Heidi (1993) Part 25

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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDEDI DO NOT OWN RIGHTS TO THIS MOVIEIn the grand tradition of Disney entertainment comes the classic story of HEIDI, the lovable orphan who enriches the life of everyone she meets. After charming her reclusive grandfather and falling in love with the beautiful mountain he calls home, Heidi is uprooted and sent to Frankfurt where she befriends Klara, a young girl confined to a wheelchair. But the big city drains Heidi's energy and spirit. Torn between her new friendship and her memory of life in the Alps, Heidi faces a difficult decision. And in time, she follows her heart and finds a miracle. Starring Jason Robards and Jane Seymour, HEIDI will capture the heart of everyone in your family!

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Ariana Justin
clara is very beautiful
Bernice Tam
Who's cutting the onions 😭😭😭
I agree ... it was much more realistic in The Secret Garden when Colin learned to walk. I see so many similarities between Klara and Colin: confined to wheelchairs, spoiled, throwing a fit when they don't get their way ... and being brought out into nature and getting better.
Bryan Earley
The grandfather should've thrown all of them off of the mountain. Its bad enough that Heidi was sold to the family, but then they just Dangle her in front of her grandfather again. Horrible people
rescuing Heidi proved to be the best thing: it put hope back into Klara, and hope was the best thing!
D Js
Actually in the book Fraulein Rottermeyer encourages Klara to think herself an invalid so that she can keep her cushy job and perhaps one day become the second Mrs Seissmann. That last was of course wishful thinking because she was quite a nasty uppity snob. Nobody liked her much.
@MandiMousieMovie ye me too....\r\nalso why is it the mother always dies...
Earl Viney
it was the power of the mountains that made her walk
Elizabeth Howard
All the girl needed was a proverbial swift kick up the arse... Just saying. And for everyone saying its unusual that she just suddenly started walking after not using her legs for so long, actually it's not. She's been mobile for most of her life, she isn't confined to a bed so even if she isn't walking she's still getting some form of movement out of her body, unlike her comparison, Colin Craven, who hadn't left his bed practically since before his mother died. Yes, everyone's carried her around but Klara still has limited movement, it's just no one trusts themselves or her enough to let her use what movement she has. Which is mostly due to the fear of the unknown in regards to her health. Klara, who is only about 12 or 13, had said she was young when her accident or whatever occurred, not an infant, so it could not have been 12 years of non-use, as it seems she recalls the feeling of using her legs. Otherwise, it would really have been difficult-a \
it would of really been a bumer if they all fell
Why is Herr Sesseman such a prat here?
Full of Grace
The most beautiful part in the whole movie when Klara walks. There's such a valuable lesson here. When you treat someone like an invalid, they behave & feel like an invalid. But If you instill them with self-belief, they can do anything
Gleddi _Glee
Is this film true .
in the book i remember that her grandfather and heidi helped klara day by day to get her to walk again. and when her father came, she showed him how healthy she was and how she able to walk again.
Manja Netter
Great film...though realistically...after having not used her legs at all for 12 years...one afternoon practicing in the meadows should not be enough to make her regain the ability to walk :P
Marike Andresen
@kalakaua12345 totally agree!!! :-)))
Natascha A-S
It changes the story, which isn't great, but boy, I SO want to go there!
Olive Favor Baimba
Clara know she can walk she just want Heidi to stay Frankfurt
@cvdfer343434 \nyeah he wasn't this hot headed & very patient.
i know this is cliche but they really don't make movies like this anymore
Rick W
It wasn't 12 years. Not sure on this version, but in original version with Shirley Temple, it was only a couple of years.
Yeah it a rare thing to see now days, but at the same time it's great cause hanging like that can be just as scary and dangous as being held at gun piont which is what people love to see. \r\n\r\nAnd it just great that the movie is so \
Tais Gomez
After they rescued Heidi they were all happy I would be traumatized
hi i am klara's father\n\ni didn't think you were anyone else.\n\nLOL! Grandfather, you rule!
Beautiful movie!!
epic fail. Herr Seseman-what a nasty man! Treats Heidi like she's Clara's pet. Why would Clara WANT to be with him? \
iiigek_0 08
I love heidi
lyndi reynolds
what AMAZING actors!
What! Ur her father?
@AmericanEvita I know, I blame Hannah Montana and every other teen prep show on the new Disney Channel.
@AmericanEvita avonlea was awesome too!
It did not end like this it ended a different way