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Your 3 favorite world chefs face their biggest culinary challenge yet. Human Cake. It is a tasteful skit.Chefs:

KSI anthon... anything4views cake filthy frank funny hair howtobasic human cake idubbbz idubbbzTV in ingredient jacksepticeye maxmoefoe pewdiepie

This what I call quality content
Aaron murphy
We just gonna ignore the fact that at 18:04 frank just pulls off a stunt
when you realize this is actually the canon ending to filthy frank with all the youtubers and frank and max getting married :') the feels
Andy KA
Those ingredients are very expensive and really hard to get it😂😂😂
Anthony Vallejo
Best YouTube rewind ever
AnthonyPlayz PH
1 like=1 prayer for the table😂😂😂
watching that gave me Nam flashbacks.
Article 13
Why isn't this on pornHub?
send this to space\n\nhuman history boys
Be Gö
14:43 you broke your promise Frank
Bella lovehugs
Im scared to watch this video 🤤😖 wish me luck
This is like an artistic porn
Chop Mop Jeter
To this day I cannot believe someone hasn't sent this to Gordon Ramsey yet
Chris mag Gurken
Am I the only one that watches this like atleast once a day? A true gem.
Codename Ghost
When da moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie thats amore.
Dark Megumin
I have the weirdest boner...
Fhilty Frank please come back. :(
Dontavius Purnell
*gordan ramsey want to know your location*
DonutboyYT FANATIC 2018
I think I was eating while watching, why did I do that
E J Becker
10:38 this confirms that vsauce actually was HowToBasic
EX Falchion
ethan from h3h3 also helped. he provided the smoke from the oven
Ellie Krueger
Golden age of YouTube. \n\nI miss it.
Someone needs to bring this to the attention of Gordon Ramsay, I need to see his reaction.
Ezio Auditore
17:36 thats just gayyyy
I call this, try not to puke
Fabian Federer
Take a minute and think about what you just watched
Friple Frumple
14:45 you liar
GG Skillz
I failed no nut November.
Gabriel Barsch
ive saw disgusting things before\nbut this one....\nthis one TAKES THE CAKE
Grape Starburst
21:00 slow dancing in the dark
How do any of you don't get aids?
Hello Stranger
**where's the semen?**
Homo Sapian
at 19:33 jojis laugh is priceless
Jack Bjorn Wulf
“Dad, how do stars die?” \n“Usually an overdose.”
Jack Duripper
Most of the time I think it would be really fun to be one of Frank's friends, then I watch vids like these and realize being strangers is fine
I almost forgot to watch this today
Jeremy Brisebois
I’d quit my job just for a bite of this cake
Jim 07
Those were simpler times
Am I the only one who genuinely thinks that this is the best video on YouTube
Juan Pablo Palacio Henao
Why idubbz always vomites in pink color?
Wedding goals😍👌
Kill shot 360 with a scope
What went wrong in your life
THE BIGGEST NON-YOUTUBE MADE COLLAB EVER AND IT'S...hundreds of millions of subs worth of channels all throwing their pubes together in a cake.
Macy L.
_Don't_ _cry_ _because_ _its_ _over_ , _smile_ _because_ _it_ _happened_
Madd Dabber11
Vomiting while I'm eating makes my spinach curl up. 😵\n\nSorry, typo, I meant stomach
Maloka khoja
I wish you could like and dislike a video at the same time
Manuel Perez
Rip filthy frank
Kid: dad what did you watch as a kid?\n\nMe: (sips beer) you don’t need to know the son.
I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm going to miss the cake series.
This is why T-Series will never win
Ocean Man
This is like the infinity war of YouTube
Peter Caldwell
I will forever miss this era of Youtube.
Can barely make it through the video without hurling..\n\nProud to have been part of this culinary piece of history!
I have an iron stomach but god damn.
Pure autism
«T H E Y N E V E R S A I D N O H O M O»
Cant believe its been 2 years. Time flies when youre baking cakes :(
Rette Rising
I've seen this many times and I'm always taken aback by how much of a good sport vsauce is
Robbie Bell
After all of what they said... whatever frank said at 15:19 must've been pretty bad if they had to censor it XD
Russ Zurcher
(Snot rocket)\nEWWWW NONE OF THAT!\n“That’s where you draw the line?”
This video made me like cake
That oven has been through so much
Sr Pelo
Congratulations to the couple, papa bless
Stan Marsh
17:40 Music:\nTobu Infectious [NCS Realease]
Super Game Fighter
These guys may have kids some day....
Suspended Doubt
I miss them bruhhhh
I want to die
TNF5 Merk
I don't get how they are so grossed out when putting the ingredients in but aren't grossed out when joey salads is pissing on his hand and they are stealing toenails and pubes.
Tojiru Records
Summary of the cake videos:\n\nIdubbbz sits there staring at everyone, max pukes everywhere, and Frank sits there and laughs at max
I guess their stomach after this video dissapeared in a black hole :/
better crossover than the new youtube rewind
Pewdiepie: Papufranku will be pleased
Yohan WoW
0:30 song?
This is the only royal wedding I care about
15:27 love that scene
chuck yalarnis
14:43 they must've divorced
How high were you guys
darkpanda112 ###
I wonder how many people threw up watching this
It still keeps me up at night wondering what Frank said that was so bad he had to censor it
I personally would have added some semen but that’s just me.
Need these vids again. Too bad they’re done makin em
hot cheetos
I feel like vomiting and crying tears of joy at the same time
Jesus Christ, that tag-teaming vomit finale had me in stitches
I miss these baboons :'(
jr kai
I got a strong stomach so i can watch this while eating
katherine zatkus
max reminds me of ray toro from mcr
kyla medrano
14:44 you promised 💔
Thats not the real frank
Honestly the most disgusting part of this video was the split second Jacob Sartorious played😂
oh hi mark
I ate cake while watching this. No regerts
p na
Oh mi god I've never been so disgusted in my entire life
sage re
salle face
i wish i had friends like this
t3sty bean
More enjoyable food then buzzfeeds
I'm watching this while waiting in a car dealership centre and the salespeople are giving me strange looks