!!!!!!
1:25 pause and there is crew and people watching the film being made
28 days later has the most realistic zombies, if you can even call them that.
Nell M
When the man zombie runs behind the car I laughed so hard
Niyah slays
if woke up. i am getting my friends and family. get out of the city
This movie is one of my favorite pornos.
Perun Plague
Looks like her husband left her for another woman.
Portal Pup
1:47: This scene is too boring and slow with just a car driving down the street, what should we do? (Micheal Bay steps in) I know!
Prodigy Weeb
lmao I'd off myself
Proud American
If the zombie apocalypse actually happened the zombies wouldn't be like the walking dead it would be like this with the zombies running
'Zombies Ate My Neighbors'\n\nLooks like someone at Movieclips plays video games.
the first thing I would do if this  happened, GO TO THE GUN SHOP AND Kill ZOMBIE ASS
Raymond Glover
I love these walking dead movies. But in watching them. I can't help but think where are all the crows they would be circling the sky's feasting on the rotten corpse of the walking dead. ???
Roberto Keks
Cool! But I thought that Zombies can not ran
RueyJiun Pan
this is the best zombie movie i have seen when i am child @@
this movie was ok..but i rather prefer the original dawn of the dead
SayHand Lee
this the last of us open scene come from
Shinji Gowa
0:37 XD but does not look like a zombie up close it's like YAAAAAA
Shit Movies Production
I want a zombie movie to be like this and the Breaking News: Zombies special feature from Dawn of the Dead, just the chaos around the world when the virus spreads
Anyone else notice that the car speeding before th explosion at the end literally comes out of nowhere in front of that house. No van can pick up speed that quickly from being parked lol!
Srpska Zajebancija
0:18 who plays GTA knows
Fucking Corolla
The Brooklyn Introvert
Yeah let me stand outside while shit is going bad.....
The Last Petik
how did her husband get out of the house yet vivian didnt?\nhe had a door to get through ... she walked into the house...
The Unnoticed Profile
This is still the best zombie movie opening ever! Who else agrees?
Tony From Syracuse
sometimes my mind takes me out of a movie scene when I see something I consider to be unrealistic....like when you see that car hit that other car and it careens into a gas station and blows up....I felt like whats her faces car sould have swerved a bit like she was taken by surpise but she keeps on goin steady and in a straight line. lol I am always doing things like that!
A lot of my friends make fun of me for collecting guns and ammo but when the zombies come I know exactly where they'll be running to
Troy Bavelaar
This is a comedy, right?
Vegeta Solo
I Am Legend zombies are 10 times worst than these zombies
I love dawn of the dead ;)
Still one of the best zombie film ever.
Yes Man
Yo, want to Go skateboards?
Strange I grew up watching horror and zombie films and yet this still scares me.\n\nRunning zombies = Game Over
I find it so funny people here are all \
damian lyman
Calling all autobots! Calling all autobots! ZOMBIES!!
emjem hernandez
Love how it's based in my hometown
fobos y deimos
Call Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon \u003c3
guillermo leyva
En ataques zombies, nada tan confiable como un Toyota Corolla.
I remember watching this movie when I was 5 years after my sister and her best friend took me with them to watch this with my mom’s permission because she had to go to the work. \n\nAh the memories of literally waking up he entire night in fear of your nightmares of my friends, family, and school mates eating each other to being locked up in my school alone with a pack of zombies roaming the halls. Jesus Christ that night was horrible! T.T
holywunder kind
I miss 2004 days like this
i procrastinataed by eating suga kookies
1:26 Totally NOT a car photoshopped onto a live, destroyed town, zombie apocalypse background.
john kume
i think zombie apacalypse is going to happen when the world is going to end but i don't know when or something
kizzy nikoru
Advice: Always put your car keys near you when you sleep, because you don't know what may happen the morning you wake up.
nicolas pemimpi
what is walker real??
pika girl
shhhit this freaked me out
sam Lipae
nic movie.....
slyk1d22 gaming
Shouldn't be watching this with my lil sis
There is a nice cgi mistake. At 1:40 the car from the left, which explodes, suddenly appears from behind that house with full speed.
the Death angel of GOD
음악이 레포데 랑 비슷하다 . The music and effect sounds are similar like the game, left for dead !
always wondered how the zombies go from limping and moving like they have a hard time to full on triathletes
at 1:24 the reason you see people just standing there like that is because those were real residents who live in that neighborhood who were watching the filming of this part, they didn't want to move so the director just kept it in
i find it weird that in all the debate on female characters in cinema Anna from DotD is rarely (if ever) mentioned. i think she's one of those few that actually manage to be both relateable and pretty without being overly sexualized at the same time.