PORTUGAL v GHANA (2:1) - 2014 FIFA World Cup™

Cristiano Ronaldo's 80th-minute goal secured Portugal a 2-1 win over Ghana in Brasilia, but the result ultimately eliminated both sides.Check out FIFA on YouTube’s most popular videos: ... Other FIFA Social Media Channels:www.facebook.com/fifaworldcupwww.instagram.com/fifaworldcupwww.twitter.com/fifacom

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Abdul Kalam
it was easy for ronaldo and portugal to win the match.
Ankush Roy
Ronaldo is not proud of that.
0:59 that cross 😍
Here, Ghana defeated itself by own goal and goalkeeper threw the ball to Ronaldo instead of catching it
Baba Yemi
how to tie gele
Baffour Kyei
Ghana sold this game. Now we know what really happened
Bilal Haqverdiyev
Oh Portugal!\nOh Ronaldo!😳😭😭
Blessing Ashanti
Sou Lindo
Chhetri Sachin
Ronaldo is my best
Chote Lal Prajapati
Christian Candiotti
Offff goal Ronaldo
Dannie Boy
Im nigerian but ghana is very good they beat america many times even knocked them out the world cup
Dario Benedetto
Fue un partido aburrido
Dhanvi Vajapeyas
1:40 ronaldo is jus waiting 😂😂😂
Eyekhrolu wezah
Wow how nice 2 see
Felicidad Briones
We want nurser for kids
Franton Wenda
Grizi 7
No Rui Patricio?
What was the goalie doing at the end there. He should have punched it over or out or anything else.
Il Forlini
Che culo.
Jiří Bočan
Jeto dobrý škoda není tam Messi Ronaldo je [email protected]
Jorge Alarcon
What happens with gahna for russia???
0:26 broo whyy are u soo gorg???
Khonsu Seker
Wtf it was ghana wanted to lose. Probably because they hadn't receive their bonus yet.
Kwame Enoch
Ghana didn't care for the world cup
KwameAdu 007
I really feel the GFA sold this World Cup. John Boye and Dauda were paid off. I forgave Gyan for his miss against Uruguay but I couldn't forgive those two.
Long Beach is my city
Lol missing like always
Luan Guilherme
🇵🇹 🇬🇭
Paul Donkor
ghana is my country u know that is that cool ghana contry
Pro Gamer
Asomoah gyan that guy always turned up in world cups
Publius Cornelius Scipio
What was that Ghanan thinking hitting the ball toward Ronaldo!
RULLI99 gamer
0:45 perfect
Saad Said
Sergio Carvalho
Shubhamay Barman
Portugal one of my favourite
Sunny leone Is my princess
Tahsin PlayZ
This world cup sucked
Telo Gaming
Memorable 😅
Thushar B
What a match this was😍
Most out of form Portuguese squad I’ve ever seen
Yaa Obenewaah
0:57 cross of the century
Youssef Al Makdissi
Ronaldo didn’t even celebrate
Zuber Khan
abdullai hamidu
they sol the game
I remember Ghana's kit in this World Cup so well! One of the most interesting I've ever seen!
eight bbosh
ender adventure Time
joão gabriel
Velho assiti esse jogo em Brasília namorql
minh quan ngo
Portugal win over ghana but heading home
mohammad savegeherro1223
nobody survives even one bit
stevo Stevo
As a goalkeeper, you don't punch the ball back into the field of play. You punch it out of bounds or out of reach. Ghana beat up on themselves.
top eleven
Ronaldo is looking so young
wwe biggest fan Felix Youri
I love soccer l want be like Ronaldo and messi soccer is my dream
حنان سالم
اهداف البرتغال واسبانيه
only scored match in 2014 worcup