The Iceman Tapes - Inside The Mind Of A Mafia Hitman

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Richard Kuklinski gets diagnosed by a psychiatrist.

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*These videos are fascinating. ✅🤔*
Aj Cx
Now he’s burning in his grave, waiting for the hell fire at the day of judgement & every single (innocent) victim of his are in heaven comfortable & happy
Alex Morgan
Serial killers are strangely entertaining
Those poor cats 😭
Ana Mira
This mf can burn in hell for killing that cat like that.
Andrew Parsons
when the doctor broke down Richards problems, it was just eerie to watch. imagine trying to explain to a complete psychopathic killer WHY they are the way they are...
He thinks he so cool.
Artyom Arty
oftentimes its not just the parents upbringing. Alot of kids, at least me, were rarely ever home as kids. I spent 10 times more time with friends than family, or was in school. And parents work. You see them in the morning and during dinner if you're home
This guy is cold blooded. If he wants to kill you, he will do it in any way possible as long as he gets it done. The psychiatrist must have been nervous in this interview.
Ben Kelly
What is weird, is his pictures of him in his 20's he looks like a cool ass dude. Not a killer, but then looking at him as he is today. He looks like a murder god.
He has no fear in his eyes.
Bill Murray
The only thing I think he’s most likely lying about is tying two cats tails together. Yeah right dude, good luck trying that with two cats that are not even yours, it’s almost impossible, they will scratch the flesh off your bones.
Blab Blab
this guy or better said murderer was highly intelligent but he was dead inside. He must have had a horrible childhood...
BlackCat 56
Blessings Gqada
What I've noticed about most serial killers and stuff they always say they'll do anything for their children but yet they wouldn't stop killing people for their children. But I'm not judging. Just sharing my observation
Brent & Laura
This guy deserves a long painfully death
Buddy Graham
I thought the psychiatrist was younger from his voice :3
Cameron G
Well it's 4 AM in the morning, time to hit the hay.
Chofly Gaming
When he is smiling and laughing and cracking jokes he almost comes off as a good guy. He's very articulate, self-aware, and smart. He almost seems to feel bad about being the way he is, but that he can't control it. Let me be clear, he deserves the punishment for the horrible things he has done but this interview was very eye opening.
Christian Smalley
I would smile at him he probably just uses the interview to just make a name for him self obviously likes the little fame haha he thinks he is a man
nice guy i'd have him over for crab cakes
Contractor 0211
I'd love to see multiple serial killers interact with each other... a psychologist's dream come true. Imagine what could transpire... despite sharing the same interest in the killing sport, that doesn't imply kinship between them. It would be like a battle royale of the minds.
D Bernier
No doubt this man is damaged but he also seems full of shit. If he got little to nothing out of killing he wouldn't have done it so many times, paid or unpaid.
DanielNL 4:20
This makes me wana kill al the People in fortnite
David Michael Fabian
Holy sh*t! I had better stop trolling strangers on the Internet!
Dominic Soulsby
As a Buddhist I find it hard to feel compassion for this man.
The animal part is the worst for me
Talks endlessly about torture, murder, and dismemberment, then laughs once... \
Dustin Noobs
He had some great \
He kinda looked like Kevin Bacon when he was younger.
Flossie 17
He never knew love, and in the total absence of it and the torture he suffered at the hands of his father as a child, twisted him beyond redemption. I don’t think that as a new born baby he was already like this. I do not say this to excuse him or his actions....but violence begets violence.. and he chose to follow that path and madness took over. Only. Personal encounter with God might have changed him....but he was unreachable. Tragic for him and his victims.
Francesca Taddia
There are many things that come out of bad parenting, one of those is this guy.\nDon't beat your kids people
Freedom First
No doubt this killer murdered many, but because of his sociopathy and narcisism, he clearly has over inflated his numbers........that's what these people do.
Gamer Gunn of 87
He loves the attention over his reputation. The smirk says it all.
Harold Dutton
Kuklinski is a compelling interview, as well as being a compulsive liar. He was only convicted of a few murders, and supposedly he lied to not only Phillip DeCarlo (the author) but he also exaggerated on his crimes to earn points and respect in prison when a lot of it turned out to be purely BS
This guy isn't as unusual as some think. I've known people that tick exactly the same way, and you wouldn't know until you were over the line. Don't think you can judge a book by the cover, you can't. Many smart-arse bullies get killed or maimed by the quiet one's they choose as targets. These people have no sense of humour when it comes to being embarrassed or humiliated, it takes them back to the dark places they lived in as children, deep down they can't go there again. If someone tries to force them there, they will very likely regret it. So, if you can't be respectful to others because it's the right thing to do, do it just because it's the wise thing. Richard was not born this way, that took some help from his parents and others.
Hotdogbacon24 Hotdogbacon24
I wanted to see the rats eat the person 😭
He is normal killer in my opinion
Jason Delangie
If they made a movie about this guy Jack Nicholson should play him
Jassel Alcala
This guy killed 2\nMore than 200 ppl......get a a bunch of life kid shoots up a school and it's almost given death penalty. Well Yelp igs. All humans are crazy in they're own way.
Jman thegiantsfan
Trump is way worse than this guy\nSincerely yours,CNN
is it just me or does the interviewer sound just like Todd Howard?
Jose Sandoval
Phsychologist- dismembering bodies, did that turn your stomach?\nKucklinski- i don't think so, I remember eating pizza while doing something like that
Joshua Lennep
That Doctor is amazing in the way he gently coaxed information out of Richard. \n\nThe doctor is only slightly critical of him in order to get a reaction. That's real skill to put your head in the lions mouth and come out without a scratch.
Leon K
200+ kd, thats the player u want on your team
this makes me contemplate if torture should be a punishment again
Lydia Wolfe
I love how he is aware of himself and others around him. It shows how sane he is and the pain he goes through knowing what he is and has done.
Markus Kruber
Be careful who you look in the eye everyone...
the ending is so sad.
Matt .Green
he should have just killed his father and called it a day.
I noticed a lot of psycho killers in prison grind their teeth. Must be the meds they are on.
Matthew Shannon
This makes me want to be nice to everyone I come into contact with
Mattias Alejandre
His pump did 200 damage
Next time you tailgate, next time you cut someone off and give them the finger, next time you cut in line, next time you say to a parent in public \
Michael Page
Chuck Norris would think twice before crossing Rich.
Mike Bryant
At least he left children and women alone. Unlike most serial killers.\n
well we all know he has a good K/D ratio
Paul Tomlin
Pretty sad that people in these comments make light of this killer.
PigOnHelium !!!
When I grow up I wanna be just like him
Plump Potato Rump
The ambient background noise is so manipulative and distracting.
PowerTuber 3.0
That stare.
One time I had a really huge urge and craving... I ended up killing a few burgers & left a bloody trace of ketchup at the scene.
RIcky Rick
You can tell a huge part of him wants to strangle the interviewer to death.
Remember liberals? I 'member.
He has feelings, however if you showed him even the slightest disrespect he’d be ruthless and would feel nothing.
Robin Sipkens
I only care about the CAT’s poor CAT’s
Ryan Houck
Dude got his killing catchphrases on point 😂
Schin Teth
This guy had pizza while dismembering people....just give it a second and let that sink in
Shombie Dixon
My Favorite Serial Killer.
TKDDaniel James.R
Seems faked to me
To Pi
This is why I support the death penalty....
Undisputed king of style
I have a feeling he is trying to potray himself as this notorious killer but I think his making some of it up to make himself more feared, I believe he has killed people but not as many as his saying
Ur fav bro
*Im pretty sure he would take care of trump of he had a chance*
This dude was a irl prestige master
Wow.. Really interesting documentary...The way he talks is actually really relaxing and nice.. He should have been a story teller insted of a contrct killer.
This is a very prime example of how abuse emotionally damages people. He doesn’t even know fully how to describe his emotions or deal with them. The only thing his parents taught him with violence so that is how he responds. Talk about a serious warning to parents.
azimuth . setting_
Love that Georgia story
brad fiser
Remember this guy the next time you might want to argue over a parking spot
the only man who can drop the soap in the shower and nothing happens.....
Fake they proved this guy was lying
Man that got intense when the guy interviewing made the iceman man. Felt real af. Like this dude was gonna kill him in front of us
Cold blooded motherfucker!!
gavin kimpton
Richard appreciated the doctor took time to chat with him in trying to understand him, there is great hope for Richard in the next life. For if one is born with a genetic mental defect & raised with no love - yet still shows appreciation after a lifetime of killing others. There are many who are born with no genetic mental defect & raised with love - yet they lack appreciation towards others.
i'm a alien
How did i end up here? i was just watching roblox videos.
Apart from the animal cruelty, he reminds me of Mike from Breaking Bad. Top of the line interviewer with a highly qualified doctor to evaluate him so eloquently.
I'm sorry, Kuklinski is strong and scary, but Dr. Dietz is stronger and scarier. They say the wise who rule the strong and the strong who rule the weak, Dr. Dietz flipped the script and had Kuklinski ask the questions. Right there he threw Kuklinski off his psychological balance. In that moment of insecurity, which makes a person more susceptible to influence, Dr. Dietz went in and broke Kuklinski down and you can tell from Kuklinski's mannerisms toward the end that there was a hint of admiration for Dr. Dietz. \n\nHere's a thought exercise to prove my point. Watch the interview, and when you get to the end, imagine someone rushing into the room and started physically attacking Dr. Dietz. From the vibe in the room at the end do you honestly believe Kuklinski would not have jumped in to Dr Dietz defense??? Of course he would have jumped to Dr. Dietz aid. But why??? Because Dr Dietz. disarmed Kuklinski and by showing that he understood him he automatically came across as someone who \
jim lennon
All these people in my city who think they are hard are NOTHING compared to this guy...The ultimate Badass
keep it real
if he had a good father i think he wouldt be like this
If only he was introduced to weed
moke moke
He sound like steven seagal and have same look he so much reminds me of him when he talks
Sounds like he was being interviewed by Michael Scott!
old bladder Horn
wish i could switch off that damn droning synth sound in the background that's trying to give\nemphasis to every word this man says \nit would be much more horrifying without it trying to stage his every utterance \nmuch more educating without it trying direct our contempt \nwe, i don't need sound cues to tell me when to be disgusted at this mans \ntwisted murderous life. \ni'm not a child, and have been an adult for more than 45 years. \nit totally spoils an accounting\nof his vile nature his lack of soul and of his murderous contempt for others\nit would have been a marvelous documentary \nand chilling to bone, if not for \nthat awful synth.
sendr 1017
That movie on Netflix was good
In one breath he gloats about how hes the last thing people see and that they will be thinking about him for eternity and seems to get off on that idea, and in the next breath he says killing people did nothing for him he gets nothing out of it. which one is it buddy?
slimshadysoldier dontgiveafuck313
Off this whole docu i feel sad for those cats.
yannis anastasiadis
looks like a liar to me
I feel sorry for that kid who could have grown up to be anything, but after being raised by monsters, became one.