U2 - Ultra Violet (Light My Way)

U2’s new album, “Songs of Experience” out now. Listen to the album: Music video by U2 performing Ultra Violet (Light My Way) (C) 2010 Universal-Island Records Limited

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goosebumps and a catharsis
Adri Dalti
Amo esta musica...amo esta banda...a melhor do mundo...
Alain Chouinard
at Montreal when they did Ultraviolet i was floating somewhere in the sky.... great unforgeteable moment
Ana Davila
I felt like trash, but you made me feel clean. Baby light way....
Andy Manser
Anna Baxter
esta canción me hace recordar a mi padre , el ama esta canción y con esta versión la piel se puso Chinita! amo a U2 desde niño!
Bugner Richard
brilliant song ...i love Ultraviolet....Light my way....
Whatever i can say about this song will never ever come even close to what U2 is. Damn whatta band. Edge you are really good and always made those cords speak to itself. VIVA U2
Achtung Baby probably one of their all time best albums!
Carlos Baptista
u2 melhor banda do mundo.
Carlos Hernández Salazar
toda la mañana pegado cantando esta canción, así que tuve que venir a escucharla
Everybody should go to watch right now U2 Ultra Violet Live in New York 20 March 1992.
The best i mean THE BEST VERSION OF THis SONG IS:\nU2 2009-07-07 milan ultraviolet\n\nJUST PERFECT
I never understood why this song wasn't in the setlist for the past 10 years--- Throw in 'Acrobat', too and I'd be complete.
Danny Aguirre
One of the best songs ever. U2 is magical on this track. I get chills every single time I hear this song. Just brilliance !!!
Dave Robles
My favorite U2 song
greatest feckin band in the world
Deja Voodoo
Next to the Beatles, U2 is the best band in history. And their body of work and song catalog laps the Beatles many times over. They could put together 4 concerts of hits, and never play the same song twice.
Del Fi
This group makes me feel like I'm flying. U2, come back to Argentina please 🇦🇷
Diego Leal
Doc Holiday
U2 never fails to amaze
Achtung Baby es el mejor disco de la historia de la música. Me cambió la vida
Evatrilalu Ignacio
la puta, nunca me canso de escuchar a u2. buenísimoo!!
Florence Saurin
Génial ♥♥♥
Still can't believe I was there. One of the best nights of my life
Seeing this live at the 360tour I have to say I liked it better than the original, huge song :-)
Gerard Lawlor
u2 light my way no1 live
Gi Souza
U2, você me faz viajar 😊
Greg Suarez
This performance of Ultra Violet made me finally see the greatness of this song. Over the last 25 years, I have always \
Gulnara Talat
More than a MASTERPIECE!\nLifetime Fan......
H.O.T. Air
Bono fights back against guys with laser pointers in the crowd by firing back with dozens on his clothes
Te amo, por hacer este camino, más lumínico.\n\nCaminemos por la 7, entre las luces.
Jean Paul
Click. Anyone ?
Johan Sandberg
This is possibly their best song ever the way it was played at 360. Was an ungrinded diamond for 18 years but finally they discovered it. It is so complete; powerful and melodic at the same time.\nBut the best version is no doubt Sheffield Aug 20, 2009!
John Gosper
one of u2's most underrated songs without doubt
Jorge Vedovoto
Essa música faz a gente viajar em pensamentos por terras distantes e por tempos passados.....
Juan G
2018 an still rocks !!!
Juan Villarreal
U2     The greatest rock n roll band of all times!!!
Kelly Draper
OMG why do i go crazy of very this Irish men??
Kristin Crumpler
Sometimes I feel like I don't know\nSometimes I feel like checking out.\nI wanna get it wrong\nCan't always be strong\nAnd love, it won't be long.\n\nOh, sugar, don't you cry.\nOh, child, wipe the tears from your eyes.\nYou know I need you to be strong\nAnd the day it is dark, as the night is long.\nFeel like trash, you make me feel clean.\nI'm in the black, can't see or be seen.\n\nBaby, baby, baby, light my way.\nAlright now, baby, baby, baby, light my way.\n\nYou bury your treasure where it can't be found\nBut your love is a secret that's been passed around.\nThere is a silence that comes to a house\nWhere no-one can sleep.\nI guess it's the price of love; I know it's not cheap.\n\nOh, come on, baby, baby, baby, light my way.\nOh, come on, baby, baby, baby, light my way\nBaby, baby, baby, light my way.\n\nI remember when we could sleep on stones.\nNow we lie together in whispers and moans.\nWhen I was all messed up and I heard opera in my head\nYour love was a light bulb hanging over my bed.\n\nBaby, baby, baby, light my way.\nOh, come on, baby, baby, baby, light my way.
Lily Zampitella
And Sharon Osbourne says U2 shows are boring
Lissette Semprit
Now this song is Amazing!!!! IF you really love U2 go on Facebook and add U-two finatic and tell other people to added too!!!!!
Lucas Hoch
I love so much omg ... love Bman  ... amore mio forever ... I love U2 🎶🎤🎶
Marcello Bonanno
Baby Baby baby...baby baby baby baby LIGHT MY WAYYYYYY!!!
Marcos I. Vargas V.
Holy mother of music! This is one of the best songs in the history of humankind!
Mario Adabache
Like si lo ves en 2018, 2019etc. etc.etc. saludos desde Fresnillo Zacatecas México al mundo yeaaahhh 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 Viva México U2 Grupazo.✌👍🇲🇽
Mark DiLisio
I was lucky enough to see U2 backup J Geils at Boston Garden, they outshined Geils, I always see them in the area when they tour.they are my generations Beatles, the best was seeing them during the Joshua Tree tour, scalpers were asking 1K a ticket, I went with my future wife, I'd never trade that night for 2K. it was ethereal! !
Mark Dorchester
Achtung Baby is and will always be the best U2 album ever. Nothing else compares to the depth and breadth of this album.
Mark Spencer
This is their best album of all time, Joshua tree contains great songs but didn't flow as an album but this gels from the first song to the last. Best album of all time from the best band of all time.
I was a late admirer to Achtung Baby, but this live performance from the 360 tour sold me on this song from this album... mesmerizing
check out zootv Washington 92...THE BEST VERSION..
Mike Caldwell
zoo tv version much better
Mário Marques
Todas as geracoes tem as suas bandas, eu tenho a sorte de pertencer a geracao U2
Nicolas Brasier
Bono's Voice is just awesome in this present Version !
Noelia Alvarez Benegas
Ultraviolet,que canción mas bonita de U2 como todas
Patricia Forzan
Thirty five years of songs and still at the top. Ultra Violet this time, Every Breaking Wave on the last Tour ... Always pure moments dancing with Angels. Thx Boys !
Pierre Conrad
This song is great, but this video is on another level. They've truly mastered the stadium act.
Piotr Paweł Waszkiewicz
Sometimes I feel like I don't know\nSometimes I feel like checkin' out\nI want to get it wrong\nCan't always be strong\nAnd love it won't be long...\n\nOh sugar\nDon't you cry\nOh child\nWipe the tears from your eyes\nYou know I need you to be strong\nAnd the day is as dark as the night is long\nFeel like trash\nYou make me feel clean\nI'm in the black\nCan't see or be seen\n\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way\n\nYou bury your treasure\nWhere it can't be found\nBut your love is like a secret\nThat's been passed around\nThere is a silence that comes to a house\nWhere no one can sleep\nI guess it's the price of love\nI know it's not cheap\n\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way\n\nUltraviolet Love \nUltraviolet Love\nUltraviolet Love\n\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way\n\n\nI remember\nWhen we could sleep on stones\nNow we lie together\nIn whispers and moans\nWhen I was all messed up\nAnd I heard opera in my head\nYour love was a light bulb\nHanging over my bed\n\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way,\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way,\n\nUltraviolet Love \nUltraviolet Love\nUltraviolet Love\n\nBaby, Baby, Baby\nBaby, Baby, Baby\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way\n\nBaby, Baby, Baby\nBaby, Baby, Baby\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way\nBaby, Baby, Baby light my way.
Renee H
Wow this song has always been one of my top favs. Can't believe I never saw this live version. Isn't it amazing that U2 was ready to call it quits prior to releasing this album? Achtung Baby turned out to be one of the best albums if not THE BEST album of theirs! My top favorite album of all time!💗
That jacket with the fog is awesome.
Ricardo Medina García
Damn this song is powefull
Rick Rocker
Mann, I've been listening to this on repeat the last few days. love this version. great performance and visuals/lights.👍
Rizyrozay The Boss
one of the Best songs by U2, great synchronization of intrumentals and vocals.
Roberto Acuña Orozco
esta cancion me hace sentirme enamorado, cada vez que la escucho veo los ojos de la persona que tanto quiero
Rodrigo Pereira
Rogerio Freitas Pinto
song even better live than on record
Rolands Rol
achtung baby
Ryan Martin
This is the best U2 performance and song that I know. Can't stop listening and watching it. Love his dance moves with the old boxing ring microphone. It really strikes a chord in me.
Stacey Sykes
I can't deal with this, it's too much! What a song! What a band! They're so talented, it's insane.
Steve Estrada
Love this song, I cant believe i just heard it today for the first time, and I've been listening to U2 since 1985 when i was 11
257 people need to light their way...
Tore Aurstad
Bono might be the biggest douchebag in the world, but when he turns on those glory shades and starts rockin there is no cooler douche in the entire history.
Trevor Gebhardt
When you watch a performance like this it's hard to believe they are mere mortals.
One of the best U2 songs ever!!!!
Uriel Isaias Rivas Pineda
Gracias por el vídeo de U2 🙌🙌 desde México D,F 🙋🙋🙋🙋 gracias
Vishal k
U2 My life\nmy fav song!
Wonder Man
U2 is so fantastic to watch.......performing, and in what they do and how they do it, the word 'innovative' and 'creative' -two words, are both UNDERRATED, and given new meaning with THIS SU2PER band........ :) as one youboober once said about U2, \
Ziggy Stardust
achtung baby?? nice pop album
I don't care what people say I fucking love U2!!!!😀😁😂 Few bands can crafts songs as well as these guys can! They work soo well together as a band, after soo many years their love for music has never left them!
cesar rugerio
mi mejor grupo U2 \n ilove you
Wow! That was great! I'm curious about whether there are backing musicians, overdubs of vocals and guitar parts. There are four musicians appearing on stage, but there is a lot of sound. However they did it, that was a great video and one of my favorites of their's. The Killers do a great cover of this song also.
guillermo guerrero
this is a jewel I like so much, thanks for share.
jay thompson
saw them live in Philadelphia best event i ever been to hope i get another chance to see them live
kelly sharp
Bono's just too cool in this❤❤
lovely Lee
best song ever!
When I saw them live in 2009, this was the only song that made me cry. I had tears in my eyes while watching them performing Ultraviolet live in Chorzow, 2009.
operator elevator
My fav U2 song forever.
pat wheler
jesus but these guys have soooo many gooooood tunes grrrrrr omg
this awesome/fantastic/wonderful/magnificent/epic piece of music deserved it's own proper music video back in 1992 :'(
the begining of this song is awesome
Joshua tree & Achtung baby are one of the best albums in rock history
BEST MUSIC EVEEEEERRRR \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
lol they are gods!!!!
Arguably my favorite performance of my favorite song from my favorite album from my favorite band. This is just perfection on every level. U2 is a fine wine, just getting better with age. Cannot wait to see them in June on their Joshua Tree 2017 tour.
The Edge's guitar riffs make this song as powerful and unique as it is. Memories.