Iceman: The Time Traveler 冰封侠:时空行者 - Official Trailer (In Cinemas 1 Nov)

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The imperial guard and his three traitorous childhood friends ordered to hunt him down get accidentally buried and kept frozen in time. 400 years later pass and they are defrosted continuing the battle they left behind.-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -Follow usWebsite :

Abe Giegi
cerita yang sangat teruk dan tidak berbaloi untuk ditonton saya bagi 0/10 markah
Adam Adam
instead make this shit sequel..they should do wu xia part 2 ..that movie is awesome!!
Anderson Fiolina
Dont watch this movie, the most worst movie i had ever seen..... Story, action, music.....\n0/10 ratings, disappointed and waste money
Anthony Liang
I guess the best thing about this is that Yen is sporting his SPL look.
As Sabirun
The first one was so shit, i hope this one is better. Donnie yen should do only real movies instead of fantasy.
甄子丹窮的這樣嗎? 這樣的出來騙觀眾的錢! 今年最爛的男主角和影片。 0/10
Black Warrior
Dah lama aku tunggu...akhirnya keluar jgk sambungannye...fuh...
Cha ker
يعجبني هذا. الممثل اخوكم من المملكة العشورية
The worst movie I've watched this year 😫
Chew Qam
I hope if one Big star .. Donnie Yen starring this movie it will be one great movie.But really disappointed.Waste my money waste my time...
Chi wai Sung
This is part 2 ....finally
Core prestige Design
This movie is totally sucks in storyline and graphic effects, very disappointing.. SI PEK CHA
Daniel Donny Teoh
I am gonna watch this online. Ya i remember watching the old ice man on Cinema is not worth it.
Daud Zul52
No Good
David Tan
Saving the country, really?
Dead PoT
Denden Awan
Great cg. I hope no beam saber or kamehameha like cg in this I just love pure martial arts
Diah Syakhdiah
No recommended 🤣🤣🤣
Doug Jennings
JEEZ! I've waited on this one for quite a while now that I've watched it I'm stumped I'm like whoa WOW wtf and WHY! Did they lose the script from part one did they think we wouldn't notice the lack of dedication to this movie it was like baking an apple pie a few firm ones here and there not enough cinnamon a few overly ripe ones here crust soggy bottom sticking to the pan , No love was given, like Donnies confused love interests so was I left with sense of uhhh duhh what's going on....
Dzulkefli Kiput
After i see Ip Man 2...i see all movie Donnie Yen...nice...i like him
Epic AppKnight
Always the best movie from Donnie Yen this is the best❤❤❤
Erwin Tan
I haven't seen this one. I hope it gives conclusion that I've been expecting. I was so disappointed with the 1st one but I am willing to see this through.
GameBaru Android
Yi shun shin the movie
The first one was horrible. I don't think this can save it
Hang Poh Chwa
超级大烂片!! 应该没办法再拍出比这部还烂的片了!!
It's Hero
Jaman Edan
too many people poor effect not like 1st iceman
Kaneki Ken
It kind of weird... The iceman movie is about they have been ice in a century... But why suddenly they change it to time travel.... Lmao...😂😂😂
Lai Chun Kit
Please DON'T watch this movie, low budget movie !!!!
Rating 0.5/10 worst movie ever..!!!
Mobile Players
Donnie still looks kickass for his ages
Mohd Rashid
LOL was watching this movie and after 9 minutes I said WTF is this movie? \nwhat is even going on XD and thank god I read the comment here and find out the movie sucks
special effects in a martial arts movie = mess
Trailer looks so interesting but the movie.....meh......speechless \nWasted 2 hours of my life
Nicholas Tan
Don't watch this Movie is the worst!1/10 Good Actors but shit producer.
No Commentary Gameplay
feels like a mess:/\nhopefully the movie should be good and meet expectations -____-
Nova Dolorosa
whaaaaattttt iceman big shout from malaysia... been waiting from the vhs days brooooo
Oh My God欧迷哥
预告片可以 但是结局很烂 不懂表达什么 有些地方也不是很明白
Patrick Yeo
Talent director in HK is death
Patrickh Chin
Bad Movie
Patrisia Chandra
Yeeeeeee..... Ice Man part 2
Phantom Union
Finally ~ the part 2 of Ice Man ^_
Pro Aluglass
Rubbish Flim!! waste time and waste money... speechless!! Copy Stephen Chow BOYEH BOLOMI more better...
Randy 9620
Maybe Iceman will travel to Avenger 4 😂😂
Reddragonninja 59
I don't care much about the story or the dumb special effects but thank goodness he got rid of that ridiculous long hair from the first movie.
Rizva Maulida
i've watched this yesterday and it's bad movie i've ever seen in cinema
Rohit D
is this 2nd part...?
SP Low
Idk what to say :P
Salam Akk Akk
Macam dah makin mengaruttt cerita niii. Okeee lerr, ade donnie yen
Sandi Bakri
What a Failed Movie
Santosh Sagar
Danni yen super
Saribas Shinobi
Never heard of Japan trying to conquer Ancient China except WW2.. but,the here for Donny Yen..
Wow the sequel finally arrived after so many years. The first film is actually quite a bad watch for me.
Sie Tjien Hai
Sri Maryani
To bad, sory to say.
Apparently the movie’s shit like the 1st one but I’ll still watch it cos of Donnie Yen. I only look forward to the fight scenes
T Zone
People in this comment said don't watch this movie\n\nBut i love ice man 1 😢
Thanos Lee
Hong Kong movie making are better than China's trashy movies making
The comment squad
of course Japanese always the bad other bad than the Japanese
Trevor smokes
this movies is already out. It has been for a few years
Ummi Ella
I hv watched this movie.. Donne yen acting still good. Scenery are beautiful so are the fighter.. 👍👍👍
Videos Master Blaster
Vince Lee
I like to see how Donnie Yen gets modern day haircut from this movie.
Who love Donnie Yen? I’m a big fan of him. Can’t wait for this one.
WM Nath
Disappointed movies 0/10 \nNot worth at all .. wasted 4 great actor effort . This producer shld kill himself
Yong Thong
You damnSon of bitch
Rubbish movie rubbish ending
Zeqir Nika
don't waste your time
aliens from other galaxies
The title of the movie is so weird 😂😂😂
balta frency
Master Donnie Yen i'm waiting for you to collabo with Iko Uwais .... I think it'll be instant bomb .... Like if you agree guys ....
chris espinosa
everyday life
Hopefully when it comes out its gonna be in Cantonese and not mandarin
gobjab Room
เอาตรงๆ ผมรอเรื่องนี้มานานมากกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก\nและในที่สุด ภาค2 ก็มา ดีใจมากกก😍
haziq shaari
What language is it ? Mandarin or Cantonese ??
Finally the sequel...waiting for long
i just wan to kiss someone before i die
You have to be ice man to see this movie.. trust me
fake voice. not interested.
john A TITOR :v
Ice man 2?...
mid wesTeg
On scale 1 to 10. It's a -10. Confusing/no storyline, very politically controlled, no point to anything & any characters
moon ryan
終於不拍西洋鬼子的電影了 葉問一定要打東西洋鬼子啊
movies 4 np
my dream come true....I am dying to see this movie....welcome back Donnie yen
nima dhargay
My best actor Donnie yen I really like your movies
og 219
Looks good can't wait didn't even know they made a sequel.
The first movie was great\nAfter a couple of years waiting for the second\nI just felt meh...
prashant dawadi
Finally it's here
quenna wong
siddartha kakarla
Rip van winkle in chinese way
velton ho
world peace
Donnie yen is not using his own voice
Well...chinese are getting better at movies
Đỗ Minh Thăng
Mau lên tao đang ngóng từng phút từng giây đây
วี วีโว
Is this spin off x-men?
Didn't China government banned any movie script that involve time traveling?
鈴木春子 鈴木春子
Please don't go watch this movie.. Donnie yen has ask fans not to watch this due to poor quality... He can't stop the distributor to distribute this lousy movie, hence he never go and promote this movie