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The Rockin'1000, the band with 1,000 musicians from Italy, for the first time playing live in front of the public "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana in the city of Cesena. The band had become famous in 2015 playing the "Learn to Fly", inviting them for a Foo Fighters gig in their hometown.

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2 Spoons bunnypeach
That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
Adarsh Thapa
It's lit
Agent Clickbait 007
You must be proud of me your clones....im just a simple man trying to make my way through the Galaxy.
Amanda McGuire
This is the gayest thing I have ever watched in my life.
Anja Huber
Ann George
Maaan.. this is so iconic
Benjamin A N D R E W
I never seen so much people sharing a good moments without prejudices. Hermoso. 😭
Brenda Avila
Fucking crazyyyyy I loveeeee itttttt!!! The sound is amazing!!!!!!! 👽❤
Caitlin Rose Ezidro
Kurt Cobain would've been stoked seen this in person💙
Whoa Italy really knows how to do an event and having fun
Cohan Dora
1000 drummers? I believe it's 250 drummers, 250 guitarists, 250 bassists and 250 singers
Comrade Seb
1,000 bassists and you still can't hear them
Crazy Friends
It's so cool and legendary
Crystal McKinney
That's one heck of an orchestra! ;)
Da Man
Gives me some hope for humanity.........
Holy actually shit.
Diana Hoffmann
Это самое лучшее что я видела в своей недолгой жизни...
I still don't know what they're saying...
Douglas Bottoms
Would have loved to have seen that in person.
Elizabeth Hendrick
This is everything I want in a concert I love how everyone is having such a great time and no one cares about who you are and how you look
Enrique Juarez
who else got goosebumps?
Eric Song
Smells like the only Nirvana song you know
Ethan Comer
I am actually crying right now. It is so beautiful how music brings people together.
Flo Dassault
*Tengo 16 años y escucho esta música está bien?*
Freddie Mercury
Wooooooow i love this video
Full Moon
Super !
Gaurav Billantu
Man if this is not haven I don't know what else is😍😍😍💕💕💕
Genesis Jimenez
Man where was this and where was I.....I wanna be there
Google User
Man I wish I was there
How can they possibly practice their songs? :D
Very moving.....always a joy to see Kurt’s music still being enjoyed after all these years....🙏👍👌
You could mess up a lot and no one would notice haha (unless they're standing right next to you)
Hugh Azuril
Imagine being an alien invader and being beamed in the middle of this. How intimidating and terrifying!
Im Trash
This looks like so much fun
In Memory Of Xxxtentacion
i was there playing the guitar
J A Productions
At 4:05 there's just a random drumstick in the air 😂
I would be the one person in the back with a electric Ukulele.
Jennifer Reese
Someone finally found the \
Jessica Jean
I wonser who got the idea of doing this and how long it took he/she to get this many people.....Kurt would be proud!
Jibrail Mikail
Nirvana Lyrics\n\nPlay the Nirvana Quiz\n\non Melody Facts\n\n\
Josh Park
Ive never felt such joy. Rock lives brotha'
Magda Chlebicka
People did something like that next to Chester Bennington's hause after his death. They performed Numb here
Marleena Ebat
This is so cooooool. I wish I was there
Marzuki Mohamed Mokhtar
Who ever mixed the audio is a god
MayaThePsychic *
Well, I need to move to Italy.
Music Mann
Seeing shit like this is what really lifts my spirits
Nalini Pillay
This is gold
Damn this gave me chills
Nik Kamarul
Now on kuRt coBain wil rest in PeACE.
Nirvana #
★Smells Like Teen Spirit★\nЭто невероятно!!!♥♥♥
Panagiotis Lampropoulos
I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Piece Of Garbish
Is this h0w we bring the world together so we can live in peace
I wonder what Kurt is thinking about this up in heaven
Raifu O Megas
I think I'm crying
Ramola Nair
Wtffccccffg ommmmggggg
I wish I could have been apart of this cause holy shit this is amazing
Rasmita Shrestha
Amazing..... guys🤘🤘\n We miss you KURT COBIAN..😞😞
Rls Dos Games
Fantastic consert!
Kurt would be proud 😢
And that’s how 1000 people got tinnitus at the same time.
Sachin Sharma
I want to be their and scream!!
I love how you can hear this collective subtle Italian accent in their singing
Sartix 1
3:37 ahuevo un mexicano :v
Shawnel Sumpter
Love when the drums come in
Shiran Nazar
Kurt 😖😖😖 we want you😖🙏🏻god plz give him back😖😢❤️
Shivam Kumar
This is amazing😍🔥
Souvik Das
Even Superman came to play this song at 4:19
Stephanie VC
Absolutely Beautiful. 💞💞💞💞
Swarup Singh Rajpurohit
my life is complete now
Taufik Ismail
Bravo....1000 musician.....bass..vocal..guitar...drum
Tempestt Taylorwynn
The Ginger Power Ranger
Kurt hated how popular his music had become. The thought that some yuppy wanker driving a convertible singing along to his music killed him
And Cobain, can you hear the spheres\nSinging songs off Station to Station?
This is epic. Rip kurt
Ugly Toaster
I think that Kurt would cry if he saw this...(i mean in a good way)
White Wolf 101
Wow. Just wow, that's amazing!!
Why I Es
it's like not only 1000 drummers, but 1000 Guitarists, Vocalists, and Bassists
Zerg 6amer
i need to do that
_abby2142_ •
My favorite thing about music is how it brings everyone together and it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you’re from, as long as you can contribute something-no matter how small
chappy gamer
Que impresionante
dat calculation tho
I wonder how they did not manage to bring Kurt back to life with this...
Quick question. Is this real life?
dj shenanigan
Could literary wash my clothes the old fashioned way with the size of goosebumps on my arms, that was amazing!
eleanor !
this looks like club penguin when everyone got that drill and started using it
hype highin
1:34 hello mr tony stark
Alternative tittle: 1,000 musicians playing Nirvana's anthem \
lil bo peep
hope he hears this from heaven 💔
mestayou *
Thank you so much, Italy, for making the world smile and be filled with joy yet again! More, more!!
mike fini
Change the damn title. Its more than just drums and its not 1000 drummers, there are guitarist as well.
muskoka days
An audio engineers nightmare
Troy baker is there loool the last of them
tusta Boodhun
Whose still watching in october \n\nReally powerful song \nWoooo
sound check must have lasted 1000 days.
Екатерина Харитонова
Вот так я вижу своих соседей в час ночи
เต้ย เต้ย ได้หมดถ้าสดชื่น