Talking Cat Saying "Oh Long Johnson"

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Remember the Oh Long Johnson cat famously featured across the internet? Well he's back! Brought to you by your friends at Petsami.SUBSCRIBE To PETSAMI: . For all licensing inquiries please contact: info(at)homevideolicensing(dot)com.

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ARandom Dancer
Who came from Oh Long Johnson?
Abby Dunbar
Abraham Dixon
This cat is obviously not in a good mood. I believe it is trying to warn of us of a future threat by the name of Oh Long Johnson.
Alexis Alexeev
South Park
Alice Minor
wow how adorable!!!!
Anas Ayadi
THX South Park =)
Andrew Vickers
That cat has \
Anelie Magoulopoulou
The poor cat is scared and is probably saying \
BenFoe Pee
Bob Dylan has a new video and he's dressed like a cat?
Big Braddah Bell
'Good south park bit ' ! lol
Bob Brock
Why I otta!
Ohhh long John\nOh long John\nOh long Johnson\nOh potaaaato\nWhyyyy I eyes ya\nAll the live long day\nOhhh long Johnson\nOh long johnjohnjohnson
CORAL Grimes
It kinda sounds like he's saying \
Chelsea Barnett
This cat must be a boy, because he is talking about his \
I can't believe a YouTuber named themselves after this meme, and managed to make over 1 million subs
Conner Adams
O\nOh\nOh l\nOh lo\nOh lon \nOh long\nOh long j\nOh long jo\nOh long joh\nOh long john\nOh long johns\nOh long jhonso\nOh long Johnson \nOh long johnso \nOh long johns\nOh long john \nOh long joh\nOh long jo\nOh long j\nOh long\nOh lon\nOh lo\nOh l\nOh\nO
DJ DiVine
David BerCon
Yo solo vine por South park
Who came here from South Park?
Dina M
He's pretty much growling at the other cat while smacking and licking his lips which makes it sound like he's talking, funny as hell though.
Djiza Freemen
see the lady who this cat belong to was sleeping wit a black man last name Johnson and she said that while the cat was locked in the room under the bed now that's all the cat says ....... that's what I think happen Lmao
Dr. Flanders
Ohhh long John\nOh long John\nOh long Johnson\nOh Don Piano\nWhyyyy I eyes ya\nAll the live long day\nOhhh long Johnson\nOh long johnjohnjohnson
EAS, From The West
South Park. Faith Hilling episode I think
EllaRose M
Emalyn Jessen
laughed so hard i pissed my pants ......honestly it was bad
I heard he got arrested
oh long Johnson is youtube channel that post clash Royale funny montages
*Runs in the path of a train* OH LONG JOHNSON! OH LONG JO- *splat*
Facho GamerYT
The Original 0:09
Felix Brown
0:09 \
The original meme
Fortnite Gamer
Oh hold on horn honking Lord okay why are you going on your name
Georgian RO
Oh long jhonson ? YT
HTX The Wild
his owner must be mandingo
this was on south park xD
Oh Long Johnson.. Huh, what's that ? A TRAIN? Oh long johnson! Oooh long jonssss.....==..
Poor new kitty just wants to make friends and play.
I'm Sillybillybee
Why I eyes ya...
Cat saw some stuff back in Nam....
Jack Delaney
Oh long Johnson.
Jack Spark
Omg Lmaoooo :)
Jenny Mason
Jeremy Feit
He's trying to teach the other cat to talk but not succeeding
Jon Gallivan
freaking hilarious! but seriously that cat is freaked out over something
Josh Hamlin
Ohh Dwayne The Long Rock Johnson.
Joshua Olsen
Turn on the subtitles. You'll thank me. \
My cat would actually play fetch when it was really young. And one time he was hungry and literally stood by the pantry door where we keep the food and looked me right in the eye and pointed at the door with his paw.
Kadyn Smith
The cat is under some exorcist
Kermit the Frog Fanatic 1980
'I don't care, oh ayayayayaya'
King Bossman
Oh my God oh long john oh long Johnson oh don piano whyy ii eyees ya all the live long day
Len - Zeplin
Old Long Johnson & Don Piano! Why I Despise Ya! All the Live Long Day.
like si vienes de verlo en un capitulo de South park :v
Luke R
I would sit in my chair smoking joints all day, just listening and looking at this amazing creature go \
Luv Sharma
Marcos Daniel
I found this from South Park XD
Melody Dooley
No no no no no... oh wait.. wrong cat.
Michelle Cannes
CJ is long, yes. I've seen it.
Miguel Gaston Saucedo
Jajajja😆😅😂😲 oh long johson
Moses Devadass
As soon as I looked at the tile I thought about the Fortnite clip channel
This cat is un south park is really Crazy
I remember when they 1st showed this on America's funniest videos lol
Mshari .M
0:12 oh long johnseeen..
Neuro 55
Nick Finco
400th comment
Nik nevem
Olivia Aguila-Perez
*OHHHHH LAWD NO*\nohh *HH LONG JOH N S O N*\noh lawd johnson...\nin thaT *FLAAAAAANNEL* ...\n*OHHHHHH NO NO N O*\noh no not todayyyyy...
Paticul ENG
How the legend was born
Rachel Clutch
Almost sounds like Captain Haddock from Tintin when he's drunk
Raven Vaughan
Oh long John\nOh no I'm not babysitting that kitty?\nOh I've got a date tonight\nOh later's gotta go take a shower and get ready
Rebecca Stahler
How did you get your cat to talk?
Ryan Mangin
and the other cat is all, \
Sarah Riedel
That was awesome,but the cat was scared strait
this is so old but its just so funny 
The BRABSTER carlisle
That cats on some dank cat nip 😉
TheReign3 TR3
Oh Long John\nOh Long Johnson \nOh don piano
Tikhon Chris
Sounds like a very drunk person
The original meme in the Y2K.
Tristan B
Thought he was saying Long Arm Johnson😆😄😂
Tyla Reha
OMG I'm dying of cuteness (^•^)
Hey look it's RavenPaw
Put this on 0.5 speed. Be prepared for nightmares tonight..
Yo Cobra
This cat owns the grumpy cat any time of the day.... I wonder if he's still all alive
0:15 makes me laugh i cant stop watching
O \
datboimore likebroboi!
XD :3
hattori hanzo
all the life long day\nall the life long day\nall the life of long jonhson\noh don piano day
he's like a homlesss mentally ill man sitting on the street mumbling nonsense lmao
mr black
That's how the channel named \
parham Y.Z
pekka nassimyt
thick boy thanos
ohhhh loooooong jooonsin baaaaaaaaaaatch
tnt master
At 0:00 did the cat say oh ny doge
Владислав Александрович
оооо ёёё ооо лонг ёёё
Никита Борисиков
You are not you, when you are hungry...