James Blunt - Youre Beautiful (Video)

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1 fan de dbs
8D AUDIO remix of this song on my channel💖
AJ 7232
This man has the most beautiful and amazing voices I’ve ever heard. I don’t care about what other people think. He is awesome, this song motivates me so much. You see people are rude all the time. But they have no right to bully people. This man may have a higher pitched voice but it is beautiful. So please don’t be rude about it.
Abel Benjamin
The soong is very good
Adriana Amado
entonces a acabo de leer un fanfic camren a si q estoy en hora sad :\
Ahmed Yanaal
You know you made a great song if your song is fire without putting anything sexual.
Aladim Guerra
Nota,mil essa musica ....\nIsso sim.Nao as bostas de hoje MCs funks Sertanejos sofrencias.tudo monte de merda
I was so shook when I found out the song was about a high man who is attracted to a random woman at the subway....😐😐
Andre Farma
Cadê os BR's? Que apreciam essa beleza de música?
Antenado Em tudo
Sexta feira 7/12/2018 21:58! Triste, só.
Anthony Maxwell
Genius post 11/27/18?
April Levine
Cause never be with you 😥 #2018end
BOGSA tropamilya
Bao Dehghan
who else is beautiful too???
Ben Lonsdale
Who’s here in 2019??
Who’s here from the genius post
Bogdan Badea
I'm ready to listen this song in 2019 fellas !! ❤❤😍
2017 ? Brasil , alguém ?! ❤
Canal Nostalgie
Hello from Morocco\nStill ❤
Cara do Chá
Vim aki so pra ver se esse cara canta igual ao nosso BR
Dammiee Daniel
Evergreen blues...good blues don't get old. Good for a romantic night...🎉🎋🌊☁️
Daniel Toth Music
My life is brilliant\nMy life is brilliant\nMy love is pure\nI saw an angel\nOf that I'm sure\nShe smiled at me on the subway\nShe was with another man\nBut I won't lose no sleep on that\n'Cause I've got a plan\n\nYou're beautiful. You're beautiful\nYou're beautiful, it's true\nI saw your face in a crowded place\nAnd I don't know what to do\n'Cause I'll never be with you\n\nYes, she caught my eye\nAs we walked on by\nShe could see from my face that I was\nFlying high\nAnd I don't think that I'll see her again\nBut we shared a moment that will last 'til the end\n\nYou're beautiful. You're beautiful\nYou're beautiful, it's true\nI saw your face in a crowded place\nAnd I don't know what to do\n'Cause I'll never be with you\n\nYou're beautiful. You're beautiful\nYou're beautiful, it's true\nThere must be an angel with a smile on her face\nWhen she thought up that I should be with you\nBut it's time to face the truth\nI will never be with you\n\nThank you for reading! I record covers from different popular songs. It means a lot to me if you listen to my channel! 😊
Dave John
Smoked your last name lol
Dianna Celene
🎉2018 Diciembre🎄2019 Enero🎉
Earl-x Dylan
Big fat onion 😢😭😭😭
Elianita Ramos
Linda 🎤🎬🎧🎼🎸🎯💙✌💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Elsa Hernandez
Ethan Malok
When you have a subway crush and never see him again in life haha
Everiday Pro
Los q dieron dislike es porq no saben de musica
Everton Gamer 007 [BS]
Eu n sei se vc q esta lendo esse comentário sente a mesma coisa q eu sinto ouvindo essa música 😢 💓💓
I think I'm fudging ugly, but I do know I at least have a beautiful personality so I'm grateful for that.
Me and my dad used to always sing this in the car when I was young and when I went to live in England with my mum he passed away. So this is the only song I remember him by. RIP DAD I MISS YOU😭😭😭 your in a better place now with all the angels 👼
Gabriel Oliveira
2018\n Brasil\n Alguém?
Gamer Historian
Who else got rejected???
Greek Gallavich Love
God he was hot. Everytime he says you're beautiful, I'm like: NO! You fucking ARE!!!
Ian Montemor
adoro essa música conheço ela já faz uns 10 anos , finalmente achei
Innobest Okoawo
Wonderful music,,,, I love this music so much
Isa Oliveira
Ia birifó....
Isaiah Wakeen
I just read how he hates that people use this as a wedding song because its really about someone high on drugs in a subway being sad he wont see a beautiful girl again
Alguém aqui do Brasil😍 🇧🇷?\nDezembro 2018?
Jeffrey Hallazgo
PERFECT for this imperfect world...\nthe spirit of being alone in this world...\nfor the worlrd is not round, the reason why theres nobody around to be with you...
Jmv Ntaki
I know you don't care which year am watching it.. But who r with me in December 2k18?
John Radz
Still living in that moment ... where she was everything and nothing at the same time ...
Jovan Davidovic
This is one of the greatest song ever writen in music history.
João Vitor
You,re beautiful Syh. But...
Like si estas escuchando en Diciembre 2018
Karol Maia
2\n 0\n 1\n 8\n ?
This song brings back memories
Kyle Lim
November 2018?
Lasting Impressions
Who here is single??
Luis Soriano
Luna 24
I miss you more than yesterday
Love from Manipur (Kangleipak ) any one 2019????
Mangela Neyra
It's time to face the truth\nI will never be with you
Maria Luiza Pereira Lima
Lembrando quando eu era apenas uma garota que gosta de nada alguma
Mariana Santos
Assistindo em 2018! Quem mais? Amo essa música!
Melikeislam 571
Mikey D
Wow Danny Duncan is so talented
Mundo da Madu
Que música! Amor tão simples e complicado...
Márcio Silva
top. .....
Net Sathit
You're Beautiful is true
Omar Haque
people who call me Beautiful.\nStrangers = 0 %\nFriends = 0 %\nMom = 50%\nJames Blunt = 50%
Oneida Flores
Muy linda canción no me aburre oírla una y otra y otra vez
Pizcel:vlœvę Rodriguez
_linda canción esto es para recordar a alguien muy especial que nos engaño :/😪😭_
Redqueen Technologies
Nov 11 2018 anyone listening?
Reidel Natanael
Rick Marques
RobCartee Vids
this song is about a guy who is high as a kite on drugs and is stalking someone elses girlfriend and should be locked up according to blunt
Rıdvan Tavukçu
0:14 James: \
Sam Neeve
Why he look like Reverse Flash, HR, Harry etc lololol
Samia Erg
there's two people who think that i'm beautiful :\n- James Blunt\n- Mom
Saurabh Goswami
who's here in 2019 ?
I said ur beatiful to my \n\n\n\n\n\n\nFriends ripped chancla
Serial Kiler
linda música.
Sonic and MLP Maker
When you hear to 2016/2017 trash songs and then you listen to this song ...\n\nRip\ngood songs \n1960 - 2013
This song is about a dude high as a kite on a subway stalking some dudes girlfriend
Uma mãe de primeira viagem
2018 cadê os\nBR?
Кто из 2038 г.? И кто русский? 😂
Van Damn
If you're in the 2024 hope you enjoy this music!!! Soon we'll be there! ;)
Vando Silva
Saudades dos meus 15 anos, fiz escolhas erradas na vida, hoje pago caro por isso! Hoje com 27 anos.... tenho à esperança que um dia vou te encontrar novamente...... 💔
World War 2 Veteran
Who is playing this beautiful song in October 2018?
[/ metaxi133 Msp /]
dislikes are from peoples who think that they aren't beautiful
people who say i`m beautiful\n\n1. My mom\n2. James Blunt
carol sousa
2018 dezembro curte
dinogamer 52
florence njeri
Omg this song will never grow old😖
junior leo
En 2019.
kare olin
Ktoś może od Planety Faktów ?
mr. syndicate
But its time to face the truth\nI will never be with you\n\nThis hurts\n\nEdited: thanks for the people who liked and subscribed
nil RH
Q hermosa cancion
sosmita naiding
I am still here standing with hope since 2008 to 2018
tanzwika makarudze
First line of song: my life is brilliant\nLast act in video: throw yourself over the edge\nMy brain goes through this routine more often than I care to admit haha
Blunt: My life is brilliant.\nDirector: Camera is behind you James.\nBlunt: My life is brilliant.
Черная Грузия
Who's still here at 2018???
Я люблю Россию
Nice song 😍😍😍😍👌🏻😍😍🎶🎶🎶🎶
December 2018?