Xenoblade Chronicles X - Nagi, baddest of all asses.

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It's this sort of thing that makes you wonder why Lin's forcibly in the party for something like 99% of the game making 'hilarious' Tatsu related food jokes that make you wish Murderess would finally snap and just Murderess the hell out of her. Oh, Monolith. You dun goofed.

Badass Nagi Xenoblade Chronicles X

Adam Walker
Secretary of defense? Nah. Secretary of offense.
Anthony Mondragon
When I first got magi as a companion I thought, meh. Then I did his affinity missions and saw THIS. Secretary of defense huh, the only thing he's stopping is himself from mercilessly butchering everything.
It's like something out of Yakuza.
man the end was kinda anticlimactic but still a bad-ass cut-scene nonetheless :3
Beyond Hell
me just before this scene \
1:00 \
Okay, I'mprobably gonna regret asking, but what the heck are Elma and Rook/Cross wearing? Can't remember those outfits...
1:00 no more babies
Clink clank the Bestest Nopon
Darren Ngo
I'm dressing Nagi up as James Bond just for this scene alone :P
Deston McFarlane
ain't nothin' to it, Nagi rap made him do it
Flame Master 3000
lol his lines are awesome, If you have him and Frye in your party and finish a battle sometimes Frye will say \
'My team is always ready.'\n\nNo, we're not. We kill things before they're ready. That's not being 'ready.' That's being a walking bomb.
Jayme Berezdivin
What weapon does nagi have? I gave him a katana. A FREAKING KATANA!
Kratos Aurion Plays
When I saw this in game I completely agreed with the title of this video.
Kurtis Leung
When I say this in my play through my jaw dropped at the badassness of this scene and it still is amazing as hell seeing magi kick some ass
Louis Lee
Your team is literally just the pimp squad incarnate
It's like all their budget went into this scene so they couldn't afford to make real expressions for the character's faces.
This may be a stupid question, but does anyone know why he so fast ?
Omni G
Why is it that characters in cutscenes can 1-shot every enemy but in an actual battle they die easily?
Philthy Loops
btw, does he always have this katana because of this scene? Or would he have in this scene the sword that he was equipped with?
Pikachu with dem shades
Nagi for smash
Robert Nason
Where do I get that sword
Ron The Bird
The only thing really badass about Nagi are those sunglasses, that hold up without bars that go onto ears
Samurott Gaming Inc.
Nagi is literally discount Dunban
Shady Fungus
And he's only the secretary o_O?!?!
Slutty Sam
I had a dumb smile on my face this entire cutscene
I wonder if Nagi could have a Photon Saber during this scene....it may be a discount Monado but its still a sword of light.
Is it just me or does the framerate ALWAYS drop after Nagi cuts that Marnuck in half?
Thomas Cochran
So is he using overdrive in this scene?
Twan Reinders
0:58 No Nagi, Back Slash is not included in your class
Ultimate Qmazing
Anyone else think he looks like Johnny Gat?
Vanilla the Vampire Bunny
Clinton could learn a thing or two about how to be a good secretary.
YTguy 97
You now face Kentaro Nagi.
caption here
an affinity mission?
*Gets into battle pose with weapons at the ready\n\n*Immediately runs past the enemies to climb into the OP robot and one shot everything
what mission is this for XD
WTF is nagi wearing LOL. You should have kept is default suit and a better pair of shades on XD
My love for this game went through the roof after seeing this scene lmao.
This is the best thing I've ever seen
It was totally worth holding off on this affinity mission just so I could have Nagi wear a swimsuit, heart glasses and wield the Nopon blade of legendaryness. So worth it.