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Rockin'1000 performing for the first time live "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana during That's Live - the Biggest Rock Band on Earth, in Cesena - July 2016.★ Who Are We ★In 2015 1000 Rockers performed simultaneously "Learn to Fly" by the Foo Fighters in Cesena - Italy. The video got more than 32 million views and the Foos actually held a concert in town!In 2016 we organized "That's Live" the first concert ever of the Biggest Rock Band on Earth!1000 musicians, one stadium, playing the songs that made the glorious History of Rock!★ Follow us if you want to stay updated ★www.rockin1000.comFacebook: @rockin1000Twitter: @rockin_1000Instagram: @rockin1000 Official Merchandising:★ Produced by Rockin'1000 ★Creative Producer: Anita RivaroliDirectors: Anita Rivaroli & Alberto ViavatteneCinematographer: Pasquale RemiaEditor: Matteo StefaniAss. Editor: Annalaura CarollaColor Grading: Vincenzo Marinese

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A. Soylu
Amazing ..
Aciis Khatiwada
Kurt Cobain would have loved this video and version. An absolutely Epic tribute to the greatest Grunge band in history. NIRVANA rules.
Alan Laird
I love this and I am proud to be one of the 1000 @ 01:10.
Alexey Sokolov
Dont envy the sound engineer ))))
Almira Özek
i want to cry this is the world's most beautiful thing ever happened im so fuckin hyped
Ama Joke
When you lose hope for the whole world, just look at this video and look what the humanity can do.
Arif Fyanto
Kurt you see this?
Atal Panigrahy
The God of Grunge !!!!!!!
Bagus Panji
0:25 bill gates playing guitar
Berak Celana
00:00 - 06:45 EPIC MOMENT!
Callie Holt
I love how in unison they all are. Would give anything for Kurt to see this 🖤🙏🏻
Camila Moreno
The funny thing is if Kurt lived to see this, he would probably be irritated by it.
This made me orgasm
Dean Dragonetti
I love this. Kurt would go insane , maybe come back from the dead? For me this spectacle is better than Woodstock! Definitely the best use of overdub I have ever heard. Rock on amici!
DjG Guenther Suft TM
🔥 ⚡️ gife it to me folks ⚡️ 🔥 ⚡️ this is for you Kurt Cobain ⚡️ 🔥
Beautiful. Beautiful people. Beautiful musicians. Beautiful song.
Dubstepic DJ
Kurt Cobain would be proud
Dulce Cobos
Me pone la piel chinita! 👌👏👍❤
Eric Wang
People of every gender and every age coming together to play this anthem
Ernesto Guevara
Eso es una sociedad...unidos por un sentimiento en comun...y si no lo sientes...te contagia...lo que es bueno nace...crece...y muere...siendo
Forehead Man
How big is their practice room
Game Time
привет из 2018
Glory Rain
How the drummers all play together in sync gives me chills every time
Kurt was watching
Imagine being an alien and getting beamed into the middle of this.
Hariman Dhanjal
Kurt would be so happy to see this
Henrio Respati
This must be sound engineers' nightmare
How to be a dumbass
imagine being in the middle of it all just absorbing it all, I would feel like I was in heaven and jizz everywhere!
I like to do stuff
I wonder how much the electricity bill was
Iko Yoyvais
Ставь лайк кто пришел из Инстаграмма!
Ilkcan Cicen
Abi efsanesiniz ya orada olmayi o kadar isterdim ki..🇹🇷
Proud to be one of the thousand drummers
Jack Griffin
holy shit I’ve got goosebumps
Jack Poulos
who are the 3000 people who disliked this?
Janete Schell
Como gostaria de estar neste estádio.
Jayden Johnson
Kurt is proud
Jean Pierre Wehry
*When the lights out... it's much dangerous*
Jose Cambra
INCREDEBLE¡¡¡¡ Hard work playing everybody together... I didn't knew about this amazing people.... now I'm the n° 1 fan...
Jose Portillo
Juli Elinya
If Kurt heard this himself, he would burst into tears like a child
the fact that i see different generations playing in this really means that music can bring people together
Karim Belkhelfa
Kurt would love!
Kavya Ajit
What's better than an electric guitar? Millions of them!
Kevin Tanaka
i wanna be a part of this.. but i can do nothing.
Kyuss Qotsa
I remember seeing Nirvana in a tiny little dive bar in Portland with what I think was the last drummer before Dave Grohl. They went through like six drummers I think. I was drunk and into it. I remember thinking they kind of looked like homeless people who jammed out but who would of thought? This might be the most important song in music history. IT CHANGED EVERYTHING!
Kurt would be proud
Layla Blanco
Kurt would be so proud!
Lebo Matseke
That's it!! I'm going for drumming lessons and going to a rock 1000 concert to be one of the band. 😎✌🤘
Lockwoodj wolf
its the most epic thing when be 2017 maybe kurt is seeing tihis his legacy
Lupe Batiz
Kurt really didn't understand what he was apart of ? And even though he broke are hearts by taking himself away from us. I will always be grateful for the masterpiece he left to us
Luz Alba Franco Arbelaez
Massimo Volpe
Proud to be one of the thousand
The audio mixer killed himself the day after...
Me & Two
Do Bohemian Rhapsody!
Melina Le Moigne
Meme Trash
I was there live. It's an unbelievable experience
Mr. N0Body
This shows the world that rock is not dead
Kurt, are you listening? :')
Natalie Weiss
One person drumming already looks cool af. That many of them? It’s so visually appealing.
Nathan Meikle
what I love most is that you see older musicians with grey hair and wrinkles but you also see really young high school aged musicians that cant be any older than 14 and it just shows that no matter who or what you are be it age race gender that music will all ways unite us and bring us all together, and that's why this video fucking rocks!!!!
Курт оценил бы...
Oscar et sa guitare
Great 🤘🏼 May I come guys ? ❤️🎤🎶🎵
Parker Hatcher
I don't care what the comments look like at all. This was the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Puto El Que Lo Lea xdxd
And potato 😂😂😂
SAMS _photography
1000 bassists and still no one can hear them
The spirit of 1000 rockstars
Safaa Doll Parts
Holy shit this is epic ,grunge is not dead 💖
Safety Man
This is what keeps rock alive. This is why rock will never die, it makes people join together as a group, full of emotions. You can feel it through your body, I'm not talking about the music itself, I'm talking about the energy it spreads.\nThis is something unique, something that other music genres cannot recreate. \nI really don't think there are words to express the sense of belonging I feel watching this video. \nI'm proud of you people, I hope someday I will be able to come to a concert and have a wonderful day with you.
Samet Ünsal
Rock Music has always held us togetter and will always hold.
Shivam Kumar
Best thing in this world. Nirvana😍🔥
Space monkey67
seems like a lot of work just to play this one song
2:05 Who's this pretty girl? So sick!!
Tadzik Silesia
Kurt live 😀
TheForest Reasons
Я всё. Спасибо
Toby Kim
THIS Is the definition of EPIC.
Trinaty Ternoir
I can just feel all the love and energy in this video could only imagine all the good vibes
Vick Papatoe :v
5:37 Nunca vi un sólo violinista \u003e:'v
Vicky Mamalikou
Pure perfection
Werner Erkelens
SICK. Would love to be a part of these one day :)
adrian paul lopez
Impresionante..Kurt vive!!
they are make me jealous, damn
evgeny123f EвгенийФ
this is the greatest thing ever.
mam downa i jestem zjebany
Kurt is watching it from the sky
I would be very proud of myself if 1000 people cover one of my songs. Do you see kurt ? Behind the depression and all your sadness, you were a very talented person. You are amazing :)
naveed hashmi 717
A moment of pure \
nikos _10
That was EPICC!!!!! Love from Greece
oki hartadi
Kurt. . . . We Love You
rin konan
Nothing better is gonna happen in next decade or so
talin nalo
zal p
I wonder who takes roll call.
Александр Попов
Как же это, мать его, божественно !!!
Антон Чижевский
Курт жив!
Мишаня Бурков
это рейв блять.....
Would kill to be part of it