Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution

Best of Pearl Jam: Music video by Pearl Jam performing Do The Evolution. (C) 1998 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

Do The Evolution Epic Pearl Jam Pop

Animation looks so similar to Batman the animated series and Batman Beyond
A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman
It should be illegal to vote before watching this video
Agent Ham
We deserve the extinction that will eventually come to us. I just hope another, better species, will still be around to take over this planet.
Alejandro Garcia Garcia Alejan.garcia.g
1:05..the danced of death..???????
Angus Steven
This animation looks a lot like the Batman animated series style.
I didn't crawl all the way up the food chain to eat salad.
I like a lot of Grunge bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains etc. I love Nirvana. But for some reason I was not into Pearl Jam. I dunno maybe because they sound so prim and proper. But even though I'm not into them I seriously love this song. It's one of my favourites growing up and up to now. This sounds different from Jeremy, Daughter or any of their other songs. The sound of this song is so raw, it's like the whole band let themselves loose, especially Eddie Vedder. This is the only Pearl Jam song that I dig.
This song goes out to the Trump family. Cheers you cocksuckers.
Boo Rhyne
Did anyone notice the face in the blast?
Bruno Andrade
The animation is better than the song
Bruno Justo
Lady Death is hot AF
Camilo Rosas
No wonder Deadpool fell in love with Lady Death. Anyone catch my drift?
Da ve
I love this video, it kinda fills me with disgust to human race.
Daily Dungeonists
You just epically and professionally artistically showed reality of the world and human nature/destruction evolution etc all in one go in only 3~ so minutes. You rock!!
2:58 “You also had some very fine people on both sides”
David Moncada
Nunca pasa de moda ️👌👌
Some people find this disturbing because it's so true.
Dirty Harry
It should be illegal to dislike this video.
Dr Macktastic PHD Pimpology
I'm a thief, I'm a liar\nThere's my church, I sing in the choir:\n(Hallelujah, hallelujah)
Caralhooooo não tem o que dizer sobre esse clipee e essa músicaa, perfeitoo 🇧🇷
Elijah Moon
Sort of scary that this is becoming more and more accurate as the years go by.
Fabrício Siqueira
Eu fico chocado que a história humana realmente se resume a isso. Eu apenas não entendo se é essa a nossa natureza ou apenas não sabemos fazer as escolhas certas. Mais de dois mil anos de existência e não aprendemos que o caminho da intolerância, da vaidade só dar em sofrimento, dor, guerras e mortes.
Far Right Mexican
That ww1 part is my favorite anyone else?
Feels bad man
I can't even understand the song, I'm just here for the video and my new Waifu.
Forrest Dumas
When I was a kid this vid scared me. As a adult, it still scares due to how accurate it is.
Gideon Mickel
Strange I still haven't seen them in concert. Was a Nirvana fan and lost interest. They have staying power and truth to them. Great animation goes without saying. But at least they mean something instead of those days. But Vedder was always Vedder. Never sold out. I respect him for that. And still is. And Cobain gave up the dumb 20 something feud way back then saying that most of our fans are also theirs in an interview. Would be interesting to hear Cobain's take on the world nowadays. Glad Vedder is still at it.
When the WW3 be close, I'll listen this song and remember what we really are made.
I Love The 90s
Damn it I fucking love Todd McFarlane's art style!.B-)\n\nso anyway, little theory here...\nthe Hot Black Haired Chick that appears through out the animation, is in fact Death incarnate.\n\nShe's dancing and laughing and really is the only one having a good time during the circumstances of history where life Is trap In an endless cycle of self destruction with Her perspective further inforced by the animation (suggesting child like enthusiasm) and it being shown to us in a single frame and or Her point of view. \n\nShe's happy :-) that's because in her line of work, business is fucking booming :-I\n\nXDXDXD God help us... oh and by the way, the song is aight, but the video made the song. :-P peace~~~~
3:27...La muerte siempre estuvo ahi...3:29...suele pasar
Jhon Spartan
Whole world history in 4 minutes...
John Galdino BR
Do the Evolution\n\nPearl Jam\n\nWoo\nI'm ahead, I'm a man\nI'm the first mammal to wear pants, yeah\nI'm at peace with my lust\nI can kill 'cause in god I trust, yeah\nIt's evolution, baby\n\nI'm at piece, I'm the man\nBuying stocks on the day of the crash\nOn the loose, I'm a truck\nAll the rolling hills, I'll flatten 'em out, yeah\nIt's herd behavior, uh huh\nIt's evolution, baby\n\nAdmire me, admire my home\nAdmire my son, he's my clone\nYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah\nThis land is mine, this land is free\nI'll do what I want but irresponsibly\nIt's evolution, baby\n\nI'm a thief, I'm a liar\nThere's my church, I sing in the choir:\n(Hallelujah, hallelujah)\n\nAdmire me, admire my home\nAdmire my son, admire my clones\n'Cause we know, appetite for a nightly feast\nThose ignorant Indians got nothin' on me\nNothin', why? \nBecause it's evolution, baby!\n\nI am ahead, I am advanced\nI am the first mammal to make plans, yeah\nI crawled the earth, but now I'm higher\n2010, watch it go to fire\nIt's evolution, baby\nDo the evolution\nCome on, come on, come on
Jonatã Luiz
I simply love this music! So actual! Please, Todd McFarlane, re-make in HD!
Joseph Groves
3:09 that is some BraveNewWorld/SoylentGreen level of disturbing
Julien Siefridt
video: *tries to make mini screamers by changing her face to a skull*\nthe public: *aren't spooked and many thinks this just make her hotter since she's possibly a skele-boi*
Just another stupid channel
The perfect gf doesn't exi.... 1:06
Leona Lopes
Leonardo da vinci
Este video es arte puro
Lord Vitraxon
0:06 when you step on a lego
Lord of Diamonds
I have no comment to accurately describe the awesomeness of the song or the video.
Lucas Jordan
seeing this art style really makes me miss watching batman as a kid
3:20 Ah the famous metallic worm attack of 2048, we will never forget.
Marcelo Carvalho
It's evolution, baby!
Mr Shambleface
Not exactly in line with Arthur C. Clarke and Gene Roddenberry’s views of human evolution, eh?
Mr. Myers
It's evolution, baby! 👏
The watch on the guy's wrist at 3:18 is set to 9:11....
I'm from the future and this is really accurate
Nunya Business
My lesbian ass is quaking over that black haired chick.
Octavio Percivaldi
Minute 3:19 They predicted that the VR porn would exist... And now the porn pages are adapting their movies to the virtual reality
The style reminds me of Batman the Animated Series and Batman Beyond
Paweł Truchel
Krakow, Poland, 3.07.2018 Thanks! Holly sh., amazing performance
Piranha Drama
This video basically shows how us as humans haven't changed at all since the dawn of man.
Кто от Семина?
Raul XD
i loving it
Raven Whiteduck
Illuminati confirmmmmed!!!!!\n\n\n\n\n\nJk
Remy Blas
I never get tired of this video. This 90s kind of animation has nothing to envy to modern techniques.
Rodrigorodrigo Clare
Welcome to the jungle + Paradise City + Civil War = DO THE EVOLUTION.
Salur oğlu Ulaş
1:05 is my favorite scene girl dancing to damn good.
Sander Cohen
This music video... Holy shit, I've never heard of pearl jam before and i guess i didn't particularly enjoy the song, but damn. They really did a good job with this video. It's an actual cartoon! Like, every single frame from-scratch type thing. That's why it looks like it's recorded at 12 fps or something. To put that into perspective, with a generous estimate of 15 frames a second, that's 3600 Pictures, give or take.\n\nA for effort! \u003c3
Sandrika 86
We want our world to become John Lennon's \
I like the video but for the exact opposite reason as it was intended
While I can appreciate the dark message of this video, I do wish that it hadn't had such a left wing bias. The video only attacks politically correct targets (Nazis, Klansmen, Romans, Medieval knights, capitalists, predatory men, slavery practicing whites, traditional patriots fighting WWI ect.) with the very brief exception of showing the guillotine. I would have liked to have seen some criticism of leftist evil as well: a depiction of Soviet communists, more focus on Revolutionary France, a depiction of the bombing of German and Axis cities. Without some depiction of all of this, the video gives a very slanted view of history.
Shane Gale
My only thought of the video at the end. \
This is still the best fucking music video ever made.
Best video ever made.
Sniper Melon
How is it that the babe can make kissing a skull look so sexy??
Finally, I found the source of that skull pilot face.
SubAtomic CC
lady death is the ideal goth gf
Too bad most Pear Jam songs are not like this. I can respect the band, but not a huge grunge fan personally.
The Grey Kitten
Such a beautiful videoclip ♥
The S
first time watching i was so overwhelmed by the amazing animation i forgot to listen to the music
3:15\nIt came true
Tiago Ciacha
HELLO 2018?
Toxic Chemicals
This video accurately describes my playthrough of Civilization 5. Minus the dinosaurs.
Têm internet em Mordor
History of humanity in a nutshell
How odd they depicted the national socialists burning math books......I bet no one here even knows what they burned.
Vicente Contreras
Planet = Cell 🌐\nWe = Cáncer ♋
Olha eu aqui de novo quase um ano depois . Não resisti em comentar de novo . ESSA MÚSICA É MASSA DEMAIS !Se pudesse , dava like duas vezes !
This video is still relevant
Woodwose Recordings
'Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.' - Edward Abbey
This is the level of animation I want to see these days. I just saw new Cartoon Network Thundercats and almost cried
I remember have seen this video when I was 10 years old and saying: We are fucked.
burbon \u00ad
video way better than the song
corta armas solis
Viva alllllllemania
fredd Mc
is that lady dead?
Evolution, the single most destructive force known to mankind.
maurice meerts
This song sums up whats thanos boutta do since hes got all stones so easily it took him years in the comics in the movies just a few hours
World population:\nyear humans\n0001 = 200 Million\n1650 = 500 Million\n1800 = 1 Billion\n1930 = 2 Billion\n1960 = 3 Billion\n1974 = 4 Billion\n1987 = 5 Billion\n1999 = 6 Billion\n2011 = 7 Billion\n2023 = 8 Billion *\n2034 = 9 Billion *\n2055 = 10 Billion *\n* estimated
oniichan _
lady death is best waifu
oswaldo ludwig
It's missing the terminator in this animation ... it's evolution, baby.
I would do that girl, skull-faced or not.
Imagine if this video would have been put on the Voyager.
Not to sound all edgy but music videos like this need to get way more views than any shit on billboard top 10. It has an important message, a message we dont see very often these days in music. Since it sadly has turned more corporate year after year.
Happy Birthday Darwin!! 
Артём Коноплёв
Первый раз посмотрел по наводке в группе терлкабот в 2018-ом году... Дааа, даже пересмотрел три (3) раза. strong video!
Дмитрий Казанцев
видео актуальное и по сей день...!
Кек Иванов
Никола Йорданов
That's maybe the best music video I've ever watched. So meaningful and stangely beautiful
Both images and music are great.\nAnd that girl is so cute