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The new and improved warhammer dawn of war trailer

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I saw this movie, and the next day I hear this song in the radio :)
Adrian Rolfe
Lol thats in the game :P In the actual Warhammer 40k Novels necrons are supposed to be the most feared race to exist, because they can't die! They're already dead, and no matter what you do you can destroy their bodies but you can never truely kill them. The necrons are only just waking up from their millenia of slumber, and when they do even the imperium of man will find it hard to stop them :P
Alex Woods
Well I'm sorry to inform you that there is something called game fairness. I know Space Marines are the end all and be all in the books but just so other people can enjoy the game, the other races need to have a fighting chance...k.thx.
emo = idiot
Ayy lmao
if you want online fun buy it if you just want sigle player and skirmish download
What the fuck?!
that game is awesome and the song is sweat
dude that was pretty cool, thumbs up
whats up with the evil laugh
Chaplain Silkor
Very nice video\r\n\r\nUltramarines rule. For honour and for The Immortal Emperor!\r\n\r\nWhile vile mutants still draw breath there can be no peace.
Chris Animator Guy
Nice video, Like how the Necrons fly back. Must be a mad world in Warhammer. Songs fitting too.
Colby Ferguson
dude beutiful i love gsry jules
This video definetly makes you think.......\r\nnope i'm still going to shoot poor guardsmen!\r\nmwha ha ah ah aha!
lol the guy gets ripped in half :]
look at 2.10 it's a cool act
David Cookson
go space marines!\r\nis there anything about the raven guard?
Dios Enterrador
qe wapo el video ...
Dizlic _
WHY ??????? WHY ??????? its so sad AAAAAAAA\r\nso much war AAAAAAAAAAAAA your all brovers in this wold
dude...black templats cant use librarians..and the manual says the Blood Ravens have the most psykers short of the Grey Knights
Dwarven Thane
That's a necron lord you idiot, NONE OF THIS is based on Star Wars you fool.
dios tio k wapo k esta ese juego!!!!\n5 estrellas y a favoritos
Faroukh William
you're an idiot
Love ThQ forever..\n\nEmperors finest report
Giorgia M.
Golden Slam
all tremble in fear of the might of the ultra marines all the rest are weak
Hazardous Studios
ALERT! ALL DoW PLAYERS!\r\n\r\nA new version of DoW is set to come out next spring called Soulstorm. The Dark Eldar are coming!
Jeff C.
... LOL... wow... the evil laugh did ruin it..
John Stephenson
definatly most relevent to the imperial guard as they are the ones who die the most
@00akaro mad world by gary jules
Granted but the song is still from gears.
Nice video.
Faved and subscribed.
holy crap.\r\n\r\n\r\nIn the famous words of Austin Powers.....\
eh eres español/are you spanish? soy de coruña/I'm living in A Coruña\r\nSuper video!!! quien dijo que solo el rock va bien con warhammer/who sais that only rock music is good on warhammer videos?
Phillip Rudkinov
u should make a video about tau but use the same music
Plushie Kona
mad world is the song in case anyone didnt know
Would've been perfect...then the retarded laughing -_-||
Ryan Barcham
that is pretty gay only necrons, space marines and imperial guards
Ryan Holmes
im used to love imperial gaurd to me they look the awesome i agree negros are really good but i dont liek them and i dont thing there really the best. Also no offence but i think theres always a group of players who go fro teh new army its in every game and i think there not good players. Oh and my faves are orks :) (P.S feel free it insult me if i insulted u)
could someone post a link to the spacemarine/necrons movie clip that starts at 1:35 ???
Music is purely G A Y, dude WTF?Blood Ravens Forever!
Sean Jones
the song was out years before GOW
Necron's rox
Odd. Didn't remember that a wraith ripped somebody in half, in the DC trailer... thought he just got impaled and dropped.
sisters of battle have joined soulstorm.
Vítězslav Novák
2:24 is best moment ever. Cameraman, follow me! Victory or death!
Zobert Landry
Not very apropriate music
Nope. This is a never-ending war that has been going on for thousands of years across the galaxy.
bob silverman
yeah the marine doesnt get ripped in half anymore, they changed it before releasing DC
what's the title of the song?
clyde mcgee
only sad moments in dawn of war is when you see hundreds of men dieing and slaying them other sad moments are just when the imperium purge planets
because they're genetically enhanced humans? They are aristocrats though
mad world Gary jules.
i think its an amasing vid
the peacefulness of the song contradicts the violence of the clip making both more powerful.
lol man i can't wait to play this, just bought the game today off of steam :D what were those undead things? and those robots are fucking BOSS
great job with the game
wats da song?!
ill take you with the eldar any day
not great, but good
die heretic
im just asking i need buy this game or i can download?
Amazing video and song
fuxkin cheatin necrons
epic 10/10
not first time DoW ignored class specialties: tau shud be only ranged and the kroot CAN help but they're mercenaries and there arent a lot of them and they're not so tough as ur average meelee figher dude. in DoW u just spam krootz FTW becoz of low pop cost and no limits.
awesome! nice vid man.
very nice, but the \
i agree with spiky
i disagree with Chris i think the song doesn not fit at all not ONE bit
wich is the name of this song? tnk
An explosive on a dreadnought would destroy it.
Mad World
try giving it a go at a lan cafe if there's one near you, best way to know what it's like without having to rely on someone's inane ramblings.
overall i think that tha WAGGGGGH of the Bad moons rocks and black templars and imperial guard!\r\n\r\nif u disagree dats fine everyone has there own opinon
Ákos Balogh
Damn you really got this thing, yo know!