Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal | Wimbledon 2008 | The Final in full

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from the age of 8 I have never forgotten that shot Federer did 4:11:55
Adarsh B S
Fedal at their best!! Greatest of their generation! Greatest match in history!
38 dislikes? \n\nI wonder what kind of vile despicable human beings would dislike this amazing tale of skill, relentless hard work, persistence and eventual victory by Rafael Nadal? \n\nDefies belief.
Nadal = pusher. Federer played an extremely average match.
America Renteria
i love that rafa had to have his racket with him before stepping on the court
Ameya Deshpande
Can't wait to watch 2018 final full match in 2028
Anuj Chaulagain
I have watched every Wimbledon Final since 2003...\nI’m a big Roger fan...\nThis final hurt the most....\nUndoubtedly the best Wimbledon final in the last 15 years!
Asa Yagami
if only roger still had this body he would def be no 1 playing the way he does now
Ashok Purushoth
Rafaaaa 😍😘😍😘😘😍
Atul Yadav
Wimbledon is SO LAZY to upload this! Well, better late then never
Axon cdd
A very sad day for tennis, won the speculation, the dependent of the rival, the tennis court, Rafael Nadal
Legends of not only the game but of life. Two Kings.
Cameron Trail
Best tennis match I've ever seen...Rafa was freaking 22 😱
Cs Surfing 0522
Who won
Dallon's CheezWhiz
5:58:39\n\n* *Nadal.exe has stopped working* *
Dardan Ratkoceri
a decade later we can appreciate one of the greatest finals in history
Darren N
It's been ten years and I still haven't gotten over Rogers loss. I was absolutely sure Roger was going to win this game. I still haven't watched the entire match. Thanks for posting this Wimbledon.
Decent _S
Greatest tennis match of all time 😘
Dev vaswani
5:46:42 , nadal mentality getting stronger after that point.
Emmanuel SR
Nadal GOAT of tennis
Evan Dupont
Felixcodling555 567
10 years later 2018 has come they are both still going strong 💪 but they both have been knocked out Djokovic v Anderson is the new final, COME ON ANDERSON
Francesco Masella
5:46:35 WHAT???
French Toast Granger
Gabriel R
Is the blonde Gwen Stefani?
Geri Quin
I wish they’d show a version of this full match that put the scores on the screen. It would really help follow the match.
Gustavo Nadal Radwansky
Radwanska vs cibulkova 2016? Best of matches 2016
Isabella Ferreira
this is legendary
Lol wtf, the Wimbledon people are so sad about not getting FeDal in the final they uploaded this.
They are like joker and batman.
Jack Constantine
greatest Grand Slam final of all time
THE greatest tennis match of all time. 2 of (if not the 2) greatest players of all time. It will be a very sad time when these 2 retire 😢
James Curtis
The ending of this match is something out of a movie.
Jason Tong
Nadal didn't have the whole pre-serving routine by then, only pulling the shorts, LOL
Federer has NEVER beaten Nadal in Roland Garros. Nadal has beaten Federer in Wimbledon and Australia.
Jeffrey Kaufmann
Federer was way more stressed than Nadal in this match.5th set 7-7 Fed made silly unforced errors that cost him the match.Nadal should have won this match in four sets but Roger made some incredible shots in the 2nd tie breaker.
José Madridista 13
1:05:00 Bola del 1Set. 1:51:00 Bola 2Set 3:14:50 Bola 3Set. 4:13:30 Bola 4Set. 5:58:30 Bola 5Set.
Kingdom Deen
Hand keeps getting tired of pressing repeat
Kucopel Zol
My God
Lasse M
Thx for the scoreboard!
LightKairi 09
thanks for sharing this :)\nthe greatest match in tennis history ♥
Luca Provenzi
Qualcuno può caricare il match completo della finale Wimbledon 2017 Federer Cilic..grazie
Mahesh Godof tfi
nadal GOAT love forever
Is it too much to ask for to put the scores as an overlay in the window?
Martin Günzel
10 years after, there are still no greater players than these two. It is very impressive, but it is also very frustrating to see that there is no real successor in sight: In the 80s there were Becker, Lendl and McEnroe; in the 90s there were Sampras and Agassi; in the 2000s there were Federer and Nadal, accompanied by Djokovic, Murray and Wawrinka in the And now? Where are the great players of the future? I don´t see ANYONE! A. Zverev and D. Thiem are exaggerated - they don´t seem to be able to win a major; D Thiem is only a clay-player (who still, in his mid-twenties, has absolutely no chance against Rafa on clay); Zverev is a catastrophe at majors.\n\nIt is very, very disappointing to see!
oh boy!
Ms w
Best match ever
Mukul Rawal
Great memories! Only thing I didn't like is the missing score graphic
Owais Majeed
Was in 7th standard then........... Watched it on DD national
1:09:09 omgd that m.i.l.f :o
Peter Löffler
The better palyer won! In some scenes Roger looked like a boy who found his master!
3:59:16 for 4th set tiebreak
Radhika Nagu
Did anyone else notice how adorable Roger looked at the end?
Romani CZ
2013 mens final full match ?
Romeo Anderson
Legends. Thanks to this game I fell in love with tennis
I'll never forget ringing my boss telling him I'll be late to work
Shelton Brown
I can’t believe this was 10 years ago.....
Simeon Dobrev
6:04:15 And then some people still say that he doesn't lose in grace smh...
Anyone notice that 10 years on Nadal has more nervous tics now than he ever did.
starts at 16:20
Stuart Menzies Farrant
Roger Federer has actually improved his game since then!
Sylvana 010 Rotterdam
I remember this! It was amazing!
TGM Tennis
Wow, more uploads like this of classic Wimbledon matches please...
GREATEST match of all time.
The AViator
Props to Roger for being stone-faced. I would have bawled my eyes out in front of millions of people if I was him.\n\nThen again, nobody can be Roger, not even Rafa.
TheBigSquirrel 50
I have this in better quality Full HD, this is SD quality uppscaled.
Vicky Gan
Ten years ago, the greatest match ever was played on Wimbledon's grass courts between the two greatest players in men's tennis...the date was July 6, 2008 when 22-year-old Rafael Nadal defeated 26-year-old Roger Federer to win Wimbledon for the first time. The match lasted 5 sets with a rain delay. With only 3 Major titles between them, the #Fedal rivalry began in 2004 at the Miami Open and is still going strong
Vicky Pryor
Thanks so much for uploading this match! It is such a treat to finally get to see it.
Will Jones
Nothing but the utmost respect for these two, amazing to watch this ten year later.
Willy Severus
Thx immensely for uploading the entire match (including interviews etc) wimbledon channel!!! Rafa's english has improved a lot in 10 years, i must say 😁👌
Yo boy Coinage
the video I just posted might be better than this match just sayin
ahmed saleh
That's why rafa is GOAT
haha at 6:05:29 Rafa 'Wimbledon is my favourite tournament!'
david eric
Fed forgot he was supposed to shake the umpires hand first. Not used to losing lol
davide android
Back then in 2008, with this match, Federer's era of absolute domination ended and Nadal had just reached his prime. In 2008. When I think this, and I realize that in 2018 they are still n°1 and n°2, champions of 6 of the past 7 that's possible? They are the true legends of this sport. If Djokovic really wants to be compared to them, he has to do the same thing, relative to his age.
Greatest match of all time.
javier jesus baladés
The best match ever!!! Thank god for allowing me to watch and enjoy the FEDAL frienship and rivarly.....
john abraham
I was there when this happend. The greatest match of all time.
john anthony
Great match and thanks to Wimbledon for putting it up. Is it possible of Wimbledon to put up the 2006 and 2007 final?
First of all, thanks Wimbledon for uploading this! It's great that fans can see the best tennis match ever (arguably) in its entirety.\n\nSecondly, I must be so weird, watching this for the millionth time, 10 years later, knowing exactly how all the key points went, yet still biting my nails and cheering for Rafa. Vamos!
Inser-Mahut next please.
mujtaba hassan
anybody else watching this watching stroke of genius ?
The best match in tennis history must say..! Watched it live in 2008.. but still feels that it was fed toughest defeat and Rafa greatest moment..👍 hope to see same in 2018 but with different results ❤️
And some people says Federer suffered from mono during that match. People are so dumb
swapnil shingade
Watching in 2018
the day is nigh
Really trying to annoy federer no wonder most of big servers in feds draw they want a fedal final for ratings
thereal Bubba
I’ve watched this more than 10 times lol
uncle drewtastic!
This is how Osakas victory at us open should've been. Really pisses me off how it was ruined
back when people actually used cameras to take pictures..
zivajodid hgi2
It is incredible how Nadal had a impact on Federer's game at all..I mean, he managed to completely destroy Faederer's mental state and his psychology..Fed had trouble even to hold racquet correctly in his was really sad to watch that in those days..But, few years later, Novak decided to show up and wise up Spaniard..
未央奈大好き!長ちゃん REN