"Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana Re-Mixed in a Major Key

"Smells Like Teen Sprite" by Nirvirna in a major key and now it sounds like Weezer, Lit, or Goldfinger. You be the judge!Original by Sleep Good on

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I can't tell if this is kinda good or just straight blasphemy.
Alex W
Somewhere in a parallel universe some just made a remix in a minor key
Alexander Linkowski
If Kurt was born one decade later and grew up happy, this is what Nirvana would sound like.
Ashley Kidd
Me and my band are going to play this version in our ep launch party - we are in an indie band, in love with this!
Australian Rick
3:50 that voice crack killed me lmao
it's got a whole different character to it but dang, i like that!!!!
Ben Powell
Hanson- Smells Like Summer Spirit
Buttz Nutzz
I really wanna play the chords but i forgot what key the song is in
Cat Backlash
This is like soundtrack music
Chris Miller
sounds like the watered down \
David Abundis
I'm upbeat but dark at the same time. I like it!
Sounds very early-2000s to me. I can imagine it in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game on the PS1.
Dicko Dickinson Boxing IQ
The look on kurts face says it all
Dimitris Vasileias
Its funny but obscene at the same time
Edward Schtuph
I like it, but it's not Kurt. The anger makes it what it is.
Enoch Bird
this is literally the opposite of what Curt Cobain wanted this song to be.
Ethan Cadle
If nirvana formed around 2000
Ewan ET
Wtf why is this actually good
Smells Like Children Spirit
Garrett A
This absolutely sounds like a song that could be from one of those 90's rock revival bands from today and I love it.
Oh wow. It's like if Semisonic had written Smells Like Teen Spirit.
I think Kurt would’ve liked it even tho grunge has been ruined but still catchy
This is so fucking...wrong but I fucking like it. \n\nImagine all of Fecal Matter’s discography tuned like this...or everything off In Utero...ungodly...I’m curious...
Hey! It's Me!
Sounds great! Like Weezer.
Hookman games
sounds like smashing pumpkins :P
Iggy The Chameleon
Does anyone else find this hilarious?
This works out more than you'd think it really would or should.
Jacob Graham
When you were depressed before, but everything is okay now 😄
Jay Son
I like to think Kurt would've had a good laugh at this. By all accounts from those close to him, he had an amazing sense of humor. I think it would've made him smile. I could be wrong though.
Jesus was a cunt
Jimmy Robinette
This confirms my theory that third eye blind was mostly nirvana in a major key. Sounds so much like them.
Jordan Newitt
smells like teen spirit, sounds like ob la di
Joshua Boyd
The original is very angry, but this one sounds more sad and regretful despite the upbeat key.
Still better than Nickelback.
Justin Umali
it doesn't really remind me of Weezer; at times it sounds dreamy, like something from Beat Happening or Built to Spill or even Dinosaur Jr. I know none of those have this kind of sound, but that's the vibe I'd lump it with, you know?
Kirsten Anderson
I wonder how different my life would be today if when this song came out it sounded like this ??
Lian Schreuder
This song makes me really happy. I like to think its from a parallel universe where Kurt overcame his depression and continues to make music to this day.
This is fucking awesome!
Luke Fisher
Sounds like it came fresh off an old Goo Goo Dolls album
Luke Schwed
Woukd fit into an opening of a 2005 high school movie lmao
It sounds weirdly like an anime opening. I'm uncomfortable.
Mathis Lacroix
Sound very like blink 182
Max Poole
American Pievarna
Kurt C-138
Mike Sugarbaker
For those of us in the 35-45 age bracket, one weird trick to make this a little easier to take in: imagine it's a B-side from Pablo Honey.
Mister Martinho
If teen spirit smelled like flowers instead of sweat.
Nairb Ekrub
The intro sounds so 90s which is ehh. But, the song is actually great! Dare I say... Better than the original.
Neil Roy
This is too happy for me to handle
Niall Doherty
If blink 182 had written smells like teen spirit
Notmyrealname -
It actually sounds like a band kurt would listen to like the breeders or the pixies ahah
Essentially just a pop punk version of \
Weirdest thing is that it STILL sounds 90s except now it sounds like that folk indie alternative from back in the day like Beck or Spin Doctors 😂
Phillip Leach
Yeah I was thinking blink 182... Maybe even like foo fighters
Not sure how to feel about this
Piranha Music
I really like this! It puts in perspective the tragedy of a life that Cobain lived in reality. It tells the story of an alternate universe in which he may have seen a brief glimpse of happiness. God bless his soul ; (
It sounds like if kurt would have won his fight aginst depression.
Richard Salazar
Sounds very 80's alternative, kinda like The Replacements. This shows that Nirvana/Cobain wrote songs that can appeal to a wide audience through the actual structure of their songs, not just the attitude and volume.
Kurdt would have gotten a real kick out of this. He loved experimentation with music, and his whole idea behind his music was to challenge people's ideas of what makes music good. He spent a lot of his concerts playing as many covers as possible so that people would get accustomed to different artists, and then he'd troll the audience with sometimes horrific renditions of their own songs.\n\nHad he remained healthy, both physically and psychologically, the world of music would be far different musically than it is today.\n\nI think Nirvana would have broken up, and we still would have seen Foo Fighters form. I think Kurt would have had a big solo career where he played incredibly intricate guitar solos just to spite the dumbing down of music he accidently caused by his challenging people's ideas of what made music good. Music got so dumb, I think he would have bucked the trend and done the opposite while it was at it's peak. Nirvana would have gotten back together, and Dave Grohl would have gone between the two bands, and I think Kurt and Courtney would have released an album or two together as well. I think he and Eminem would have either worked together to ridiculously famous success, or had a bitter feud that divided the music world. AND I think these days he'd be still in the music scene only more like a group of hippie gypsies with Kurt and Courtney playing with Frances as the singer simply because he would have been a huge supporter of her career.
Ruth Barr
What an amazing lesson in the affect of mayor major minor keys, more please.
Because Kurt always wanted to be more mainstream.
Sam L
You’re telling me this isn’t Lifehouse?
Samuel Matte
Somebody please put this on Spotify!
Selina Begum
Idc what anyone says, this is really good / makes me so happy, nostalgic. (Yes I've heard and like the original)
Semper Terra
Sounds more like something from the 1980s.
Sigh Phi Guy
it sounds like STING.
Definitely smells more like Sprite than spirit.
Snowy Cox
Pop punk Nirvana
Stephen Max
Somebody has some DANG good autotune to make this work. Melodyne? My gosh, point the way. You've managed to make a whole song that sounds completely professional and wouldn't give anyone a second thought from a song where the singer wasn't even trying to sing the same notes!
Steve Morgan
What it would have sounded like on their live in new york album?
Plot twist: \n\n\nThis is the original and the one we know has the key change.
Just makes me question everything... how fickle are our emotions that they can be played with like this? A small shift... everything changes.. what has changed in my life? What hasn’t? What could have been different?
Tommy Lee
if it was like this, it would still be super big
Toni Sorice
ironically it sounds much sadder
Vladi Ramone
I can imagine Kurt playing this just to piss people of :D
It's like a more pop/alternative song now. Makes me think of Green Day.
I feel dirty for liking this.
asd 34
Suena re bien, esta Buenísimo!!!!! JAJAJAJAJAJA \nSos un capo chabon
ben crawford
Much better.
This sounds like a Police song!
Doesn't sound right to me. The melody isn't continuous and kind of sounds mismatched through the section changes. Doesn't trigger me at all.
I still love this because it's still 90s AF
Smells like Teen Spirit Radio Disney Version
Essentially it turns into a song that plays near the end of a John Hughes movie about growing up and moving on while a montage of various character moment plays.
george dubayu ridin a shark in space
I feel like I like this way more than I should.
To me it does sound like Pixies/ Breeders...
It sounds like the \
It's went all pixies
Sounds like pavement
Sounds like it should be on the American Pie soundtrack
Goes to show a good song is a good song in any key.
I like it. It's so catchy, but so different from the original
simone demuro
Nirvana 182
sonic yodo
It sounds like an intro of a 2000 movie, in which a group of friends are in summer
We should hear this over the Universal logo, then fade into an aerial shot of New York or LA, as credits roll for a cheesy comedy.
well if Kurt was alive he would blow his brains after hearing this for sure...
From hard core rock song to coming of ages 90's teen movie song.
What Kurt would have sounded like If he had never met Courtney 😁