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The true story of Richard Kuklinski, the notorious contract killer and family man.Filming will take place in Detroit, Michigan. Another film about Kuklinski, based on Philip Carlo's book The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer, is in development.CastMichael Shannon as Richard KuklinskiJames Franco as Mr. Softee, Kuklinski's fellow hitman.Benicio del Toro as Roy DeMeo, head of a Gambino crime family murder crew.Elias Koteas as Dominick Provenzano, alias of an undercover FBI agent.

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profits of this movie should go to RK's family!
booooooooo \n
A Duck
Everyone fucking says that, which is only true half the time at best.
Adam Kapetanakis
Before production began, director Ariel Vromen shot a test scene with Michael Shannon as Richard Kuklinski and Michael Wincott as Robert Pronge. Shannon kept his role in the feature version, while Chris Evans was cast as Robert Pronge.
Adam Middleton
It was released May 3rd. Kinda shitty. I was looking forward to seeing this movie for a long time and D=din't even know when the hell it came out.
Alexander Forbes
Yeah, you can find it online and maybe in stores. But the movie's been changed since this was shot, Chris Evans plays Mister Softee (the guy that got shot) in the actual movie but the scene is almost identical save for him spraying the thing in his face at the end, it taking place on a park table rather than a bench, and when he walks away he angrily hits him with a news paper after having shot him.
when rk was young he looked like that
Biff Hardman
Your delusional.
When does it come out?? Been waiting for this movie for like 4 years!!! The book was awesome!! And the interviews great.. he was a big guy., I thought he killed Mister Softy in a car??
Cory Lusk
what is that sound at 3:13 ?
The movie was horrible. Read the book
So where's Bobby Drake. looks like marvel messed up another movie.
Dan Reese
its this actors break out time ! in Man Of Steel an his own movie . he is great in Boardwalk Empire
Dia Mortensen
Thats not how Kuklinski described the hit. He killed this guy in a van.
Dick Grayson
Agreed. Evans played the \
Doug Gregory
It wasn't Roy who he killed for threatening his family it was a guy called georgey boy..
Doug Halagich
this movie was not very accurate but stop was a good movie
Dylan J.
Final cut was so much nicer. Still a good scene tho
Eric Jusino
Michael Shannon is the perfect person to play a psychopathic killer. However, I wish he gained weight for the role to make it more believable.
Gary Rogers
I can't wait to go and watch this... Kuklinski was sick...
Harry Callahan
This trailer was better than the film yet this scene is not even in it lol
Irma Zulema Lopez
This actor is so serious, i dont like how he do this character, he looks like a bulldog
Isa Belle
I hope you indented to use that question mark otherwise it's kind of weird. I mean you don't cast someone because they look like that person in real life, do you?\n
anyone know what he sprays on his face at the end?
JaenCarlo Ramos
The movie will be unfuckinbelievable im a big fan of the iceman
Jared Taylor
That didn't happen like that! You have to read the book... It's one of most intense books I ever read. I hope they didn't fuck up the whole movie.\n
Justin Ruffo
This score is from Batman Begins when Bruce was supposed to execute that murderer for the League of Shadows and chose not to. Anyways that's nothing important. This movie looks good.
Kenneth Kelly
if that was Mr.Softy he just killed then this is not what happen Mr.Softy was found dead with gunshots to the head in his ice cream truck\n
3:24-3:35 Michael Shannon IS Grumpy Cat
KilluaXGodspeed X
where did you watch it?
Le Ténia
Why the hell did they recast Michael Wincott??
Marc C.
Holy shit, had no idea that was Michael Wincott!!  Ultimate Michael duo of creeps right there.
Marco Buijsen
If you watch the movie, and you locking good you will see the real gemini lounge on flatlands avenue.
This is coming out the same week as Iron Man 3, good luck to that.
I liked this movie, it kept me interested enough the whole way through.
Nick Loudaros
This actor (except for having the EXACT SAME voice) also has the EXACT SAME looks of RK in his youth. AND he's a good actor too, see him on Boardwalk Empire.
Paul y
Michael Wincott would have made a much better Robert Pronge than Chris Evans, but Hollywood rules and he was replaced. Not for lack of talent, but we need Captain America to get people to see this movie. Hollywood sucks.
Piken H
Huh? You crazy? He's beautiful!
Why not the guy he popped in the forehead with a crossbow? That man was on the street minding his own business. He was not a hit or an associate. He calls him over as to ask the man for directions and then put an arrow in his forehead with a drawn crossbow. A real hero he was. The profits should go to the family of this innocent by-stander. And please, don't play the \
man fuck the book
Ricardo Falconi
That's terrible...he doesn't like chocolate he is really a Psycho!!!
Ronaldo Murphano
No that was his friend George Malliband that said he would kill his family. Mr. Softee wanted Richard to kill his family and vice versa and then Richard killed Mr. Softee because he was a loose end.
Sam Moore
This promo is SO MUCH BETTER than the entire movie!! I hope someone redoes this epic true tale with some depth and back story because the book is awesome and the interviews with Kuklinski also provide a ton of stories and perspectives that were unfortunately not in the movie. The cast didn't come across as believable either. Just another run of the mill mob movie. 1 out of 5 stars. This promo..... 4 out of 5!
Samuel J.
They should've kept this in the movie. This scene is fuckin masterpiece.
Good lord, this could have been an iconic film with Wincott in that role. What a fucking shame.
Scooby Dan
oh right , just watched the movie. i think this guy is more believable. this with the tissue is just glossed over. a lot more tention than the finnished movie, pity
Steezus Flyst
Its a mixture of cyanide and dimethyl sulphoxide(a solvent easily absorbed through the skin), it was a concoction that Pronge(Mr. Softee) had come up with himself and had shared with Richard, both preferring to finish hits with poison when possible.It kills in seconds and often looks like a heart attack in the autopsy.
incredible dialogue
Susie Blanco
The actor who is portraying the Iceman looks nothing like the original one. Whoever cast this star portraying ICEMAN needs to be fired?
Swok Madness
I believe this is 2011 the new iceman with ray liotta in it is 2013... Correct me if I'm wrong though :)
Love this scene, hope its in the final cut.\n
Not as good movie as you would think it would be, great acting and all, but it just skips 2 fast story and all the main events arent even in. Feels like it
jesus christ
Tomg Stereos
How do you know where i live.. Amazing line...
It's a better scene , the guy looks like \
charles nokes
Chris Evans played mr softee not James Franco. Franco played a guy that kuklinski hit
Um everyone here knows he used to be skinny before he was in jail right?
The guy hated his wife I believe, in reality and he said he would go after his family if he didn't cooperate. Richard would later lure him somewhere and ask him \
That's not the same actor I saw last knight (o_O) same script though.
edward starling
where did you watch it?
gary clark
dont think it is.
giorgi grubeli
smart man but fbi friend was smarter dou
I was expecting to see this scene in the movie. So dissapointed!
joe caine
That would be michael wincott, one of the best actors alive. Chris evans replaced him and did great but there is only one wincott.
liam cullen
that is not the guy fromthe office its the guy who plays the probie in boardwalk empire
marcin najman
Hell Yeah It is! came out on the 3rd\n
Read the book, its way better.
His family were also victims...
Kuklinski made up lots of stuff for his ego. When he got caught he was so unable to cope with his inadequacies that he made up stuff to make him look more like a psycho than he actually was.
I think its an inhaler....what does the print copy say it is. Maybe a ~moot~ point. Just a dramatic irony to my eye!
Whats the name of the one he kills?
sama flame
Just saw this movie last night. Strangely, this scene isn't in the film. the setting, clothing and actors are a little different. but the same thing goes down at some point. looks like they have a few different takes and scenes done with different people. \nOr if someone actually knows why this scene is the way it is then please correct me.
If only James Gandolfini was 6'5 360lb he would make a great RK \
not Roy but George Malovan
How so?
It makes sense using Evans if they wanted a little variety among the characters. Seeing he doesn't have a gravelly voice nor a dead eyed glint, Evans was so offbeat nobody would suspect him including that 70's hair and shades. I bet they'd look more like Wincott in real life but viewers would get bored quickly because with Roy, Polack, and that other guy, forgot-his-name, they'd all look the same. The film already has two big fish in the crime pond.
wankelschmut johnson
You're right.
wesley hooser
no it wasnt
hm...I just watched this movie. This scene is different in the movie. They made 2 versions?
Finally a movie adaptation of the infamous hitman. Guys you should watch the documentary too its really good, his confessions gave me chills down my spine.