U2 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (360° Santiago) [Multicam by MekVox with Ground Ups Audio]

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Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me live at Estadio National - Santiago on 25th March 2011.You can use this playlist to watch all videos from the collection "From The Ground Up":

2011 adam at bono by clayton edge edited from ground hd in jr larry live made mek mekvox mullen not official on the u2 up... video vox

Abid Hussain
Is he trying to do a Joker (Dark Knight) impersonation with the whole show time bit? It reminds me of Joker's last scene.
Alejandro riquelme bustos
Ahí estuvimos, a 1 metro del escenario, cansados antes del show por habernos cagado de frío en la pista atletica, la noche anterio y cagarnos de calor en el día, duermiendo poco y nada....pero valío la pena.\nMismo esfuerzo hicimos el 2006 ✌
Alvaro Passi
Estadio Nacional de Santiago.... Ahí estuve! Gracias por este vídeo!
Andy S
Great song. It's amazing to watch all over the years her shows. \nSo creative, innovated. Thx U2.
Anthony Sclafani
One of their best and most underrated songs that always gets overlooked amidst all their hit singles. This song is awesome
Ashley GM
Awesome performance... anyone remembers the original video from this song from the \
This song is incredible, but Bono has got some of the weirdest stage presence I've ever seen. I can't tell if he's high, drunk, apathetic, tripping balls, arrogant, pouting, disinterested, tired, being childish, etc. The only thing I can reasonably infer is that he's acting like he just plain doesn't give a shit. Like a less aggressive Liam Gallagher.
Belinda Phillis
love it ❣
Bleck Gilbert
genial merci vox
Brian Rafferty
Superb, nice work the edge.
Chris Thompson
Batman forever soundtrack👍👍👍
Chris Verstappen
Edge = God ... 'nough said
Clark Gillies
Great to hear they know how to play it live now, as it just sounded a complete mess during the Pop tour and was horrible when played live, this version is excellent
Cristian Buccino
Dan Williams
when a song becomes art - an absolute masterpeice - vocal/lyrics are outmof this world
Daniel Guinea
I think this is one of the hardest song U2 has ever played
Dany Alonzo
Uno de los mejores soundtraucks qe he escuchado 😈
4:44 adoro esa parte!
Ed D
That opening is gotta be the best.  Perfect timing.
Ednaldo Guimaraes
Os melhores do mundo sem dúvidas
Egy Ronin
Best U2 song. I can listen it 5 times with no break ;)
Eric Memmel
21 years old and can't get enough of U2. This song is just truly epic, use it to pump me up before engineering exams!
Frances Cobain
U2 es la mejor banda del mundo, y The Edge es de los mejores guitarristas del mundo 💜 los amo
Batman song.
Greg Bains
this kicks ass!
Gustavo Caballero
Batman forever
Igor Brezovic
Just great..you
Imran Chowdhury - aMi
There can be only 1! U2 is no.1!
Izzy Halloween
It has to be Edge who picked this particular performance of the song? God Bless him for that #U2
i frickin' love this song
I died when he started swinging from that mic.
Joaquin Cornejo
Ahí estuve yo pero prefiero ultraviolet
Joe Steeler
The Edge is everything you could ever ask for in a ROCK STAR! This song just validates it.
John Doe
Bono dissecting himself, taking the piss out of himself for having gone on a tour for two years that was itself supposed to be a pisstake. A man at odds with himself because he has forgotten who he is taking the piss out of.\n\nBono conflicted is a wonderful thing to see and hear... unfortunately, since 2000, the band and Bono have largely run out of things to say.
John Mc Mahon
The Edge may not be overly adventurous and he doesnt often move outside his comfort zone but he is easily one of the most underated guitarists of his generation, absolutely incredible!
Justin Credible
Greatest band ever!!
Keith Gardeck
Da boys...givin um what's for 😈😈😈🤙🤙🤙
Konsolowy Grzesiek
Great band, great song, great show. Thanks for upload this magic performance.
Leo Pulvirenti
The Best U2 tune ever for me in my humble opinion.
Light 106 year
The biggest tour in history this tops ever bands live performance ever in over 55 years of rock and roll , he'll it even tops zoo tv
Lord Raiden
Como suena esa guitarra!!
Lucas Pinheiro Berto
Amazing performance!!
Marcio Campos
Belíssimo !!!!!!
Maria Stella
Con i strumenti tenuti alti e tutto un altro effetto l interpretazione è un po' piatta e Bono di solito è così languido
Mark Alonzo
Unbelievable; yet I believe!
Michelle B
Best version on YouTube
U2 should make more songs like this.
Miki Mecov
One of the TOP-20 most advanced songs of all times,actually the entire U2 is very advanced band,greetz from Macedonia,Balkan Peninsula!
Nick Croce
What a tour this was
Oh sangjin88
Options Specialist
Your a ⭐️ STAR! \n...... Of course your not Shy!!!
Bono, please, don't smoke man!
Palo Kosa
My favorite song from u2 i love this
Pau Benjamin
What time is it in the world.? It's Showtime... Those riffs by the Edge tho, epic.
Perry Markee
Baby your a star!
Peter Lightning
This is one of their best songs of all time.
Prince Ayub Syahjito
Batman n nicole kidman,keren
Rafael Trigos
si es en Santiago, porque grita algo sobre Buenos Aires al final ?
Rob Barrett
Let’s face it. The edge may not be jimmy page or Jimi Hendrix but this song rocks, just like a lot of other U2 songs. What makes him so good is how he fits the rifs and pitch w bono and changes the keys as he ages that’s y the edge is unreal
Why isn't this on the 360 dvd......grrrrrrrrr
Robert RoPe
AMAZING SONG AND PERFORMANCE! Heath Ledger Joker's voice at the opening was great! And like someone else already said here before, this song's about the highs and lows of celebrity, how high a star can get and how deep can fall and maybe some other characteristics of humanity aswell like,  fanatism, the darkness within and stuff...that's was surely what Bono was thinking about when he wrote it i guess
Rodrigo Destefani
Senhor Macphisto o senhor pensa ser um iluminado, o senhor é um Globalizado. O senhor joga o jogo, Sr. Macphisto!\r\nQue horas são no mundo?? Sr. Marionete, Sr. Monarca! Seu alter ego o exaure, seu cachê tem um preço! Muito Bono, por bonna Vox. Tanto talento a serviço das sombras do interesse.\r\nUma vez cantava sobre a árvore de Joshua, aquele que veio em nome do amor. Hoje canta para erguer os selecionados, do suposto \
Sadakoching Li
Sergio BG
Another,another fantastic song of this incredible band...i love you forever U2...
Sergio Marques
4:40 wtf Bono?! lol
4:30 that was pointless.
Taekwondo Time
U2 makes it look so easy. This band is the Beatles of my generation. They're simply the best in the world.
Uriel Isaias Rivas Pineda
Yo lo ví en el estadio Azteca de la ciudad de México, estuvo increíble y no lo ví por un celular 😃😃😃😃
AT badass song by U2!!
Vicenta Escanciano
Mejor grupo del mundo.Benjamin Escan.Mart.
Zero Kool
Batman Forever awesome tune thanks for posting!
Woohoo, the ad before the song was the \
great version, always loved UV better live, but this time they ve nailed it. even though Adam and Larry are missing in the vid
The big smash comes in the middle?
cristian mardones
la kgo el sonido , suena muy bien
daus wahab
Great performance love it
Are Adam and Larry there? I didn't see them once.. haha
“You don’t know how you got here, you just know you want out, believing in yourself almost as much as you doubt....” One of my all time favorite Bono lyrics
One of my favorite U2 songs, they don't play it enough! Awesome sound, nailed it.
erol gulten
you won't believe it but this one is my favorite u2 song...seriously
What a song. What a performance!
isidora Díaz
Si mal no recuerdo había un vídeo de esta canción ( que era muy bueno \
iwan setiadi
jeremiah orr
Incredible guitar work by the one and only Edge! It's as if he's playing a symphony on his guitar.
monica polito
Sei una bomba
Outstanding !!
rene hernandez
They want you to be Jesus\nThey'll go down on one knee\nBut they'll want their money back\nIf you're alive at thirty-three
One of their best ‘rockier’ songs, in the same vein as ‘Bullet The Blue Sky’ and ‘Vertigo’. Doesn’t receive as much attention, underrated. And they don’t often sing it live.
wow... great to find that
One word describes this song and performance.....INCREDIBLE!
cool perfomance !
I prefer the pop tour version much better
Batman Forever brought me here lol
Riddle me this..