Richard Kuklinski The Iceman HBO interview (2001) Part 2

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Chris Documentary Evans Franco Interview James Kuklinski Richard Wino... fights gang hitman killer mafia murder murderer prison serial shotgun

Crazy how people hate that he killed animals. We kill them all the time and then eat them.
Watch how he acts when he asks about things that happened when he was a child! he starts moving his arms and hands and he does not remember he says, also he tapped his face three times when talking about killing the three teens in Georgia, he also killed many people in Florida.
Ace The Great
Aside from killing people and torturing animals, he seems like a normal guy from what I see. Almost likable. But I heard most killer are charismatic.
Andrew Ryan
It's sad how bad parents can effect someone's life...
Anne P
Notice how Kuklinski looks for a reaction from the interviewer, glad he's gone.
Anup L k
love his voice
so badass, cold as ice
Blood Clot
At least he didnt kill women and children... just kidding. hes brutal
Butch Ering
Worst thing about him is that he abused pets.......
There is something about him that makes this man attractive...
To all those people making excuses for him saying he had a tough childhood, etc, that just doesn't wash. A lot of people have tough childhoods and don't become serial killers. Clearly just something wrong with this guy, I guess some people are just born evil. You can tell from the way he talks about what he did that he enjoyed the killings and he deserved to spend the rest of his life behind bars.
Chris Barnes
he got caught because of a friend he knew 20 years? I thought Dominick Polifrone the undercover agent busted him. What friend is he talking about?
Chris Johndom
The soundtrack when he talks about caring at 1.53.54 Is absolutely chilling and rather sad.
anyone else find it crazy he is so politically correct when talking about gay people but has no problem murdering people this pc culture runs deep man
Dani Carlton
Such a shame, he could have been a very logical and reasonable social psychopath that contributed to society if he'd been given the right upbringing. I'm sure he does it on purpose, but he's almost likeable. Apart from the animal torture. That made me want to kill him myself.
Daniel Meza
This guy reminds me of Mike from Breaking Bad.
Darlene Draper
I like this man
David Pimm
A very good insight from a psychological perspective from the interviewer
Declan McCartney
Is it weird that this helps me sleep
DeeDee Moonlight
......nibbeling away...😓😓😓🐹 omg
Deranged Entertainment Inc
Imagine dating this guy's daughter and having him walk in while you're banging her & saying who's your daddy.
Tony Soprano's shrink was better than this goose - and she was hopeless
Dumb Freddy
I would like to know how much he got paid for his hits \nThis Park Dietz is AMAZING the absolute best interviewer STUNNING
El Scourou
'What was in the needle?'\n'In his case.. A heart attack.' \n\nHow chilling.\n\n(No Ice-Man pun intended)
Ezekiel Hobbs
Kuklinski is the biggest victim of all. Doesn't mean he didn't belong in prison.
It is entirely possible for Richie to have as high a murder count as he says. At one point in his life in the 50s he would kill bums because police back then didnt considered it very important to follow up on the murders of dredges of society like the homeless. And the fact that he was working with Roy makes me believe he killed many people we know nothing about. I mean seriously he lived a long time with never getting caught, thats many years of him being on the street doing many hits. This man is one of the scariest individual i have ever heard. I have read all books on him and have listened to all the audio recordings. I am however sure he lied about some hits, he was know to lie.
Forbes Winthrop
I'd like to see Obama interviewed by this psychiatrist to come up with some explanation of why he supports jihad and the genocide of non-Muslims.
A murderer with the biggest heart. 😢
Games Cooky
I feel a little sorry for this guy. Even though he killed so many people, i feel sorry for him. That he never got to experience being loved or loving someone. It's very sad to see that some people live like this and probably don't even know about it
Ger Cooles
That doctor himself seems to be a sociopath. Look at his eyes. Staring, piercing, almost aggressive, empty look. He almost never blinks. And he is calm as fuck, even when Kuklinksi got mad at him. He even laughed about it. Would explain why he is so good in understanding them.
Gettr Dun
There's just certain people you don't talk to and he's one of them. This guy would've been great in Vietnam.
Gurney McBuzzin
I kinda like this guy.
Hamdan HB
dexter should chop this guy up lol
J Blaze
I love this documentary! Whenever I'm in a bad mood I watch this. Calms me down.
i suffer from paranoid personality disorder and i can tell you that when you are friends with someone and you are getting on well with them suddenly when they go a deep regret takes hold i cant explain it almost asthough any love you felt flies away out the window and u see that friend to be worse than a stranger its a horrible feeling to hold and is why i dont keep friends for very long but only difference is i dnt kill them
if you have come from part 1 skip to 19:45 to start from where you left off.
James Daniel
I don't believe the \
Jason Green
I'm not saying he didn't kill but there's no way he killed more than 200 people!! In the beginning when he said that you can tell he's not being truthful!
Jin Knight
Thank you mr kuklinski it's all cuz of you that Stone Cold Steve Austin was born. Stone Cold himself will tell you how he got his name.
John Guthrie
Poor editing...jump to 20:00 for start of part 2.
Josh Mulqueen
Kriscole 96
The epitome of evil
M Dr
I live in Jersey and one of the thrill rides we used to take was to Clinton Road (known to be haunted with satanic rituals, witchcraft,, KKK gatherings and the dumping spot of at least one of Kuklinski's victims). In 2003 we were driving on the road very late, some time after midnight. Someone brought up a dare to get out of the car and walk into the woods. I figured why not, so I did it. As soon as I got far enough that it was creeping me out I heard the horn of a cop car and saw the flashing lights behind our vehicle. I was afraid to come out of the woods because I did't want to startle the cop. My friends explained that we were just joyriding and trying to scare ourselves, told him that I was back in the woods to which I emerged. We had no weed on us and we weren't drinking so there was nothing wrong, and the cop began to explain that its not the legends of the road that are scary, its the numerous people that come to the road to scare other people, often leading to bad accidents and worse. I mentioned something about the iceman and this being his dumping ground and the officer informed us that richard kuklinski had recently confessed to another murder, the murder of a police officer I believe. Then the cop told me something I'll never forget and I've never been back there since. He said that all of the investigations of missing people and murders all end up here. He said it is still a very active dumping ground. Then my friend said something like he didn't think the mafia was killing that many people these says, and the cop said its not the mafia. Missing people from all over the place end up in the area. He told us that if he didn't have a service weapon he would never come out there day or night...I joked that we all keep our shotguns in the trunk. He told us to have a safe night and we drove off. He went around our parked car and a minute later we left behind him. Within seconds there were headlights behind us that could not have sped up to us that we guessed they had been just yards away the whole entire time. That road is fecked.
Michael Demos
Nice soothing voice, kinda like a children's bedtime story, I listen to this whenever I can't sleep at night :)
Mika Mitena
He lived a sad lonely life. I think he feels way more than he is willing to admit\n Child abuse and neglect does some really fucked up things to a persons heart.. Its a sad story for everyone involved\ufeff
Mike Thomas
Richard Kuklinski was a victim
Mikyla J Smith
Richard says \
He seemed like a family man, despite his tough upbringing, got my respect and likeability for that. Like someone said - \
Fast forward to 20:00, that's where episode 2 begins.
OD Wilson
only america famous for murder
the smell sometimes was annoying, so i used cologne. seems like a fine guy:)
i kind of like this guy.........
Actin real swishy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
RAMMSTEIN are my fav band
this guy died on my bday happy b day to me
ReDFurY Landen
Best line ever... \
Significant Nobody
When he looked at the reporter and said \
Steven Williams
I couldn't help but notice that at the part in the interview when he gets upset with the psychiatrist they cut out some footage. I'm guessing that was so they could apologize for irritating him and allow him to cool off a bit before they continued on with the interview.
38:47 I think I would of shit my self if I was that dr when he said \
TL Pricescope
love how he's worried about \
U A Mir
so soothing......psycho asmr
He wants to kill this guy sooooooo bad....
Is it weird that the hardest thing to hear about is his savage cruelty to animals? \u003c_\u003c
The smart cookie at 59:00 knows more about Kuklinski than Kuklinski does.
adam stanley
Lucky he didn't have a tear drop tattoo for every murder otherwise he'd have stood out like a large blueberry
axel hose
I was ok with the people killing but the animal torture was too sick to deal with!
Almost every hit man I've heard says their father beat the #$%^^! out of them. Got to be a connection.
beanie green
He reminds me of an old lion; a bit tired now and resting in his den but still capable of ripping your head off.
bill boin
I don't like that guy's voice interviewing him
the guy interviewing him is NOT a real psychiatrist. a real psychiatrist would never ask \
That was incredibly fascinating to watch.
gab perron
Fearlessness, a true remarkable quality. It transcends one above all else.Noone can at least admire that he had that attribute, sad.
Guy deserves a painful death, whether he admits he can feel pain or not.  The pain would eventually be too much.  He was a waste of space. 
glen gurnari
Sick man and now is Roasting in Hell good riddance you big pos
graderman 12h
R.I.P my friend.
herbert norkus
whenever I get annoyed with idiots up the pub or the neighbours playing music loudly at the weekend I just take a deep breath, count to ten and ask myself \
I'd have given $10 000 to anybody who would've went up to Richard, thrown a cream pie at his head and gotten everyone nearby to laugh at him
jeffery van den engh
after reading some of the vile comments on here between people i do feel worse for the animals. Human beings treat each other with such coldness, such disdain and brutality without shame, empathy or compunction. these are traits inherent to no other animal.
kargo basar
Wow, just Wow...the last lines are amazing, though this guy killed many, u cant really blame him, like some character out of a novel. \n\nkuklinksky: everything i ever cared for is gone, everything i ever liked is gone, everything ever meant to me is gone, So Hate.\n\nShrink: And thats how you started with too\n\nKuklinski: Then I have come full circle and its time for me to die.\n\nEPIC
The doctor interviewing him was terrified. Look at his face
mary grace dalit
Just by the look of this mans face.He is full of anger because of what happened to him when he was young.Psychologically it effected him.Child abuse got him to change psychologically
matt borriello
The first two minutes is the funniest fuckkn thing I've ever seen lol the way this stone cold killer is tellin the story with the music in the background ahahahahaha omg perfect
mental detecting
my absolute hero..richard my only disapointment in you was you got caught y that cop..would love to see you set free and murder him in a verypainfull ritchard .
mike larochelle
Even the psychiatrist looks creepy!
And this ladies and gentlemen, is why deadbeat parents shouldn't have kids.
minky cat
Seems like a nice guy
i think punishment for this dude should be to leave him to  be eaten by rats to feel how those poor people felt.
pay fone
Happy New Years!!!!!!!!
Psychiatry. What a racket. \
This guy is the king of the one-liners
The creepiest thing about this guy is the way he's constantly pursing his lips.\ufeff
he gives the 666 sign at 9:50
Елизавета Самусева
Perfect Terminator!