YesJapan Daily 045 - Formal Japanese Tricks

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Anthony Kelly
You don't count da/desu as an irregular verb? Or iku (itta)?\n\nIt's not just \
Clare Emmett
That story about the guy kissing the girl without permission isn't a funny anecdote. It's borderline sexual assault. /js
Is 表現する and 述べる interchangable? I have the feel that noberu could also mean describe...\nAlso, at 16:53 he said \
Eric Jackson
The internet needs more resources for intermediate Japanese learners because all material online is mostly for absolute beginners. I really like this video.
Good stuff! Thanks
Ivonne Goodman
Japanesepod 101 I go to them to george
John Doe
On porpoise.
KaBibi is the best!! There really is no better resource than your page, George! By watching one of your videos I learn a 100 times more than in 30min of studying from any other site. And your books are the most awesome books I ever used to train my Japanese! :)
Learn Japanese From Zero!
There are over 350 on Please come check them out. We just created a \
As someone who has done a lot of Japanesepod101 and been a member of YesJapan a couple of times, I'd like to comment on what George said about it. Jpod isn't as interactive as YesJapan and they don't have some of the great videos that YesJapan has. But it's an excellent site. Where it stands above YesJapan is in it's professionalism. YesJapan can be very immature and unprofessional at times, often talking about sex, etc. or getting very side-tracked and go off on tangents.
This \
more videos please.
Simply Obligation
I heard Temoshii des in his introduction at first as well.
Skys are red
The best Japanese lesson in the earth
george no chaneru to mireba mirohodo motto ni narau - is this correct?
I love Lang-8. Everyone I've met on there have been so kind and helpful.
'Free tour'? Best euphemism I've heard in a while
Have you made the Sharedtalk video? I can't find it on your channel. If you did it, could you perhaps post the link here? thx greetings from switzerland
No offense, but sex isn't an \