Funny cat talking like a ninja saying "oh my god" not oh long johnson - Bibi

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Funniest cat video ever! Talking Cat saying "oh my god" clearly and "I don't know" each twice and marked with speech bubbles each time and several other things. ALL 100% real! Funny cat talking cat talking funny Bibi talks while eating. The funny talking can Bibi talks while eating results in peculiar sounds. Stop by for a chat with Bibi.

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Aisha Mohammad
Bibi, the very talkative cat :)! hahahaha
Leave the cat alone... That is a nervous cat ! Kind of acts like a scared stray cat .
how old is the cat? :)
Chrisropher Rader
You sound like salad fingers
CrazyLittle Ducky
He is not. Saying o my god
Crystal Looney
Maybe the cat has a mouth problem or tooth problem and it hurts to eat.
Damarah Bryant
She doesn't want you near or talking during her meal
Daniel Loughery
The owner sounds like a British mr rogers
Donna Ruggs
She's not talking, 🙄 she's growling at you and warning you to stay away from her food.
Wow so funny
Elizabeth Elliott
I love Bibi! She tried hard to say \
She sometimes sounds like a chicken! X\u003eD
This cat is so cute!!
ItzSo Raven
this made my day yesterday its a cool video.Pets are family and are meant to be treated as so. \u003c3ed this
Jace Roberts
She doesn't want to be bothered while she's eating. Which is why she's growling aggressively while trying to eat, and snatching little bits at a time before backing away from you to finish.
Jada Michelle
My cat isnt that vocal
James Burgett II
Whoa man cool cat!
Jason Perez Perez
I have a cat she is cute I wish I had one of yours
Jew Overlord
I've never seen a cat like that in my life. In this one video your cat has meowed more then my cats life time.
Jo Chapman
Your cat is Australian; they speak differently there. My Siamese is having a bit of a spasm listening to Bibi!
Keren Chadwick
aawwee beauty....leave him to eat in PEACE for GOODNESS SAKE !!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Hammie
soooo cute !
Lola Twinkle
Let the poor cat eat her bloody grub you drongo...
Louis O
your cat seems hostiling all the time, looks like she always keep a distance to you.
too cute I want this cat!:)
Malek Yaghi
What a crazy cat. I want one the same!
Marble Renewal
I can't get enough of watching Bibi. I want to see more please from the creator. If you guys haven't seen the other Bibi videos, you should check out the playlish, they'll crack your sides up almost as much as this one! I found this cat video which is really top class though.
Meg Kampen
Very cute! I find the Siamese cats are the most verbal. I owned 2 of those. Yes, I have heard some strange cats noises in my life. Thumbs up! :)
Mimi Walker
clearly food aggression...she does not want you by her food
Molly B.
Bibi is either having some issues xF or he wants YOU AWAY OF HIS FREAKING FOOD ALL ANIMALS DO THAT
Dat cat screamed
Niko Bellic
Ogers Ruda
Nice :)
oh my god xD
Pixel Puppy
Robert Radley
Great vid - such a cute Cat!
Robin Redbreast
Rowan Owl
That there, is a pretty angry cat. See the was she swishes her tail? with cat that's an angry tendency.
Sam Gomez
Sam Piez
Lol nice.
Siddarth Kariholoo
Cutie cat........
Sikandar Nirmal Singh ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ
She is insanely adorable
Tatiana Керина
Why he making funny sounds? Because you disturb her eating with your camera and chatting!
holy moly
Threadbare Rag
I specifically heard this cat say, \
Tomica Cat
Enjoy your meal, Bibi... ;)
W. SuPer StaRs
Wasi G619
Wayne D
What a beautiful cat, and can you not tell this animal is try to speak... This is outstanding
alltime vine
Ur video are out of this world \u003c3
The British Mr. Rogers
deq edits
fluffy the cat
did that cat runaway screaming oh my god?
ka Vegan
Shes saying leave me alone already
kelsey's life
My bangle cat eats his food and he says\
vin nie
It's such a shame to see this cat being nasty to her owner who feeds her well, when there are many poor strays out there. This bad behaviour is an issue
why don't you leave her alone while she's eating - teaching her to be agressive and growl. You are just plain mean.