The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Cut

The best of The Dark Knight Trilogy soundtrack by James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer: - A Watchful Guardian - The Dark KnightThe Lord of the Rings Ultimate Cut, Star Wars Ultimate Cut and Inception Ultimate Cut can be found on my mixcloud or soundcloud. These cuts were blocked on youtube.

Batman Begins (Award-Winning Work) Batman Begins (Soundtrack) Soundtrack (Composition Type) The Dark Knight (Award-Winning Work) The Dark Knight (Soundtrack) The Dark Knight Rises (Award-Winning Work) The Dark Knight Rises (Soundtrack) The Dark Knight Trilogy Hans Zimmer (Composer)

Hans Zimmer is a true genius. People say that composers like John Williams are better. But cmon, take a listen at 1:00 and then at 27:00. Now's that genius. I love this music. Perfectly captures the image of Batman. No other composer could've pulled this off.
Agustin Walter Dominguez
increíble, sin palabras!! 👏
Ana Sol Resnik
just perfect...
Andrew Hong
Nolan + Zimmer = Legendary Masterpiece
Nolan for Hollywood \nis the same as\nBatman for Gotham.
Aqeelah Bhudye
The dark knight = best superhero movie of all time
Baolun Ma
the hope in the darkness
Barney on Movies
Sweet mother of... Hans Zimmer would be proud
Ben I forgot my middle name Bird
As good as marvel are, dc has way better music
Oh I thought this was all three movies cut together in thirty minutes. :D
Brandon Chai
reading batman comics with this playing in the background :3
Brian Ramirez
Someone is here in 2018?? I love the soundtrack
Celal /Fortnite, other games, tutorials, and vlogs!
I usualy listen to this when i am doing sports -Likes growing msucules - and this piece of music help me a lot! to work more! So thank you for making this awsome thing!
Coronel Drummond
OWW! Of course the best compilation I've seen!! I love this epic soundtrack, Hans Zimmer is perfect!
Damon r Joseph
beautiful music I'm shaking my head I love Hans Zimmerman's music
Dark Mark
“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”\n\n― Alfred
Davidoff Productions
Thank you for uploading this, it's beautiful
The Ultimate Motivation Soundtrack.
Diego Olivera
Muchas gracias por esta increíble composición Hans Zimmer, It so incredible
Don Pablo
Best batman movies ever. The new superman vs batman storys I dont like.
Fear gave birth to batman. \nChaos shaped batman to the dark Knight. \nPain made compelled him to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Fisio Dicas com Juliana Bruschi
Perfect! I loved it!
French Roast
forever my favorite superhero movies of all time
Gary Lafont
la musique est belle
George Shawki
The songs we need, but not the ones we deserve.
¿que mixes son éstos? ¡¡¡magnifico!!! ¡mil gracias!!
29:50 and 1:00 and 23:19 Is what I came from.
Guilherm Dino
I had a great honor to whatched Dark Knight at movies when i had nine years, in 2008. What great childhood.
Hamed Mostafa
I though i won't ever find what i am looking for but here u are delivering it in the most wonderful way i have ever dreamed , thanx
Hossam Salem
Because we have to chase him. Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now, so we'll hunt him. Because he can take it, because he's not a hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight.
Ian Donaghy
I Played Arkham at the weekend with the music off, SFX up high and this in the background. #Perfection. Great Upload Bud!
Iara Hammoud
Yo cómo marvelita tengo q decir q DC tiene q tomar varias cosas de esta trilogía, yo le tengo fe a dc porque tienen a los mejores personajes y son los más interesantes. Yo se q pueden y tienen q traer a un buen director eso es lo más importante y q no caigan en los chistes por favor es lo q más pido
Inés Santana
the best music of our times, hans zimmer is the master Ludwig Van of the 21th century
Iza Lopez
Amo ese soundtrack
J Scott Upton
I'm 70 years old. When I was 12 I was reading the Batman \
Jack Schwartz
I had some ideas of how to make The Dark Knight Rises a more interesting movie: Bane isn't a mad terrorist, he's just a mercenary who was hired by Talia to break Batman and was allowed to take those weapons from the Wayne RnD department as payment. Then Bruce could've been taken back to the prison, which Bane would have been using as his base, and held prisoner there as a kind of living trophy while Bane used Bruce's tech to bring havoc around the world for money. Catwoman and Robin, who would have actually been Dick Grayson instead of some random cop, would track Bruce down and help him escape, and we could still get some emotional moments of Bruce re-discovering his will to live while in Bane's prison. Only after that does Talia hire Bane a second time, with the more extreme \
Jalaj Sharma
Thor, Iron Man and Captain America, Marvel tried everything in the Trilogy of their top heroes\nBut never come on The level of Nolan's Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy
this is what I've been looking for, thank you
Jesse Lauterbach
Amazing mix of the best tracks from the best trilogy. I'd download it if I could- very nicely done.
Jimmy tube
Great movies,Great Batman,Great soundtracks Everything about the Dark Knight is great screw Affleck he won't be as good as Bale,Bale is THE Batman
Jithin Sam
its not who i am underneath, but what i do that defines me.
Karen Catizone
Seeing all these positive comments for The Dark Knight Trilogy in 2017 (saying it's still their favorite & still the best) makes me so happy. So glad so many of you haven't already forgotten how lucky & blessed we were as Batman fans to have this trilogy now that there is a new Batman in Ben Affleck. I don't hate Ben's Batman at all, but Christian Bale will forever be my Batman. The Dark Knight Trilogy will forever be my definitive Batman story.
Karthikeyan Swaminathan
In BB we see bruce wayne struggling to find a way to make sure that what happened to his parents does not happen again, he goes around the world to find a method and when he finally does he finds out that the people who wanted to help him were not truly good and comes back to save gotham. In the dark knight we see the people of gotham take charge(a little bit), like at the scene with the two boats, and we see batman fight a new enemy, one he can't understand, it is incredible, BUT in TDKR we see an old man learning to fight again and fight alone, he loses his best friend through the years(alfred), lose his company, lose his money, his will to live, but he never gave up or give in. he redeemed gotham with nothing but perseverence, and catwoman,jk.
Kira The Renegade
13 years since Begins.\n10 years since Knight.\n6 years since Rises.\n\nThese movies have become symbols of the hero genre, very meta when you think about Nolan's original intention, to make Batman a symbol.
A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended.
I don't really like movies with superheroes, but holy moly i loved this one so much
Marco Selmo
Cool and powerful way to start the day! Now I want to glide in the office with a cape.
Marcos Morales
I thought I was the only one who plays soundtracks from movies I love.
Maria Ascolese
In my opinion, one of the greatest soundtracks ever, or at least of last 30 years. So powerful...
I always thought Hope was the theme behind the last movie... Turns out Nolan intended it to be Pain (which I get).
Melisa Coldplay
Al escuchar esta música me da tanta nostalgia!! Tenia 10 años cuando escuche esta banda sonora y de ahi ame la mùsica.. ya ahora a lso 23 me pone piel de pollo.. jaja HERMOSO
Metallidethlayerhrax Testamexoduverkillangel
This single trilogy beats everything Marvel has been doing in the past years.
Michael Ice Slash
i'm a big fan of this movie.
Michal Ormoš
Give that man a cookie.
Mrinmay Biswas
Life is fear when it begins . When you fall everything around your world is been chaosed .When you stand for rise it lets too much pain .It stands for a legend forever. In the end we are our choises.
Mystic Gaming
Very cool I recommend this for all batman fans
And people think that Ben Affleck and BvS is better than this. I'm sorry. I will never enjoy Affleck more than Bale. It's just so great to have a good Batman trilogy.
Nhật Trần
Begins-Fear, Falls-Chaos,Rises-Pain.
Oğuzcan Kasap
Best hero. my hero.
7:37 Getting a Pirates of Caribbean vibe - Zimmer copying his own work? :D Both soundtracks are great.
Percy Jackson
'm Sorry to all Marvel fans, but i have to say this: \n-There is no MCU movies, no matter how good they are, can be compared to the Dark knight \n triology of Christopher Nolan\n-There is no hilarious moment of an MCU movie can match the dark, deep moment of the Dark Knight\n-The music theme of DC movies usualy dwarfts that of Marvel movies, but this masterpiece is just on a whole different level than the others\n-Personally, I feel that the Dark knight triology satisfies most of the DC comic fans, who not only just want to see their hero fighting vilians , but also feel the characteristics, the meaning, the symbol, the nature of the hero\n-MCU movies, howerver, make people laugh and satisfy without thinking too much about movie, even with non-comic fans\nOh, and the on\ne wrtting this comment is a Hulk fans listening to this video the first time
Phoebe Anna- Margarite
The Dark Knight was definitely the most amazing batman movie ever made. The right cast, action, soundtrack and easy to follow storyline. Just amazing. Nothing yet has touched a DC movie quite like this one and to be honest, DC has been sinking for a while now since that movie has been made and Nolan's Batman wrapped up.
Priya Srinivasan
Falcone: What the hell are you!?\nBatman: I’m Batman\n\nBest dialogue ever!!
Rahul Vyas
Mr Zimmer You are God gifted and talented musicians
Randy Genao
Everything about this trilogy, to me, is absolutly perfect. Enough said
Raćel B
Ovakvi filmovi UVEK imaju odličnu muziku.
Ricardo A. Arce
*Fear* gave birth to batman. \n*Chaos* shaped batman into the dark Knight. \n*Pain* compelled him to make the ultimate sacrifice.
S. Stricker
Motivation at it´s best! THX, amazing mix!
Sakru Singh
76 people are deaf.
Sameer Khan
begins : A+\ndark knight : A+\ndark knight rises :A
Best trilogy ever. Like if you agree.
Sheev Palpatine
begins with fear, falls with chaos, rises through pain
Begins Falls Rises.\n\nFear Chaos Pain.\n\nThe Words of Batman.\n\nThe Words of What He has become.
The Freddirak
I'm sorry, but The Dark Knight is superior over the other two. It's also the best superhero film ever made, I never thought a guy who dresses up like a bat vs a mad clown could be so mesmerising and excellent.
Theylovedatboy danny
Man I'm so sad that this trilogy had to end
Try Hard
I miss \
Tytus Bombus
that moment when you see thumbnail and you know its good :D
Bale is the actor batman deserves, but the one he needs right now. It's complicated but it's pretty awesome when you think about it -me (2017)
Valtron Inrest
27:00 - 29:53. I can stop this feeling in my heart. The Ending of TDKR is in my opinion the best of everything. There's a lot of franchises over there that just can't let it go, they do more and more secuels. The trilogy of Nolan started and finished perfectly. But the ending always breaks me.( Im refering especificly to the ending, because the whole film has some weak points that we can't ignore). The conclusion of this epic story is satisfying and worthy of the great heroe that Batman is.\nBTW, great compilation you've made. I really apreciate this.
Vinnie D
Here my thoughts about the OST:\n\nThe Begins is more tragic and got many faces in the dark of the same character.And all the names of tracks are Bats species, \
The best Batman Trilogy Ever!!!
You think there's a fan cut of all 3 movies cut down to 90 mins?
William Jackson
Nolan is the director Dc needs but not the one they deserve
Yulian Schilken
Fear Beginns, Chaos falls and the pain rises.\n\n\n\n\n\nLook at Videopictures closer;)
burt panzer
I had been looking to give credit to whoever this genius may be, when making a video called 'Trump's Silver Bullet HD'  I should have guessed it was Hans Zimmer.  Awesome.
holy cow batman this is best combination in youtube!!
chinchilla miguel
at the top of each column is what batman does and at the bottom is what the villain does.
This was the soundtrack I needed.\n\n\n\n\nNo comment on whether I deserved it though.
do you see me? well, you can't cuz i can't see you
Batman Begins 8/10; somethings were out-of-place.\nThe Dark Knight 9/10; dude, why blow those cars?\nThe Dark Knight Rises 10/10; personal favorite.
The 3 villains that define this franchise's Batman.\n\nScarecrow - Fear\nJoker - Chaos\nBane - Pain\n\nAlthough, it should be noted that, Batman and Bane in the 3rd movie of this series are probably significantly more indicative of willpower than pain.
8:49 is where it BEGINS
maybe the best combination in youtube \n\n5.41-7.21 Ultra emotional!
kikijoe m
everyone has their favorite part of this epic mix...mine starts from 00:00 - 36:33
masterplayer1978 RBLX
Begins at Fear,\nFalls into Chaos,\nRises into Pain.
sary barbar
Çøñør Çäsēý
Never heard such good compilation!!! Great job!!!
Began in fear , fell because of chaos , rose up with pain.