James Blunt - You're Beautiful Lyrics

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I cried when they played this at the end of a Smallville episode.
I think we all need a blunt lol
Actros T.I.R. Bosnia
I sing this song in my head everytime I see a pretty girl..((:
Ah Ah
Chi è qua per frene metta like
Alexander Lee
Everyone is just now realizing how dark this song is..... all they had to was listen to the lyrics.
Andres Rodriguez
Finally the uncensored version!
Anime_ IsLife
This is my intire life in 3 minutes and 30 seconds,Always alone and sad.
Annie Borogo
Who else is singing along n reading comments 😎😎😇😇😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Anwar choudhury
July 2k18 anyone?
Ash Smyly
BlueBell Artist
I had a crush on this girl, she was pretty, funny, and had a lot of friends, my friend told her about me liking her, heck, SHE was the one asked ME to be her girlfriend, we were shy around each other for a while, but four weeks later, she has the nerve to tell me she doesn't honestly want to be in a relationship, you told me you were having family issues at home, then the next thing you post on Instagram is you and your friends having a sleepover and having fun.... Like wtf.... I know I'm a disappointment but.... You didn't have to break my fragile heart like that. thanks... I want to transfer schools now.... I had enough on my shoulders, like the words the other students say to me, my mental and health problems, now this!!!!! I'm having family issues, my Mom is a single mom, my dad left me and her when I was born, don't know anything about him.... She struggles to keep me and my little sister happy... She's now pregnant but has to take pills and go to the hospital a lot because she's been bleeding a little, she's fine... I hope.... I've been through so much, and I still don't understand why I haven't killed myself yet. My mom has been through so many relationships and they ALL cheat on her, like wtf!!! I'm ready to just die and end my life...
Boruto idn
August 2018 ?
Bruh Bruh
friendzoned people where u at?!!
Bubble Buddy
That one girl you meet somewhere in public and you know she is beautiful but then realize yoh have to face the truth that she'll never be with you 😏😢💩💩
2018 summer anyone?
who tf is he taking about who is she or you? :P
C_reyes_ 13
It took your mother 9 months to make your heart don't let someone break it In 5 minutes \n- anonymous
Caitlin Merrills
first love at first sight ❤💔
Can we get 10,000 subscribers with 1 video?
Lol, I was trying to sing in the beginning, I read and sang: \
Caroline Caroline
Aug..12 2018 i dedicated this song to someone special to me
Cesar Gutierrez
He only sees her one time and this is what he comes up with? Wow
Chad Williams
Who got this song from @dannyduncan69
Clerine Fajardo
Dwanta brought me here😍😍anyone?
Connor Marr
I wrote your name in the sky but thine wind blew it away...I wrote your name in the sand but the water washed it away...I wrote your name in my heart where it will forever stay.
Daffa Quraisy
Can i just get a like ?
Dance Moms
In 2018!!
Dank Spicy MemesTM
You're beautiful it's true. I saw your face in a crowded place and i don't know what to do cause I'll never be with you. \u003c3
Deep Inside
Misfits ♥
El Boricua Loco
But its time to face the truth...i will never be with u...
El chapo Alcachofa
Estoy aqui por el deber de ingles! :'''v
Esther Minadora
_Io biurifó, io biurifó, io biurifó its tu_
Anyone here from Danny Duncan?
Harold G.
We often fall in love with someone we can never be with.
Ian Parcon
James Blunt’s worldwide hit song, You’re beautiful is not as Romantic as you may think. If you consider this song to be in your wedding song list, think again. Recently, James Blunt told the Huffington Post that it is not about a man who is deeply in love with a girl instead, it is a song about a pervert guy who is high on drugs in the subway stalking someone’s girlfriend.\n\nHere are some parts of the lyrics to the said song:\nShe smiled at me on the subway\nShe was with another man\nBut I won't lose no sleep on that\n'Cause I've got a plan\nYes, she caught my eye\nAs we walked on by\nShe could see from my face that I was,\n”Fuckin' high”\nAnd I don't think that I'll see her again\nBut we shared a moment that will last till the end
JIHAN Gabrie
This song was the one that my dad put the day I was born ,while the song was played a nurse came and told my parents that the song was perfect for me and now 12 years ago I remember of that 😭❤️
I dident know he cussed in this song and I always listen to it
Jasmine Ragland
I'm in love with this song and I'm in love with his singing and his voice the way he sings is beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤💕❤💕❤💕❤❤❤
Jasmine Scholz
yo lonely people listening to love songs late at night SQUAD!
Jean Paul Mendieta
This song is mirroring my situation lol
Jeimy Tepaz
I like this músic
Jimmy Harry
Everytime I pass by a BMW i8 I play this
Joey # amos Nevin
hey u yes u reading yes u \nyour beautiful \ndont be sad
Johny Kampret
every time I saw gal gadot on TV, I always sing this song
Keven Garcia Felixme
I'm beautiful 😍😍
Why can't people continue making this kind of music? inspired on innocence and beauty not on butts and drugs...
Lakiusha Coleman
I discovered this song when my father got cancer sadly he succumbed to pancreatic cancer rip elroy coleman daddy i love you and i miss you see you soon
Lalhmangaihi Hrahsel
All the lyric ar true 😍😍😍😍😍😥😥😥😥this happen to me right now exactly like this 😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Laura Tovar
My heart is not only breaking for me but for my daughter and it’s so hard to realize he isn’t the person I met anymore
Link Ispada
if she smiled at him while being with an another man \nDoesn't that maker her a devil ?
‘cause I will never be with you’ that line hurts.
Marianna chr.
I saw your face in a crowded place and I don't know what to do cause i ll never be with you... But its time to face the true i will never be with you\n\nAm i the only one in love with those lyrics
Melania Liver
You're beautiful , It's I true.
Melissa Maren
The only people to ever call me beautiful are james blunt and my mom 😂😂
Mikolaj Wojtowicz
Anyone else clicking all those \
I wanna hear this played in minor key
Mohamad Shamel
When I was a kid I really thought he meant he saw a ninja.
Monika Dunns
Who's listening to this beautiful song in September 2018 ?
Nathan Zamudio
*left a comment here for future purpose. 2019 anyone?*
Quenie Guijarno
the best and the most touching song i ever heard. \nwhen i heard this song i feel complete and also to forget all those worries
Ricky Garcia
2018 going hard ❤️🙏
Sandip Malik
music is timeless so it does nt matter whether u r listening 2018 music or 1970.
Sean Hastings
This song reminds me of my high school graduation today. I watched the girl I love go and get her diploma after me, and I realized that I had wasted every chance I had to be with her. She's been with the same guy since Sophomore Year, so I never said anything. I know she probably doesn't feel the same way about me, and we probably wouldn't have ever gotten together. I still think I should have said something to her, though. I keep thinking I should have told her I love her. But I didn't, and I don't think I ever will now. Like James Blunt says, \
Sebastian Chaix
This was one of the last songs I listened to before my mom passed 😥😭💔
Selena DelaRosa
This song it´s beautiful, it´s true
Silma Rodriguez
I like this song even if its sad
Reminds me of my ex, who I'm still in love with but know that it wouldn't work... Lifes fun
TL Forw
This is my favourite song because my uncle made a song about me but It was this song! And I loved it.....
Teuta Bajgora
I love this video ♥️♥️♥️
Vefy Vefy
Well, my friend asked me if she want us to be more than friends but i rejected her because of studies. I dont want an early relation and 5 years later. We're classmates again and whenever she is talking to her male friend. There's something inside of me that i cant control. Wtf is happening? Yo. No kidding. Im sad af
Vinnie RKM
Babygirl \u003c3 I finally got to be with you
Warlord302 Slayer
This song plays when you see a girl and try to get to know her, then find out she isn't ever gonna fall in love with you
XxItss CheyxX
Idk y this song makes me sad
My mom hates this song...but I love it.
Yuli Gonzalez
Si2018♡♡♡ para toda la vida♡
Zayne simard moore
Such an amazing song, I will play this for my future wife on the guitar even if the lyrics don't measure what a marriage is, It's still a nice song to sing. My girlfriend is (to me) the definition of beauty and perfection (Even with all of her mood swings and flaws).
Put playback speed to 1.25 it’s pretty good like that too x
destroyer 2195
This sounds like me and my gf\n\nOriginally we were talking on FB for a while and she loved me as a best friend but the problem with us is that we were shy and nervous to talk IRL so we were just talking every day on FB having great laughs and everything\n\nProm came and she went with another person even know I loved her to pieces. This broke me and made me upset. We did see eye to eye and had a nice long smile which was the closest to seeing IRL we could do then. \n\n2 months went by. We're still talking like we were everyday having fun. We decided that enough of that bullshit and meet up IRL. Before this I never even heard her voice as she was from Latvia originally. Moved 6 years ago. Anyway we met and instantly we felt this connection. It was like a magnet pulling us together. We tried to help it and hug it out then as we were in the park having a laugh we saw eye to eye and had a quiet look into each others eyes and I could feel her soul. It was so cute and we kissed for a while which was her first kiss. Very special\n\nWe have now been together for 3 months and we never stop talking and loving each other ❤️. I tell her everyday she's beautiful and sweet and cute and I mean it \n\nWe're the happiest people we can be and I doubt that will stop \n\nPlz like if you read all this ❤️ as it shows that young love isn't always the guys cheating as were 16 and very.loyal couple
draven regino
I used to listen to this when I had a crush on a girl and I was to scared to confront her, fast forward 2 months later and now we're together and happy and now I'm waiting to propose to her :)
ethio jocker
fan metal slug atack de ACNAMAX FIO E4
why am I crying 😭😂 lmfaoo I’m single asf and don’t miss anyone 😂😂
kth is whipped
this is SO SAD wtf help
lil Boto
maria z
First song I heard after my mom died. Yes she was beautiful. She loved everyone,and taught us to do the same. I miss you mom but feel you in my heart everyday.
mowell marron
2018 guys!!!
nina whydontwe
2k18 anyone?
I was at work, and i was crossing the street so i can park my car, and then i saw the most beautiful girl i've ever seen. I am 6 foot 1 tall and she was almost tall as me, her hair was brown and from the Sun lights, her hair was shining, i think her eyes were brown and her face was white like a snow. She was speaking on the phone and she was smiling and i couldn't talked to her because of the phone call. On the next day, on the same time i saw her again and i thought that this is the moment to talk to her, as i was coming closer to her- her boyfriend came and he kissed her. I hope i met this girl again because the way she was dressed, the way she walked... She is that girl when you see her one or two times in your life and you don't forget her.
thafhan megan
JUNE 2018??
x. jjessicaa
October 2017?\n\n\n\n\n\n\nok? Just me 👏🏻 🔥 great 10/10 awesome😏
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Дословный перевод этой песни на русский язык:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=048lIUkM2k4
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dislikers might be searched for porn and did not get so,\n disliked it
you know who's beautiful?\n\n(read the first word)\n\nGod bless you.❤
仔 仔
Nobody thinks i'm beautiful except my mom and james blunt XD