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Your 3 favorite world chefs face their biggest culinary challenge yet. Human Cake. It is a tasteful skit.Chefs:

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This what I call quality content
We just gonna ignore the fact that at 18:04 frank just pulls off a stunt
when you realize this is actually the canon ending to filthy frank with all the youtubers and frank and max getting married :') the feels
Amazed Heechul
*RETARD STRENGTH* intensifies
watching that gave me Nam flashbacks.
Average Person
Vsauce : \
I am actually gagging, I am 7 minutes and 30 seconds in and I'm about to lose my luch and dinner.
This is like an artistic porn
Bradely Dowling
I lost my shit when Vsauce showed up
Bryan Entac
0:24 what music?
Carlos Garcia
This masterpiece is two years old
Champange Papi
Marvel : This is the most ambitious crossover in history. \n\nFilthy Frank, iDubbz, and Max all at the same time : *WHEN THE MOON HITS YOUR EYE LIKE A BIG PIZZA PIE!!*
Charles Do
What went wrong in your life
Clay Shimon
Why didn’t you get anyone’s semen?
Crimson Exe
A recipe to surpass Gordon Ramsay
Daddy Schlangby
Softcore cannibalism
Dark Megumin
I don't think I'm going to eat more of my donuts...
Forget Vincent Van Gogh, this is real art.
19:33 Frank is laughing like an evil maniac watching his victims xD miss you papu
Demon's Paw
17:40 Music:\nTobu Infectious [NCS Realease]
Dontavius Purnell
*gordan ramsey want to know your location*
Dragon Slayer
This beats 2 girls one cup
*Marvel:* \
Someone needs to bring this to the attention of Gordon Ramsay, I need to see his reaction.
Ewan Mcloughlin
This is by far and away the most disgusting thing on God’s green earth and I pray I never discover anything more disgusting
I call this, try not to puke
Fabian Federer
Take a minute and think about what you just watched
Fam Septic Eye
this is so sad..\nalexa, play STFU by Pink Guy
Frank moved to music \nMax to Pokémon\nIdubbbz to Bad Unboxing\nAnd Chad to Live-streaming \nI will always remember this all this times I watched this masterpiece
Gabriel Barsch
ive saw disgusting things before\nbut this one....\nthis one TAKES THE CAKE
Grandma's Cramp
Scenes from Jacksfilm's wedding
Who else is waiting for semen cake?
Holder / MLW
Ive never struggled so much to watch a Youtube video.
Jack Duripper
Most of the time I think it would be really fun to be one of Frank's friends, then I watch vids like these and realize being strangers is fine
Jacob Hernandez
Probably the most expensive cake in the world.
James Blenkinsopp
When you type 'human c' the first autocomplete is 'human cake reaction'.\n'human cake' isn't even on there. How far we've fallen.
James Drake🎶
Filthy frank is a psychopath
I almost forgot to watch this today
Am I the only one who genuinely thinks that this is the best video on YouTube
At 15:43 you heat frank say \
Jun, just Jun.
I'm a masochistic piece of shit who watched the whole video while I'm eating
Konsek Angel
Why is HowToBasic so adorable to me?
THE BIGGEST NON-YOUTUBE MADE COLLAB EVER AND IT'S...hundreds of millions of subs worth of channels all throwing their pubes together in a cake.
L.J Fitzpatrick
I love how Franku never vomits in any of these videos and just sits there laughing at everyone else’s misfortunes.
Lord Stinson
I wish they also took some period blood from a female YouTuber for the cake.
Macy L.
_Don't_ _cry_ _because_ _its_ _over_ , _smile_ _because_ _it_ _happened_
Maloka khoja
I wish you could like and dislike a video at the same time
Martin Hrabovský
i want this on blu-ray
Wow love the new type of fetish
Kid: dad what did you watch as a kid?\n\nMe: (sips beer) you don’t need to know the son.
Mr AO31
I am gonna need these idiots the day of my wedding
Mt. me
I wonder how many people threw up watching this
MyName IsHeyy
wtf did i just watch??????
NaH uH sHe DiD iT nOt M3!!!!
time to upload this to pornhub
I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm going to miss the cake series.
Noah Nordman
20:33 TF was that Ian?
When we will all be dead and gone, this..this is our legacy
Ocean Man
This is like the infinity war of YouTube
Peter Griffin
This might be the best video on youtube
Can barely make it through the video without hurling..\n\nProud to have been part of this culinary piece of history!
I have an iron stomach but god damn.
A classic that's stood the test of time, and will make people gag and vomit for years to come\nF
RarePizzaCatYT 2007
They forgot to get TheOdd1sOut (James) booger noise
Cant believe its been 2 years. Time flies when your baking cakes :(
RawEggTheGreat IX
This is truly the -try not to cringe challenge-\n\n*_try not to barf_*
Retarded Boi
Cake N. Sane Trilogy
Rette Rising
I've seen this many times and I'm always taken aback by how much of a good sport vsauce is
Runch Randa
i don't know how i ended up watching this video but i loved every second i spent watching it
I did not want want to watch this. Now I am. Wish me luck
The cake doesn't even look that bad...
Snowflakety :3
This video made me like cake
Sr Pelo
Congratulations to the couple, papa bless
What a time to be alive
Summary of the cake videos:\n\nIdubbbz sits there staring at everyone, max pukes everywhere, and Frank sits there and laughs at max
Wolf Snow
“Dad, how do stars die?” \n“Usually an overdose.”
This is the only royal wedding I care about
bob ross
Thats true friendship...
15:27 love that scene
cai jones
It's a shame the anime got cancelled by youtube
da boiii
Jack and Pewdie, aren't you supposed to be kid friendly....? 😂😂😂😭
Our generation's Pink Flamingos.
goat 29
This is comparable to 2 girls 1 cup
guilherme Gui
youtube deep web version
hot cheetos
I feel like vomiting and crying tears of joy at the same time
Jesus Christ, that tag-teaming vomit finale had me in stitches
kaiju_khamodon 54
The End of Evangelion? No. The End of FilthyFrank
Im not crying you are
lavasun stolenmemeboi
it was a mistake rewatching this while eating
ll PuRe WyTrOe ll
They just ate Pee, Pubic hair, vomit, spit, and butt hair hahaha👌🏿
Thats not the real frank
Honestly the most disgusting part of this video was the split second Jacob Sartorious played😂
oh hi mark
I ate cake while watching this. No regerts
the vault dweller
How did vsauce get involved
Bruh imagine being a bum digging through the trash looking for something to eat then finding the cakes not knowing what it is
this is the most butyfull thing i ever saw
xXstealth catXx
Why does dubbz throw up red???
I'm watching this while waiting in a car dealership centre and the salespeople are giving me strange looks