Warhammer 40k - Mad World

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Something I made because I was bored. Thanks to Plastic Wax for making one of the videos, and thanks to whoever made the other two. The song is Mad World by Gary Jules.

000 40 40k Battle Blood Dawn Fight Gary II Jules Mad Music Plastic PlasticWax Video War Warhammer Wax World of

BECAUSE they didn't have support. See the banner? It's the signal to dploy the other troops, so they had to put it in a visible place
AJ Buckholz
omg i watched this 4 times!!! its amazing!!!!! i have an idea...use this same vi footage and put it with the song how it ends by devotchka
Dreadnaughts are always so sinister, encased in their techonolical sarcophgus, bringing death to those inside which gives them life.
Aaron Avellanet
sweet video man
Aaron Flynn
this WAS the original theme song for GoW 1
Alexander Andersson
This song does not fit the spacemarines :(
American Dream
y u do dis
When that warp spider is spam teleporting i bet the heavy bolter guy is thinking \
Big Mek Tezla
@DragonTideStudios ...Blood Ravens, those are Dawn of War clips
Blaine Houk
Nice work. Kinda funny how well the song goes with it. Keep up the good work :)
Bpi Sth
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Great work here!
i find the song is good it is an change in Warhammer40k you only now DEAD BLOOD EMPROR WAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH this vid is a bit peacfull
Mad World is a perfect choice, shows the hopelessness of the 40k universe. Great vid.\n
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HA! 40,000 + views!!! that's more like WArhammer 40K!!! \u003e8)
for the emperor!
This is amazing! 15 out of 10 man!
Jake Paskell Games
good job.. long life the space marines
Jinghis Khan
Or \
Jordan Clevenger
Ok true guard have more casualties but no way in hell are there more horrors thrown at them. Space marines face much worse horrors because they are much better equiped for them.
Josef Buqowski
@thelittlemind Enjoy being raped in close combat
Kirilka Pacheva
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those brave men/robotguys
Michael Borawski
Great video, I know my next army to paint..
Mr. Q
awsome video perfect song for warhammer 40k
N. Acharya
@N3bballFromSteam \nmost psykers are sacreficed to the golden throne 1000 psykers a day\n\nit sucks to be a psyker in the grimdark
@dschnauzer11 ah the blood ravens, the most confusing Chapter, they appear to come from the Thousand Sons but they say they are loyal.... there is a reason u never see an inqusitor
@halorecon95 Really though the Space Marines are in almost as much dire straits as the Imperial Guard in Warhammer 40k.
Nick Munn
this was pretty epiuc mate
whats the point of wearing a helmet if you die when some one shoots it \
Orillious Tyr
The space marines have the same horrors thrown at them in my opinion, but it's the way in which the IG has to put up with them that would make this song more fitting for them.
Paul Schlacter
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@GarethLorn You know how sad that sounds?
look at 2:24
Resonant Knight
What is the cinematic at 2:12?\r\n\r\nI know i've seen it before but i can't remember where
Sir Coco
long live the war hammer universe 
Sodeska Haraffu
dude you should get bored more often :P\r\nlol happy birthday with the heavy bolter was kinda funny sight. you like Both DOW 1 and 2 you dont see that often. wich u think is better, im not really ready to say myself cause if played only 2 runs of DOW2
Space Dwarff
Happy Birthday 1:47
Sr. Gomas
this is my favorite video to youtube \ngood job 6/5
Stephan Allen
I gues there will be no end to this war, open wich is point less and moronic for thousens apon millions die for what nuthing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY people this war shall ownly comsoom you and destroy you leav your hatrid behind and folow the path of peac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phamis words of the emperor him self
Sun Brolem
No necrons makes me sad, but awesome vid!
Synthetic God
this song strangely suits warhammer well. O_O
Søren Djernæs
Every bit of that video is edited trailers or in-game cutscenes, so let's give credit where it's due, eh..? ;) \n(And by that I mean to Relic. not Plastic Wax or whoever.)
this is the gary jules version if i am not mistaken? ... also i love this video, great job
@TikiShootah are you a homo or something this song isent that emo its soothing
TheKillingTree RAswinglifeaway
@awesomej03 FOR THE EMPORER!!!!!!
shitty song. what do you think space marines are some whiny sobbing emos?
Great video, excellent work here.
im a fan of 40k but if u go around and say \
they shuld make a FPS version of space marines but where u play as the IG
first it was blow me away, now its ma world. AWESOME!!!!!!
@TikiShootah you suck lol if you think its shitty then you are a person who is gay and is still in the closet about it and or you have no balls or is it the fact you just are one of the stupid people that help america suck more?
great vid but i think the song suites more to the IG cause they have much more casualties and much more horors thrown at them.
I think this song would better fit the Imperial Guards front line troops stuck in the trenches living a life of hell that war brings them and they do it for the Empire!
Fantastic song to put with warhammer but as good as it is it doesn't fit in well with bloody violence. The song is more somber so it would've been cool to see it put with less violent scenes. Good video though.
plus its looks cool ^^
There is WH40k Firewarior. But its supposed to be crap I don't know though cause i never played it. There will be a third person shooter \
because the sergeant is like one of those rts noobs that think a dreadnaught = iwin lol. and then he finds out the enemy has anti-tank weapons....
mitchle robinson
i think i broke the replay button.
the song sux,the vids cool!
@crazyninja0 i thought magnus was their primarch??? cuz it fits well with everything that is said about them... and i personally think... that pre heresy luna wolves comes a close secound to the thousand sons armor.. maybe even 1st, but how sick does the death guard and iron legion armor look!!!!!! thats right i love chaos :P, but im more into the pre heresy armies before they become part of the heresy? lol still tho i hate space wolves for wat they did to the thousand sons TT_TT!!!!!!!
great video !
Amazing video!!!! GREAT job!!!! Keep it up bro! :)
russell volpe
damn i love skull studs
about the intro vid from Dawn of War (Space marines vs Orks on the rocky sandy planet): why on earth do the marines charche. they should have stayed put and gunned down the orks as they charche them cuz the marines own those orks in firepower but not in melee.
That is just horrible. Nice IGN watermark : )
stephen harris
the song would souit imerial guard better\n
@peeperization someone didnt read credits
Becouse they know no fear in the name of emperor ;)
I wish someone would tell the Orks that bear traps are NOT helmets /sigh..