U2 - Bad

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1984 Bad U2 Unforgettable Fire

Adenis Geralda
I simply love this song.Great moment for U2.
Ahni Rose
Eleanor and Park 💓
Alexandre Ferrari
U2 é U2 demais simplesmente demais , ouço e indico para quem gosta de uma banda com raiz respeito qualidade etc etc etc
Alice Cane
saw them in [email protected] Stadium and hey ROCKED IT !~saw them in Phila.
Ana Acevedo
I love this song .
Angana Datta
To let it go....❤️️❤️️❤️️
Bradley Landrum
Best song I've ever heard it has meaning.
Buzz Boys
Rest in peace Ingrid. My beautiful sister.
Carlos Barbosa
Golden times! U2 forever! one of the best song of them! Never forgot the fiest time that i heard this song!
Carolina Magalhães
Vc e meu ídolo!!!! Não existe. Outro!!!
Cecília lins
Eleanor & Park :3 \u003c3
Daniel Kusner
I'm not alone.\nI'm not afraid.\nI feel like Bono at LiveAid.
David AV4-
If you twist and turn away\nIf you tear yourself in two again\nIf I could, yes I would\nIf I could, I would\nLet it go\nSurrender\nDislocate\n\nIf I could throw this lifeless lifeline to the wind\nLeave this heart of clay\nSee you walk, walk away\nInto the night\nAnd through the rain\nInto the half-light\nAnd through the flame\n\nIf I could through myself\nSet your spirit free, I'd lead your heart away\nSee you break, break away\nInto the light\nAnd to the day\n\nOoh, ooh, ooh, ooh\nOoh, ooh, ooh, ooh\nTo let it go\nAnd so to fade away\nTo let it go\nAnd so, fade away\n\nWide awake\nI'm wide awake\nWide awake\nI'm not sleeping\nOh, no, no, no\n\nIf you should ask then maybe they'd\nTell you what I would say\nTrue colors fly in blue and black\nBruised silken sky and burning flag\nColors crash, collide in bloodshot eyes\n\nOoh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh\nIf I could, you know I would, if I could, I would\nLet it go\n\nThis desperation\nDislocation\nSeparation, condemnation\nRevelation in temptation\nIsolation, desolation\nLet it go\n\nAnd so fade away\nTo let it go\nAnd so fade away\nTo let it go\nOh now, and so to fade away\n\nI'm wide awake\nI'm wide awake\nWide awake\nI'm not sleeping\nOh, no, no, no
Doc Holiday
the crowd that saw this live is still in the stadium, they will never fade away :)
Duh e Juh Love
U2 best of the King
Bono looks like Robin Williams don't he??
Eric Lai
heartbreak warfare
Uma das melhores 🙆🇧🇷 🎵
Fabio Mura
The great band in the world ✌❤
Took my dad to see U2 for the joshua tree tour last week and they played this. surreal. Really is one of the best bands out there still to this day and still great to see live.
Greg Patterson
Great band playing with so much feeling!
Iris Paschold
James Graham
best version ever.
Jay Pruitt
just a bad ass band! always have been!
Jay Wetton
Fantastic. Bono is my hero
Joanne Vega
Best Band EVER!!!!!
Jodi Jackman
These guys are FUCKING INCREDIBLE....just saw them in vancouver.... EPIC beyond words...
Josep Anton
this is so good, I know I have already posted...\nbut I'll say this... again, maybe...\nthe best ever live recording in history, in my own humble opinion... unless a prince recording is produced to sway the vote...\nid be in turmoil...
Josue Moreno
João Solimeo
U2 at its best.
Justin Jolly
The greatest U2 song live. I finally got to hear it in person Joshua Tree 2017.
Karen Eduarda
Eleanor & Park ♥
Katey Nic
looks like Mork from Ork with those suspenders (but what a bod) & great video!
Ken Shiro
Wonderful! Thank you U2
Kerrin Laws
love love love
Liam Silcock
Best U2 song
Louie Hannigan
great song one of my favourite u2 songs
Luciana Andrade
Sou muito apaixonada por esta banda 👏👏👏👏👏👏💋💝💋👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 !!!
Luis Lizard
When this came out in cinema in my town in Italy people filled up the cinema it was sold out but they let extra people in..so everybody was standing and singing along like a concert!!! Lol
Luis Pereira
Arrepiante esta musica U2 foreverrrrr
Madhabi Das
That drumming part in the middle is ecastacy, have never heard anything like that
Mark O'Donnell
I went to see the movie 'Rattle and Hum' by myself because they showed this in the trailer....Not one of my friends would come with me because it wasn't 'cool' to like U2.....I didn't care then and I don't care now....I loved U2 and love them still.
Mary Gill
Am on ma grans page am 30 my uncle just died played aww u2 he was there biggest fan like me no group can touch them a love oasis stone roses loads a bands but u2 just does it fur me 😍✌🏽️😘🎤🎤🎤
Mel Williams
My favourite since first heard it on live aid!
Michelle Mimi
Michelle Stamm
Best concert, intimate show I've ever seen. I waited at least 30 years....since I was 9 years old. I was fortunate and grateful I got to see The Joshua Tree anniversary tour in Tampa, Florida, Raymond James Stadium in June 2017. Beautiful, epic, glorious, amazing, just waaaaaaaay more than you get from anywhere or any band! Damn, man, I can't explain. Beautiful people all around the stadium and U2! It's quite a family reunion type of feeling.... except you love it a wee bit more😁.
Mouse dog
my funeral song
This song makes me believe there is a God.
Nazarena M
Eleanor & Park brought me here \u003c3. I love park he's a beautiful angel we need to protect him.
New Waver
Over the damn top. What else do you require from a band or a live show? Incredible footage of a band that has mastered the craft of live performance.
Paola Carro
Yo estoy aquí por Eleanor & Park,y es una canción hermosa. ♡
Patricia Robertson
You lead my HEART Bono you have done since 1986.
Rahul P R
what a song, classic. love u2
René Martínez
Thanks God i raised listening to this music at its prime!
Richard L
Excellent powerful video.
Richard Marshall Bowman
There is no ....uh...bad..version of this song by U2.  It is, in my, not so humble, opinion, their best song. And that's saying something, considering the volume of great songs they've given us.   Keep it up fellas.... thanks U2BEVidz.  Peace out...with love..and admiration...from Seattle
Rob Thompson
this song just has so much emotion!
Said Serna
gracias a mi tío que hace poco falleció conocí esta buena musica
Sam Williams
This is when they were!
Sarbjit Badyal
This song helped me give up drink
Sergio Cortez
Good Y;
Shaneen Bargamento
this is my dadah's favorite song by U2.
Shirlei Menezes
sem palavras👏👏👏👏
Silva Oliveira
2018 ❤👏👏👏 I love him, this is song touch my soul. I wish found Bono and kiss your lips hahaha. ❤
Simay Ardıç
THIS is the U2 i've always admired and can never get enough of.
Steve O
What a great band and video
Toni Tsapi
My neighbour called the police because l was playing this song full blast ... he got arrested!
Goosebumps !!
Vidar Larsen
The vocal performance here, is totally unbelievable . He gives his absolute all. This band at its peak.
Wietze de Jager
beste muziek echt de beste muziek van de hele wereld
Willie Verfuurden
I love it they are so fucking good
Zoeyss Fischetti
stronger U2 video live ever seen!!!!
barb ryll
I’ve grown up with U2! Still turn the radio up if it’s a U2 song even after 30 years. It’ll be love till I stop breathing
barbara geremias
I love you U2 love love love
bono vox portugal
u2 simply the best band ever,,love 4 ever but ever u2,,loves from portugal
charles frederico Carvalho
para mim o melhor video clip dessa musica Bad de todas deles, foi este muito original, se entregou para a musica..  [Show]..
If you twist and turn away.\nIf you tear yourself in two again.\nIf I could, yes I would\nIf I could, I would let it go.\nSurrender, dislocate.\n\nIf I could throw this lifeless life-line to the wind.\nLeave this heart of clay, see you walk, walk away\nInto the night, and through the rain\nInto the half light and through the flame.\n\nIf I could, through myself, set your spirit free\nI'd lead your heart away, see you break, break away\nInto the light and to the day.\n\nTo let it go and so to fade away.\nTo let it go and so fade away.\nI'm wide awake.\nI'm wide awake, wide awake.\nI'm not sleeping.\n\nIf you should ask, then maybe\nThey'd tell you what I would say\nTrue colours fly in blue and black\nBlue silken sky and burning flag.\nColours crash, collide in blood-shot eyes.\n\nIf I could, you know I would\nIf I could, I would let it go.\n\nThis desperation, dislocation\nSeparation, condemnation\nRevelation, in temptation\nIsolation, desolation\nLet it go and so to fade away\nTo let it go and so to fade away\nTo let it go and so to fade away\n\nI'm wide awake, I'm wide awake, wide awake\nI'm not sleeping\nOh no, no, no.
daniel barry
Robin Williams would have smashed it as Bono!
I remember and miss when they were Good, this was a golden time for them. Now he just whines endlessly about politics more than ever, has so many millions of dollars telling us poor ppl to give our money away. I just gave up on them when they started writing songs about sexy boots.
don faruolo
This is U2's masterpiece! I play it all the time on guitar. It is only 2 chords - A & D - but The Edge puts some amazing spins on his own variations on the chords. Add to that a vintage Electro-Harmonix delay and it sounds like an orchestra of guitars. But that's The Edge and what he specializes in. No frantic solos or showing off - instead an amazing meditation both musically and lyrically.
gisleide cardoso
Amo loucamente U2 ❤❤😘😘
gracefaith 08
...oh mu 😱 Eleanor and Park brought me here. 😍\ni can see a lot of people came here 'coz of them too. \nChapter 19 page 107 😉
joel trevino
How can they say that time travel is not possible?  Just hearing the first few bars of this amazing song and I was transported, in a flash, back to the winter of 86!  I am listening to this while PCS'ed on Offutt AFB, Ne..  It's 3 in the morning, I am drinking a whiskey soda as I am sitting, facing outside, as snow begins to fall.  I am alone, as my room mate lived off base, so I had the room to myself.  What great times they were!!
john trafford heath
First saw them in 79 think it was exeter uni or somewhere like that wiv about 200 people then the last time at wembly in front of 120,000
keep smiling
Eleanor and Park bought me here. One of the most beautiful books I have ever read. What do u think the 3 words are? The 3 words could be I Love You, or I Miss You, or it could just be Eleanor and Park. Comment on what u think it is and don't forget to like.
marcel van der velden
Timeless ...
mike watters
U2 were playing a roof top gig in san francisco years ago\n the cops showed up and stopped them playing citing safety concerns\n bono asked them what safety concerns did they have\n the cops told bono that he was standing too close to The Edge
That song is a masterpiece
notorious 12772
Adam and his base are the soul \nLarry and his drums the heartbeat\nEdge and his genius the brains \nBono and his passion are the testosterone and sexual drive that make them simply....... U2 !!!!!!!!!!!!
Amo esta época de U2, por desgracia ahora hacen POP basura :(
simon dwyer
this is the last song my best friend listened to before he left us, I cry EVERY time I hear it.......
What I love about this song is how its meaning has changed for me over the decades, like a lot of songs I guess, but Bad is special; so is the band, no wonder they're still relevant.
unreal. 80s tech and killing it. Bono was the chosen one.
still not sleeping...p