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►►► Check out my other edits on my channel. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe! Read below!***CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM SEASON 1-4***I've been planning on doing this song for quite a while but never got around to it! I really wanted to do the song justice, so I kept the voiceovers to a minimum. I hope you all enjoy!——————————————————————————————Artist: Gary JulesSong: Mad WorldFandom: The Walking DeadSoftware: ScreenFlow 4——————————————————————————————Thank you for watching!

Abbie xo
Omfg, your edits are AMAZING.. literally they make me wanna cry and they're just the best things ever..
Alejandro De Yavorsky
how is that someone so TALENTED doesnt have more subs?
Amy Love
I need to say this again Rick is a Walker! We all know it And we saw it 😂
Ana Rico
Fantastic ! I love This 😍
Baker 4Life
now i have to wait till 2016 for netflix to put walking dead season 6 i dont have cable so i cant watch it
BroncosFan Talk
pretty friction AMAZIN!
Sad :c
Cristiano Mai
Imagine the little fat black kid (if you know who i am talking about) became a zombie and just kill everyone while singing this song
DJ Dylastein
this video makes my feels hurt
Danny Barreto
Muy bien
Deven van Geest
I truly love your video's! I hit the reply button over and over again om this one and World on fire. Thnx for making these awesome video's!!!
Dexter Morgan
Pretty damn good. The piano version of this song was a great choice, it really works quite well and adds a contemplative layer to the video. Nice job, Infinitify! :)
Doe Normaal
i love walking dead
Lol idk why but twd remindz me of dumb ways to die.... someone should make vid on dat :)
Elijah Smart
Love it
Elizabeth Hart
Very beautiful and touching. Good work!
Ellie YB Princess
amazing video love your videos
Emmawolflover Miller
you can never look a blonde little girls the same way again...
me suscribo.
Henriette Aamodt
Your videos are so awesome!!
Very good! \u003c3
HeyIts Haley
Carl is STILL cute even when he's scared.......
Jacob Jacobson
i love this
Janet Chambers
Jaycie Farley
6 more months until TWD comes back on and I'm biteing my nails raw. To figure out who died in the last episode, I looked at the line and memorized it, then I got my stuffed animals and put TWD character names on them, than put them in order, then figured out who Negan started out with in Eine Meni Mini Moe, then started doing it, and figured out who dies. I also looked at the positions of the trees. Don't Judge!!!
Jbabe 99
G R E A T V I D E O!!!!
Jerome Head
This song will always be imo, the gears of war song. I cried when it played when dom died in gears 3. 
John Sanchez
RIP Beth
Juju .-.
Very good :)
Kyle Smith
Amazing,I was about to get ready to go to bed and this comes out of know where,good job
Amazing! I love this song.
Lorédana Canut
:'( 😢😢😖😭😭❤❤❤❤👍👍👍
Luciano Griffa
morena medrano y martina griffa
Without new episodes for 6 months, it's going to be somewhat difficult to come up with new ideas from the existing episodes. I'd really love to get all of you guys involved in the 'TWD Funnies' series. I'm sure a lot of you have your own great ideas, and this could be a really interesting way of getting you all involved! PM me with your ideas.\n\nThank you everyone.
Maria Rasmussen
Beautiful work!
Mr Squiggles
I love this song :) nice job 
Nicholas Slater
How do you edit theses kinds of videos with Screenflow? Cause that's what I use.
SOOOO GOOOOD!! I love all of your videos :)) 
good one!
Owen Dahlquist
I ❤️you! You make my day. I love the walking dead and I love donnie Darko witch the song is from. If you didn't make videos I would not be here right now. Same thing with the walking dead and donnie darko.
Pam Adams
Peewee Payton
Very well done!
Rhys Cary
What do you use to make your edits?
Rian chrisberg
Saudades dessa época de twd onde foi uma maravilha de seria que hoje esta decaindo.
Robert 96
Well that was sad, which is great!
carl is my boyfriend
Ruth Sanchez
Sad song
Samantha Deveau
1:24 omg Ben.........I think.....I miss Ben even if he f--ked up he was my fave same as omid.....*Cry's in corner* OMID WHY...:'(
Sammy Williams
i love this video thank you iv been looking for videos like this
Selina S.
Absolutely awesome. Almost made me cry though :( One of the best videos I've seen in a long time.
Sokhun Yeang
The part when Carol told Lizy to look at the flowers really reminds me of the book \
Gears of war song
Tanise Gilmomes
74th person to comment! This is the best video ever
You got an Xbox one
And that's the way the cookie crumbles..
Amazing video dude!
They_call_me_crybaby _whats_your_name
Im not crying.......
0:28 HER LIPS STILL MOVE!!! She was still alive!
Trixies Mama
So amazing. All the clips seemed to match up perfectly with the lyrics. All I load on to YouTube are boring videos of my pets, you on the other hand, upload true art :) \nI love TWD funnies (it's nice to see humor in a show that can be so dark), but I still hope you can do one or two more transformation videos, like the one you did with Rick. Keep up the brilliant, epic work!
Twisty the Clown
OMFG best one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude, you keep outdoing yourself, best yet, made me teary eyed.
Whatsit Toya
You should do one about Daryl Dixon sometime! Maybe about how he's a true survivor
I wish the Governor would've suffered more b4 he died
Great usage of some of the most gut wrenching terrifying scenes from TWD. S4 finale A was best episode to date.
carmen vermin
No its so sad she killed her sister en carol killed her so many feelings nice song though perfect for the walking dead
erika furry
Can you do one for Carl? Maybe the song could be breath me by Sia\n
karen chaplin
Totally brilliant. Love it
linda ljubic
Great job
milk bolbi
This is so sad 😭
I saw Mika breathing when she was dead!
you should have put the scene where Rick says \
stormzwolf [ papa berto jr. ]
Sweet vid.I love the song because it was sad and it fit amc walking dead. Acg tube have season 4 and all\nSeasons
weL #