Heidi Official US Release Trailer (2017) - Anuk Steffen Movie

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Starring: Anuk Steffen, Anna Schinz, Lilian NaefHeidi Official US Release Trailer (2017) - Anuk Steffen MovieA story of a young girl who lives in the Swiss Alps with her goat herding Grandfather.Subscribe to INDIE & FILM FESTIVALS: You're quite the artsy one, aren't you? Fandango MOVIECLIPS FILM FESTIVALS & INDIE TRAILERS is the destination for...well, all things related to Film Festivals & Indie Films. If you want to keep up with the latest festival news, art house openings, indie movie content, film reviews, and so much more, then you have found the right channel.

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A Person
Might seem like this story has been done to death, but this looks fresh....i can see myself watching this.
Alejandro Gallardo
the grandfather abuse of heidi
Alisan Tetik
I actually saw this in the cinema and its a pretty faithful adaptation of the book and I'm glad that I saw this entertaining film it is my 2nd favourite version first is the 1993 Disney channel movie
Annabel Yates
I loved the old movie... This looks fine too though 😊
Bintang Biru
I didn't like this version. Love the 2005 version
Burberry black
Just a wonderful movie. Just saw it on netflix
Ces Sunico
Just finished watching it and it's superb! It brought me back to my childhood! I cried when Heidi went back to alps to be with her grandpa. This is the Heidi story that I know!!!
Cristian Martinez
so this came out in 2015? or is this a different one coming out in 2017?
Aww I love this story, it bring back good memories :)
Dhriti G
Another remake? :\\
Foreign Film Fanatic
The actress who plays Heidi is adorable
Gold Rose
Where can i watch this like in netflix ?
Greg On Greglandia
The grandfather's voice sounds like hitler lol
omg omg omg omg omg
my names Heidi
Heisenberg W
sombedoy knows than this film was premiered in december 2015(? Love this movie, i saw it the last year(2016)\npd: Repoio
Heyy Jerr
Disney's Hedi ,that came out in 1993, is by far the best version of this story. However this remake looks pretty good
Jacob Kemezys
Why all of you keep on thinking this is based on a anime there has been more than one adoption of Heidi ever since the book came out.
I remembered the book
Just saw this for the first time. Just a beautiful story and Anuk did a superb job.
Lezanne Llodewyk
this is a awesome film
Luis Varela
This movie was so nice! Just saw it on Netflix!
Miguel Rios
Wasn't Heidi blind?
Milton Mariscal
THat is so bad. This movie will just make kids not like Heidi.
Mina Sousa
shes look like a hobbit maddie ziegler
Musarrat Hassan
I have read this book twice.Now I can't wait for the live action.
Nameera Mariyam
I read this book when I was just in 2nd grade. It was the first book I ever completed all by myself. It is still one of my most beloved books ever. I hope this movie does it right.
Nicole S
Yes well, Heidi is based on a true story.\nHeidi had white blonde hair.\nWhy change her appearance.?????
Petar Ackermam
RexJoseph 94
this movie release in 2015 :v
Rexx Colt
Damn didnt know this was dubbed . I watched it with subs. I just like hearing her say ' ya ya'
Rosa Padron
Recuerdo la versión protagonizada `por la extraordinaria SHIRLEY TEMPLE!!! que gratos recuerdos de mi niñez
Saud Dowaihy
I used to read my copy of this book so much I could basically recite it from heart
Sirisha K
Still I'm watching heidi episodes.... I love this show, my most fav show in my entire life
Sophie Farthing
I loved this book when I was little and still do. Can't wait to see this!
Syed Abdul Wasay
Is this based on the cartoon that I used to watch as a kid ????
TaliyahLeeRa LOL
another remake?
Teresa Higgins
old old school
The Darci 13
Loved this movie when Shirley Temple played Heidi would love to see this version as well.....
And when I thought some things would never be remade, but alas, I am a fool
Tom Chapel
Awesome. Looks good.
I have seen this movie in my school i am in wisdom world school kurukshetra. This is very very intersting movie heidi and klara is so cute. I like this movie very much. And also i like swesserland
Your Karma
Trailer is a huge spoiler
The girl is so cute when she smiles.
ZChata Abba
I rewatched the original just last week.....I never knew there was a recent remake. I'm excited to watch it.
andrea castellano
Another Heidi movie after 80 years wow
bryan romero
Heidi parece niño :/ :v
chanel henry
How do i watch this either in English or with English subtitles?
Spoiler Alert: The girl grows up to be Heidi Klum.
efteling darkrides
de animatie is beter en mooier
ejsbxbeia skd
this was released ages ago
I used to read this as a kid.. good story
fat gay
Poorly dubbed just like the cartoon.
i used to watch this when i was a kid. it was a cartoon.
kaenat Kaenat
Çok güzel bir kız Çok beğendim 🙏🇮🇶🇹🇷🌈💜💜💜🤝😍😍😍
maria teresa bejar olmeño
me encanta Heidi 💓
mark anthony mendoza
i am excited to watch heidi again with new cast of characters...
martha puccino
i prefer read the book than watching the movie version.heidi is my vavorite book when i was 6 n this movie bringing me to my childhood memories
motaleb hossain
the story was sad but good:)
mouna taha
i have watched it in french and at the end clara will walk (spoiler)
Heidi always touched my heart. The grandfather never fails to make me cry in any adaptation.
stephanie pacheco
there was a show on this my mom when she was little she would watch it all the time it was in mexico
2015 release closely follows the book, but leaves out much of the Christian aspects of the original story, leaving it a very neutral story religiously. I have seen this in its original language, with subtitles, and hearing it, though I did have to read, in its originally filmed language, Swiss German/German, made the film even more endearing. Excellent film, well made, definitely worth watching if you haven't.\n\nInteresting note: the first Heidi movie was made in 1937 and starred Shirley Temple as Heidi.
i love love love the book! i am really excited for the movie
They should speak German.