Shelly Linker (Cooties)Mad World

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02 creeper dude
The song when I get bullied
Alicia Maya
they kill the kids
Andrew Gutierrez
Thats sad
Anna Sims
Is it just me or is Patriot rlly cute😍
Aparecida Ledesma
Audrey McLeod
she's Shelly not selly
BFF World
This actually suits this movie with this song
Bailey's Big Life!
Poor teacher...😬
Blu Scout
this makes me never ever ever wanna eat chicken nuggets again !!!
Braiden Rolling
It was the shef he was the one he gave her the virus in her food
Carsons Carson
2:46 savage
Cheyenne Jackson
I wander who's birthday party it was.
Coren Plante
I see blood on the playset
Cute Wolf Boy
I saw selly look at her infected chicken nuggut and i think she new about the infected nuggut
I saw how the cooties got in the girl
Dano lex
Sooooooooo grooooooosss and sad😭☹😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😰😰😰😢😢😢😢😢😰😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Dân Đoàn
Ghê rợn luôn
Edvanha Santana
Edwin Alcantara
I did not want cooties ew 😣😣😣
Eva Buclon
that's gross
Ezequias Alvarenga
Fhainalyn Lagayan
Ohno poor people
Fire Spred22
I watched the movie
αααααα Βοήθεια τρέξτε να σώθητε έρχεται η Σανι!!!
Gizelle Velez
This.. is so scary but not as scary as train to busan the zombie movie but I don't know what I would do if their was a zombie apocalips and the music just no
Hannah Schenck
I don't eat chicken nuggets any more because of this movie
Haytham shabazz
at 2:41 no mercy
HowToDoIt Properly
It would be better with different music
Howard Garcia
This makes me feel like throwing up
Jaisy Alvarez
1 little infected chicken nugget made all this‼️
Julia Castro
Julia Eduarda
alguém sabe o nome dessa musica
Kaya Akay
2.04 only that moment not the whole playing scene but only that Little moment scares me
Kaydence Marie
That chicken nugget made me vomit
Lapis Lazuli
Dam kids playin with body parts just think about what the virus did to them
Latonya Shadric
im never eating chicken nuggets ever.
Logan Kotowski
No more chicken nuggets for me heck no if I get chicken nuggets on my plate ima throw it away and I feel like never going to school oh yeah im 8 and in 2nd grade
Luna Nelson
I'm scared that when I'm at school I didn't go by anyone
Max Gummi Cat
the kid though running after them XD LMAO
Michelle Franco
At the end a zombie Was trying to catch the humans and he Was still burn
Nacho Libre
i feel bad for shellby
Nameless Horror
Thanks you for 429k views everyone omg:)
NayLove Avakin
I hate chicken nuggets now .-.
Panda Playz
I will never eat chicken nuggets agin!!!
Rosa Martinez
it cooties dum
Ruben Arellano
dude jusr leave cute wolf boy alone
Samantha Stack
Shelly is so Nice
This made me not eat nuggets no more
Samy Reynolds
So scared
Sayori Gaming
none of this is real ok
Snowbia0916 Gacha Studios
these kids are insane
Thatone Guy
After this I didn't want chicken nuggets now I do
The Kodi and Aubrey show
I love this song!!!
The Thomas shows Gigi
I like shelly linker
guys check your nuckets first and then eat them
Tímea Makai
Ezt írja be vagy a minden gyermek félni fog
Valentýna Šindlerová
that end with that guy!!!!!!!OMG😮😮😮😰😰😰🙊🙊🙊
Vung Lian
Man this is to sad
Yuno uwu
Shelly was My Favorite in This Movie
Z kitten omg
Never rain chicken nuggets
Oh look, Carnage
ZeroGamer sam
girls have cooties soon that's I don't like girls but not my mom
[[ R ]] Animations
This is the reason why I don't wanna go to school
alfie animation
Who thinks that when the bullys friend bullys shelly when shes escaping and theres no sound it looks like he already has it
becky nate
lol i marley i like your videos
cooldrawing team
I really want to watch thisssss😣😣😣😣😣
davina bam
elec arpad
Oh may gad👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😱
gise the gamer
At least I had breakfast before I watched this
hyungs_ myhoppy
iiCoopyV4 crypty
Gosh those zombies are literally smart
ilovegiveaways lol
Just imagine cooties were real
irmãs alice gamezzz
Ouoooo what wtf
jr vlogs
Shelly is pretty
killer croc
what's the song
lina T.
p.s im 9 and im glad i dont have cooties
I wanna be in the movie am a kid
mewto pieler
my cat studio
Is it the best way to burn the kids ???
noemi agosto
Who agrees?
pro girl gamer
Omg I'm so help me me
pup py
I'm gonna throw up
rainbow dash mlp Miranda
Taxi Driver
selify- chen
at 1:46 it looks like red pint all if it looks like pint
xoMorrison• kittyplyz
Like best movie ever
Максим Лут
सवMina TM
I can't watch the whole movie, I mean even though they have the cooties there just kids and think about how the parents feel...