Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live At The Paramount 1991) (1080p)

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live At The Paramount 1991) (1080p). It showcases a live performance at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle from October 31, 1991.Copyright Geffen Records 2011

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Abai Jamikham
rip kurt n david bowie
Ace Brir
Hielo, Hielo, Hielo, Hieloooo!!
Adam Yogo Tv
3:05 what's this?
Aijaz Ganai
RIP god kurt!
Akash Timsina
Those dancers😂😂😂😂
Along Angela
The golden year where you dont have to worry that some one will steal your phone on your pocket! Lol
Aman Rawat
Best live performance of Smells like teen spirit\nHell ya Dave Grohal and Kurt were fire🔥
Amd is tha best
Today is the 27th anniversary of them playing at The Paramount.
Ameer Aldayf
How is it ftom 1991 and in 1080p quality?
Andy Faith no More guitarist
Best live version ever!
So much energy here..
Aris Soelistiyo
Always excited when i hear this song,,
Ariv Gomez
looks like latest fashion today
Billy Skittles
Imagine the music Kurt could have made had he never committed suicide. RIP, man.
Quality is pretty good for being filmed 27 years ago
that weird kid Kurt...\n\n\n\nThanks for bring the meaning of life for me!
Bruno Peguim
I love him so fucking much!
This is my favourite live version!
Carlos Alberto
oh boy...
Charles Kirby Vlogs
Quality looks like 2013
Chester Lee
Why did Kurt cobian decided to kill himself??
Cosmic Macaque
Hello Hello Hello How Long!
Daniel Souza
Sometimes I forget how powerful Nevermind sounds
Daniil Pautkin
I am Gave Grohl
David Lockwood
I wonder what the drummer's up to now hmm
Donald Cobain
Octubre, 2018?
Ellie MacMillan
Holy shit great quality
Ethan Lee
Young and Wild
man did they recorded this in 2010-2013 or something? quality is lit
George of Da jungle
I just realized Dave’s hi hat is super high
Gerlowil Fabello
4:15 Okinnayo!
Gilmar Santana
monstrooo do rock !
Harry Lime
I wonder where Kurt got that sweater. God Bless him,
Harry Rushton
This was their best recorded performance
Henry Carvalho
Camera guy trying to take a nice frame in the back lol 0:34
Legend has it the drummer became Animal later on in life.
Jake Papscoe
music in the old days were best no phones just you,friends,and the band. This also sounds sped up but still great
John Hurt
An era of greatness
Kadek Chandra
his bass is low asf
Katerina G
Seattle 🙌🏾💯
Kline Genesis
he was a difference, cause a he's a lead vocal left handed guitarist, no one can copy that performance! but he hate herself for being famous band
Why does the distortion start before Kurt steps on the pedal?
L.C.G xShadow
lol, dancing guy in every concert xD
Ledoux Margaux
Best ✨✨❤️
Lon Tanner
Whew, Dave Grohl behind the kit is a savage monster. He can hit that kit harder than even some of the most intense metal drummers out there.
M Gat
This whole concert is premium golden age nirvana.
Matt Mensing
imagine being able to say you saw Nirvana live...
Michael Zheng
why shoot a concert on FILM?
Mr. Kill's second account
Mrs. No name
Rip Kurt Cobain 😭😭😭💔💔💔
Nicholas Kazantzidis
Peri Channel
2018 ☆☆☆
Plaza Guru
this is better than hollywood's movies\\\\
Raf'an syarif
no . one . cares . what . year . you . watch. this .
Retarded 64
Why does it say Polly in the description \nYou can’t mess up that badly
can't believe how high quality this video is.
STORM Russian Combat System
Not a single cell phone is sight, thank God.
I like my camera crew NOT to be seen. They outnumber the band on stage.
Seby Zdrendea
best bassist
Sheldon Spock
This was shot on 16mm film and looks amazing. Youtube's sucky compression doesn't do it any justice.
Shihab Al Din
the idiots dancing on the stage
Smoke 001
2018, From Brazil ! ROOOCK!😍🎶
Snoxe 375
Why is there distortion in the start?
Orang Indonesia Ada? 😅
white people go crazy over this stuff
Tee Badd
How did they get all of that sound out of one guitar. I've always been amazed by that.
TheJaseBase Productions
I don’t know if this song was rushed or my video speed is just high or butchered by Kurt but his voice is high, HIGH for the song
Tom Signaigo
God bless the left handed guitar players from Seattle.
Tyrann Mathieu
Kurt in his prime
Van Rood
0:29 little error
De sbregarse
for some reason i ended up on the imagine dragons covering this song at leeds....i didnt even get up to the lead singer singing, i came straight to this video:')
Zazzy V
Is it just me or does this live version sound seriously close to the studio version in Nevermind?
For those asking regarding quality.\n\nThe original cameras used a much higher resolution, back then it was downscaled into a VHS format that used way lower resolution, by having the originals, it can be again downscaled into 1080p or 720p.
He always played it too fast live. Dave would slow it down but still was fast. Loses its power.
aaron hughes
Now this is real music. RIP Kurt Cobain.
arthur medeiros
Holy shit Dave going crazy
bigboy meme
That drummer looks like the singer of foo fighters
0:08 Kurt's (only) two pedals... not all the fancy huge pedal boards guitarists uses today :D
chilly rooster
drummer is a beast
I love the guy at 0:15 with his arms raised in the air...hes groovin😂
cyndi h
The early 90's were the best music years of my life. So grateful for those experiences.
diamond gameplay
4:12 IAM misito not a beatle
How is this in 1080p? \nmind. blown.
guilherme passos
Ele cantava muito
The day I was born.
coulda done with a longer look at the dancers.
The time when concerts were actually great
I've never met one person who has seen them live, its almost like nirvana is a myth
vian jazz napoleon
0:31 🤣
Krist is like 9’ 14”
God Cobain
Александр Волков
Антон Чижевский
3 ! человека перевернули этот мир нахуй! красавцы!
Аркадий Оладий
Радомир Бережной
Песня ужасно простая и унылая, как вы это слушаете?
ツMatthew Ray
can't believe how high quality this video is.