Batman Live: Sneak Preview

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Alex Forrest
Lol. Jokers face at 2:20.
Audrey Button
I was hoping that candy man would be there...
This looks gay the guy playin the joker thinks he is the real deal
Charlotte vdVeen
The joker? The joker was a sucker... \n\nGET YOUR BROKE ASS OUT OF HERE TWOFACE!\n...Ohwait I guess he did.
Christian von Chaney
This fucking blows
Christianna Moestue
Starkid's Holy Musical Batman was much better than this. Better acting too.
Denton Thornton
Where do they have these shows at ?
@LittleMissReality316 LOL. I read that so wrong.
hmm I'm just wondering if there gonna do this in the US? It looks good.
That looks soooo boring.
Geoff Beresford
The other characters aside, the Batman costume depicted here is, without any doubt, the most absurd looking outfit I have seen in all the 60 years of my own observations of the dark knight himself.
Gustaf C. E. Jennings
I don't care what anyone else says. I think they captured the essence of the vision Tim Burton once had of Batman, with a score that Danny Elfman would be proud of. This will not be another boring Dark Knight, but instead will kick ass.
Harley Quinn
omg.... please just come to NC Mr.J!
Lord Love Rocket
There were open auditions for a couple of parts in this show in London a little while back. I intended to try out for Joker but couldn't get time off work. I thought it would be much better than this, it looks like a patomime. It's a shame because a live Batman could work.
will this be shown in Bangkok?
@MrBrossett22 Tight budget.
Michelle W.
Haha it´s sad but all i can think about is how hot the actor of robin is. *-*
what know bane, no killer croc, no mr.freeze or two face
Nat Davis
SSSOOOOO excited for this .... ,3 and yeh wheres 2 face o_o ... although joker did say ... those were jsut a few o=o ... hm
Rasmus Hanson
2:32 OH MY GOD!
Remcō Schedel
@Downrightdreaming\r\n\r\nIt is!\r\nMe and a Batfan friend went to see the show last night at Ahoy Rotterdam and everybody had a blast!\r\n\r\nIt's not childish like other family shows, and all the details of the source material are being respected (up till the 2 gunshots killing Bruce's parents)\r\n\r\nIt's cool to see how a real-life show like this is enjoyed by so many people, especially in an era where modern entertainment seems to be limited to 3D movies\r\n\r\nWe went home with 3 bags of cool merchandise :D
Scotty don't
The Gaming Knight
Better than Leto
The Little Pasty
Looks like porn costumes
The Martin and Luis Show
This reminds me of the bad Batman Movies.
Up close the suits look cheesy but they have to be like that so you can see them from the back of an arena
Urban Husu
Must say this joker has a pretty sweet laugh
Zach Obad-Mathis
Batman costume great but please, don't try to be like Spider-man Turn Off The Dark.
actually dolan live
they copyed the spiderman play
jamie 0'rourke
kids will love this!\r\n
It's Batman Meets a high school play. Why does the Joker laugh after every sentence?
Oh man, I love the jokers laugh!
miles sizemore
Birds of Prey + \
Dam English people ruin everything...