Hair Cake [Reaction] **WARNING: Video contains vomit**

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WHATS UPPPP GUYS!!welcome back for this weeks videos!Todays disgusting video is brought to you by:******WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS VOMIT********Got a video suggestion? Leave it in the comments below!as always don't forget to LIKE and SUB for more videos!!! Check out our socials if you haven't already!Anise I N S T A G R A M: isediznabiAtousa I N S T A G R A M :Atousa.EThanks for watching, See you back here tomorrow♥

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the girl on the right vomiting gave me a boner
Adam Beck
Why does this have so many dislikes it's pretty funny.
I had a boner the whole time. Thanks girls.
Antonio Chasten Lost Son of Krypton
Two Girls, One Bucket.
I thought this reaction would just be putting on cute faces and stuff but it was an actual genuine reaction and I enjoyed it. Thank you for being legit I gave the video a thumbs up :)
Blames Jack
Bristol Pusher
Anise's rack gave me a boner...
Cameron Brown
they must watch the holy trilogy
Cero 95
Why so many dislike? Lol girl gagging was hilarious
Cesar Zamudio
the left chick is hot
For some reason watching you throw up was entertaining.
Chris Andrade
The in the left is cute to me
pause at 13:14 xD look at her face on the right
Criss λnimak
2 girls, 1 bucket
DJ Aftershock
10:07 What you all came for.
Daddy Sin
That's not disgusting that's ART!
It wasn't entirely impossible to fap to this
Daniel Lerma
lol, the girl on the left actually pulled her shirt down.
Damn these two would make a WILD threesome
watch tub girl. it's an oldie but a goodie. instant classic.
2 girls 1 bucket
You gotta love accordion troubadour music in the background., gives that gourmet feeling...
Florid a
I watch hair cake to fall asleep
French Cyndaquil
2 girls one bucket
Gabriela Aleksandrova
There's a point where you've watched this so many times that you can eat while watching the video.
watch human cake
Golum Red
Lol this stuff isnt even that bad, i first saw this while eating cake, im used to this shit, papa franku has steeled my nerves
Bruh... U have 1 weak stomach. When I watched this for MY first time, didn’t even vomit once! I must have a STRONG stomach! 💪🏻
Izabelle V
Bruh, did that girl on the left eyes just malfunction? 2:44😂
J Breezy
Solid cleavage and like to dislike ratio. plus home girl on the right got some herpes flaring up.
James Medina
titty city
Janosch Schär
They are just doing it for the clicks and saing they have to throw up and some shit, this is fake😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬
Jasmine Rodriguez
can you do porn instead of youtube cause it seems like you'd be good at it, btw tus is a compliment although I dislike your video cause I hate reaction channels
girl on left looking fine dayum
filthy frank is always a good watch
John Shaw-Thompson
I don't understand why I'm so use to the cake series I can watch it while eating
I'm honestly surprised you almost watched the entire video😂. nice video as well though
Joseph Stalin
I didnt had a single vomit .am i strange
Jungkookismy BAE
They are over here dieing and i am here eating a pickle like, \
Kai den Hertog
I was kinda hoping they'd throw up on each other when they have to share the one bucket
Keryous Fakhry
Have you watched The Krabby Patty Challenge by maxmoefoe?
Khaymn Adams
These chicks are hot. Damn
its like they tried to puke for views
Kris TV
2 girls one garbage
Kyle H
BOOBIES! Women on left is HOT
This is the only reaction I've seen where people actually threw up. I must not be normal because I have no problem watching the Cake series.
Lil Pimp
waiter theres a hair in my cake
Lovely Lauren
Oh stop gagging you fakers
Martin Larsen
The two most oblivious women on the internet. Frank hangs out the moving car, with a bottle spilling liquid. \
Excuse me waiter, THERE'S A HAIR IN MY CAKE
My Namea Chef
I've watched hair Cake several times and I've enjoyed every single second of it. does that mean I'm sick in the head?
Notes Of HipHop
lmao, did not think y'all were gonna throw up
Olivia C
Haha it seems that when I watch you videos rhey always have a warning vomits involved but I still love you guys!!!!
12:21\n\nThe moment the weight hits you and you start getting emotional over the iDubbbz tribute...\n\nRest in peace Ian, you beautiful angel :'(
Paul Merkel
youre both weak af
Pop Autotune
You're great reacting to my father:D
why do you have such big breasts
Rohan Clarke
Why she forcing the vomit out
Rubenia David
I hate cake now THEY RUINED CAKE FOE MEE!!!!!!!🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
You two are weak.
watch human cake plz
Saeki Kun
that puck wasn't forced up at all..
Samuel Hardin
This is the first video of yours ive seen!! You guys are great, and got me to subscribe!
Sav Leek
i can watch human cake, vomit cake, and hair cake while eating bc it doesnt gross me out
Seth Carricato
come on it's not that bad
Sha Zank
The girls puking is more wose than the Hair Cake Video itself!!
when she said \
Thx for the video. Nice cleavage, good reactions. Doesn't get better than this!
watch deadly twister 1 and 2 pls
Tomato Sauce
still fapped. and enjoyed it
Twiz Plays
Gordon is very proud for them
I mean I get it it's gross but my god how do you throw up just from watching this?
Walter White
2 girls 1 bucket
Warrior of Slaanesh
This is why I don't believe it whenever someone says Filthy Frank has female fans.
What is this
As the words of Miniladd once said, \
YouTube Public Relations Dept.
When I woke up this morning I didn't think I'd be watching 2 random chicks on the internet puking into a bucket yet here I am.
Your Amigo
arturo de jesus amador sanchez
now react to \
I think to really find this video funny you need to watch and appreciate filthyfrank's humor
das it mane
Their gagging is boner inducing.
i feel like this is just an excuse for these chicks to be bulemic
lmaoo I can watch the vomit and hair cake videos while eating without vomiting or even feeling nauseous
immanuel kant
Commenting on other people's content is not content itself, its commentary. These idiots belong in the comment section, writing long comments that nobody will bother to read, and to which a weirdo will respond three months after it was posted.
kori yam
i like your body,So sexy
michael ianni
I want to fill you both with gallons of my scrumptious baby batter. Mmmmmmmmmm
god damn it ,just when frank was about to say that it is for a cancer charity she turns it off. are you kidding me!!! the most important part. \n\n\n\n\n\n\nalso the funniest part where they trough the computer monitor on the table.
peter griffin king of the black people
they puked watching this, i ate watching this XD
sean shilliday
2 girls one bucket
seba ponce
they did not appreciate the art of FilthyFrank dislike xdxd
shamvil gases
try human cake by tvfilthyfrank
Stuff like this doesnt really affect me since i used to these kind of videos. Your reaction had me rolling.
i tried to watch this video but i kept on staring at the girl on the left's tiddies
the Quan
2 girls 1 bucket
tyuga jettison
Hahaha I loved this video could you guys do the gallon milk challenge or the 2 bananas 2 L of Sprite challenge?
uwut m8
Now thats an honest reaction 😅...I dare you guys to watch \
You guys should make the camera smaller and the video bigger, so we can see more of the video, just a tip :)
xxxmlg noscopexxx
this is someones fetish