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conspiracy don john long piano oh

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if you use the original \
this is so funny!\nGreat job!
A simple Serbian gamer
Don Johnson, an actor!!! He sleeps with chicks the first time he meets them! Probably this cat thought that to the other cat... but I respect your thoughts and this investigation! We need to investigate further!!! Maybe it says... Don Salvatore Leone from gta 3? Don Corleone?!
Abraham Dixon
More questions than answers. Get Jackson Galaxy on this right away!!!
the epitamy of mental illness right here
Alan Weber
poor cat tho! 😞
Aleksandar Bradaric
He's telling us he has a very long johnson. xd
Ally Gator
I think you might be over thinking it just a little bit. Honestly let me just give you a little advice you should broaden your social life if you had time to look into a video this insignificant that tells me you don't really have a lot going on so maybe you should try to get out and do other things. \n\nA few of my favorite things: clubbing, raveing, dancing, running around the town, making music, spending quiet time with friends. \n\nIf you're more of an anti social person another fun few things can be. Watching TV, reading a book, listening to music, going on a solitary hike. I I'm against killing animals but you might also enjoy hunting or fishing. \n\nReally mean you no disrespect I'm just trying to help you. :-) good luck I'm really really hoping you take my advice it would really help you with your paranoid thinking. The cats not a ghost he's not out to get us its not a conspiracy the whole world isn't staring at you, so it's safe to take the tin foil off of your head and socialize I'm sure people will welcome you back into society with open arms best of luck.
Andrej Todorovic
Andrew E. Jesse
Long John Silvers closed down :(
Anıl Dinç
meow english:oh long Johnson 😃😃😃
Augusonic The Racoon
Could be the ex-owner of the house? You need to know where this cat lives, where is his people mail and address of street, that can't go only for funny TV show.
Ben Warden
Though this is funny a part of me was a little frightened haha.
Beverly Barnes
Anyone else ever seen the South Park with this cat in it best episode ever
Big Smoke’s Wet dream
Holy shit that explanation leads to nothing
Bobbie 1957
I think that it's Don Johnson's cat that got lost and he's saying that \
Born to receive lemons
But it gets deeper. Long John Baldry voiced Dr. Robotnik on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. There may well be a PINGAS connection. But wait a minute! Pingas! Piness! Johnson! The ghost of Long John Baldry is showing the cat his pingas! Oh my dog! (Oh my god?)
Carol Selfridge
Oh nono cat oh no nono I don't know him, (listen carefully people, poor kitty)
Cerrieaxs axs
oi long piano... o my dog! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😸😸😸😹😹😹😹😹
This scared the shit out of me I thought some scary ass picture would pop up any moment
Cringe Kid Mc Meme Lover
Nice work on this.\nLLLLIKE 👍
Damian Aguirre
I think probably this is all rendered damn creepy just because of the music haha
Delta Quit Delta
This was pretty funny, but proves how lonely I am.
I know this is a joke but its seriously believable and very creepy
Oh Long John = 3 Words\nOh Long John = 10 Letters \n10 / 2 = 5\n5 / 2 = 2.5\nRepeats the letter O three times.\n\
Dreaming Miki
this is creepy, lol
Esther Delmatier
What is the opera music In the background?
FLoRiDa ChEEseBuRger
thanks for posting....very entertaining...i think you may be on to something special...hang in there,...,the answers are out there...
I can't believe I watched that whole video. I need a life...
Frige Enterprises
Wow, thanks a lot, you've turned a cute cat speaking gibberish into something that prevents me from sleeping at night. Still, quite funny, and I appreciate the effort you put into it, so well done !
Gabriela de Paulo
I don't know if I should believe, but anyways it scared the hell outta me O.O
Heitor Maldonado
Jesus, this is so funny hahahaha, you got problems dude.
Jennifer Poynter
Wow. Love this cat, funny video, but good greif, people just leave the most ridiculous comments. It is just someone trying to have a little fun on youtube, no satan or, whatever else here. It's a cat video, who sounds like he is saying oh long johnson, and someone simply added a creative touch. My goodness.
Jess G T
Ohhhh man! I am crying from laughter! :'D
Kat Neidhardt
He says, \
War between our species is inevitable.
Kyle FireHeart
i remember watching this when i was 6 or 7 and my God i took it so seriously my parents had to get me tested\n\n\nI was not a very bright kid...
Kyle Henderson
This is f'n genius!
animals are actually more connected with the spirit world than us so you could be right on this
Lalthlengliani Pachuau
I think its scarry because of the music
Larry Evans
the only thing going on here is the assholes that own this cat dosed it on acid
Leif Hansen Åkerström
Ridiculing conspiracies... Some of them are true!
Lois Jampole
background music scared the crap outta me
MT: Gear/Man Stuff/Nature/Etc
LMAO that dark humor in this kills me!
Max Howe
What song is playing in the beginning?
Nancy Hahn
No matter what it means (or doesn't mean), he's one cute famous cat now!
Naveed lal khan
hey didn't you know? cats can see spirits, ghosts, demons... infact demons are spotted by dogs and donkeys too, whenever the donkey bray, it sees a devil/demon
No doubt \n,the Illuminati and the hybrid werewolfs control this Demon cat.We must contact Bob Larson so he can hunt the bad away.
Nicholas Place
what's the name of the background music???
Her eyes are so beautiful :)
Pedro Borher
can't belive I watched it until the end..
We need to contact Alex Jones. This is serious.
coz' He was scared from someone or he is trying To defense himself...logic,no?😞
Pretty Kitty
a long John is a type of donut.
Professor Truelove Truelove
I think I know the answer to this riddle. As a young cat he was mercilessly bullied by a tabby called Long Johnson and the sight of this other cat reminded him of this traumatic period in his life.
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ AMENO ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
3:34 I can only see weegee
Rayak E
oh long john, wait i know that name...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nJOHN CENA!!!
Rodrigo Braga
Two words: South Park.
There's also a Garfield strip where Garfield points to Odie and says, \
:D you sir... have too much free time
Steven Sanchez
He's warning us about a pianist named Johnson who will rule us all day.
I laughed so hard at the video... Good job
hahaha...super Video... :D
Best fake conspiracy theory ever
THIS CHANNEL IS DEAD Grumpy Gaming Kitty
Long John is a demon that the cats can only see him this is why cats have 9 lives cuz the demon trusts them. The Long John cant die and this cat is trying to tell the owners to watch out. Long John has a secret and the secret is that he is responsible for the deaths of living creatures on this planet. The cat is not demonic. See the proof? When the cat said Oh my dog it means dog is dead. See! Thats wut cats are hiding but this cat was brave.\n\n\n\n\nThis is fake.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOr is it...?
The Damage
loominati confirmed
This is a cute video of a family pet, no need to talk about \
Toby Fothergill
Thanks for clearing that up
Toni L. Dahl
Lol this vid was funny
Turin Dagnir
I'm reading the comments below and I just can't believe that so many people think he was serious about all this stuff. I'm afraid the Internet isn't for you.
I think \
Twenty Seven
Long John was John Lennon's stage name in 1960.\nLong Johnson can be Robert Johnson,american bluesman,who died in 1938.\nAlso Long John is name of american bluesman,who died in 2016.
Vicki Miros
it's just a cat making noise... whats the big deal???
Victor Sanchez
Half-Life 3 Confirmed
Vitória Xisto
Meu Deus e só um gato
Wolf - Dayz
Johnson is very ling. Wink wink 😋
I cant with the music XD
Zero Kurapika
BEHOLD !!!  Praise our lord and savior cat satan !
afed efewrt
Name of song is ERA- Ameno
But what if Long Johnson was not kill?
claudio soto vielma
oooh looong Johnson .
darren page
South park brought me here......
😆😂thank you South Park
Your meds need an increase.
And, did you know that DOG is GOD backwards!?   The end of the world is around the corner, just down the hall . .night after night I hear It  scratching at Its litterbox.  Oh, the horror...the horror!
OK the cat has a long Johnson
the cat is just possessed
ohhh lo lol lol lol
playaa playa
can someone please tell me what the music is
I deciphered the message, he is talking about Don Piano's Long Johnson which is Don Piano's long wee wee! Apparently it is so big and long that the poor cat is spooked and all of a sudden can speak broken English!\nLook what a long Johnson can do to animals! This cat will never come back from that! RIP!\nThe moral of this story is, to stop showing your long Johnson to your poor cat!
he said that the war between human and cat is inevitable. there will be kids full of blood on the streets. and then he said oh don piano
sperg lonebone
that is a highly evolved cat, almost as intelligent as humans. It's not a demon or a possessed cat. it merely speaks it's first words. a new and powerful enemy will soon emerge.
We would be wise to look out for Don Piano.
takmaisimyok napoli
Who is long jonson...? :))))
he forgot the possibility that the cat was part of an underwear-worshipping cult which sacrificed pants to a gigantic pair of long johns
★ ww2sniper555 ★
only god knows why that cats doing that. only god knows.