Coldplay - The Scientist

Taken from A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

Alternative Alternative Rock (Musical Genre) Atlantic Records (Record Label) Blood Charlie Brown Chris Martin Clocks Cold play Fix You Guy Berryman Head Jonny Buckland Music (TV Genre) Official Paradise Pop Pop Music (Musical Genre) Rock Rush Rush of Blood Scientist Shiver The Scientist Trouble Violet Hill Viva La Vida WMG Warner Music Group (Record Label) Will Champion Yellow of official video the to Coldplay

ALEDO Thumim
Take me back to the start plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Abby Cramer
This song reminds me of my brother. One day we were walking to the corner stood near our house and he. Well he had his earbuds and they were blaring music so loud I could hear, and it was this song. He was only 15 miss you so much bud I wish you could come back from school already.
Aditya Faizal
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Aditya Gaur
Always wear the goddamn seat belt.
Alessandro Borghese
Love coldplay since \
Anouk vanco
Yeah guys we know it's 2018 congratulations you can read calendar
okay yo why the hell are comments with dates for example (who listening in October 16th 2018) getting so much more attention than those without. through my scrolling I read a personal story someone gave that was heartfelt and compelling that deserves more likes which only got 400 likes compared to \
Is anyone else addicted to this song?? ❤️
Bader Almoshkhes
Life is going to only get better. I promise 🌹
Bangla Band Song
Coldplay - The Scientist\n\nCome up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry\nYou don't know how lovely you are\n\nI had to find you\nTell you I need you\nTell you I set you apart\n\nTell me your secrets\nAnd ask me your questions\nOh, let's go back to the start\n\nRunning in circles\nComing up tails\nHeads on a science apart\n\nNobody said it was easy\nIt's such a shame for us to part\nNobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be this hard\n\nOh, take me back to the start\n\nI was just guessing\nAt numbers and figures\nPulling the puzzles apart\n\nQuestions of science\nScience and progress\nDo not speak as loud as my heart\n\nTell me you love me\nCome back and haunt me\nOh, and I rush to the start\n\nRunning in circles\nChasing our tails\nComing back as we are\n\nNobody said it was easy\nOh, it's such a shame for us to part\nNobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be so hard\n\nI'm going back to the start ..... Oh [x4]
Brendo Souza
cade os brs ? so vejo gringos
Brian Ariolo
In my opinion Queen is and will always be the greatest band.\n\nBut Coldplay is the greatest band ALIVE.
Bubba Shaw
I truly believe this is the best song ever.
Charlie Andy
Take me back to the start :'(
*Essa musica é tao boa cara \u003c3*
DIego Cardoso
good music
Dante Ramôa
I used to listen this music with my little brother... he was only 5, until one day we left to school and... 😢😢😢😢 he fell in the middle of the street i tried to pick him up fast.. But it was too late... the bus was already too close, Why didn't that bus stopped? Why it needed to be him? Why not me? I am so much more selfish, he was a good person, he was my brother. I am dying inside everyday, he was only 5 years old! he didn't deserved that!!!! How the driver did not see him?! I want that driver to die! He did stop the bus and called the ambulance, But it was already too late... He died instantly and It's all my fault i wish i had pushed him, and that the bus hit me instead of him, the bus driver was fired but it's not enough! It's only 3 months since he's gone! i think i'll just... Oh god take me back to that day... please... \n\nAnd i just feel like my family hates me right now.. i think my life will never be the same again, i wish i could give him my life right now and die because at least he would be here with everyone.\n\nThis music says everything i wanted to say to you right now... Jake. i miss playing Mario Kart with you buddy.. your Nintendo Wii is here, it's waiting for you buddy... please turn it on, let's play one more time... please Jake one more time... 😭😭😭
Diógenes Henrique
''No one ever said it would be this hard!'🧡' Amazing music!
Doreen Surigao
every time I heard this song. It reminds me of my Childhood.....dem 😓😓😭
Eddy Zulfadhli
Everyday, an unfortunate soul gets heartbroken and they return to this song.
Edgard Turuy
2018? :\
Edward Daniel
A beautiful day again\nIt's A SKY FULL OF STARS\nAnd the colour of the stars is YELLOW But yet my brother is THE SCIENTIST of the year\nAnd I can do MAGIC and I went\nTo a PARADISE and the time was at MIDNIGHT and it was so cool so I went crazy and scream \nVIVA LA VIDA\nAnd the next day I still LOST to my brother at any games and I say \nWAHT IF we play THE SPEED OF SOUND game \nAnd he said yes\n\n:)
Efrain Entrertainment
Felt something in my chest, tears stream down my cheek. Life is something else \u003c3
El Jolgorio
3\n 0\n 1\n 8\nAnyone?\nAlguien mas?
Ender Bro
Alternative music video\n\nan old woman goes and gets a haircut and gets clothes while carrying these papers, then she goes on the kaboose of a train and looks through the papers, they're all old photos of these different young adults with an obituary clipped to each of them, then there's one last picture with all of the people together and the one in the middle is the old woman when she was young, the old woman had gotten the same clothes and hair cut as she did in the picture, she clutches the papers to her chest and cries while smiling then she jumps
Esas musicas que te dejan un vacio en el pecho que te dice que sentido tiene la vida.
Esteban Verdezoto
I love this song
Francis Josef Salmo
and now, you're just a stranger who knows all my secrets...
Friends don't lie
Esta cancion es muy triste :( les contare mi historia.......Me paso una vez que conoci a un niño muy timido Lindo,asi que sentia algo por el,nos hicimos muy amigos ,hablabamos tanto que Me sentia feliz,asi que mi amigo me pregunto quien me gustaba y yo le dije que me dijiera el primero me confeso que le gustaba yo,me sorprendi, porque el también a mi me gustaba,le dije que yo sentia algo por el,me puse feliz,todo estaba bien,Asi que.......mi amigo conocio a mi mejor amiga,La cual tuvieron tanta conexión que mi amigo se empezó a olvidar de mi,Despues mi amiga me confeso que le gustaba mi amigo,lo cual el tambien me confeso que le gustaba mi amiga,en ese momento no sabia si llorar o Sentirme feliz de mi amiga,Al dia siguiente mi amigo me dijo que ya no le gustaba yo.....Llore,me puse triste,se me bajo el autoestima,Asi que mi amigo y mi amiga se hicieron novios,Mi corazón no sabía que hacer ante eso,Me rompe el corazon que todavia sigan siendo novios, Para Quitarme el dolor,Le aconsejo a mi amiga cosas buenas para que su relacion siga en buen estado,Me deprimo aun mas escuchando canciones asi...... ,Siempre recordare esa amistad entre tu y yo ;)
Geyson Bahonni
2018? 😍👀
Moral of the story: Keep your seatbelt on, kids. Especially when you're in a car with Chris Martin.
Gui da Resenha
who still loves this song? \nLIKE THIS :))
RIP sister \nMiss you so so so much \nIf only you could come back for just one day and we could talk for just another second\nHasn’t been one moment where I haven’t thought about you, every single day you run through my memory\nWill never ever forget you, if only you could know that \nMiss walking home from school with you everyday, celebrating your birthday and Christmas with you, going to watch you dance.\nFeel like apart of my life has just disappeared, never known a world without you 😭\nIf only I could give you my life so you could be here with your friends and family \nMiss you so much xxxxx\nRIP Annabelle ❤️ x 06/10/18\nKnew this was your fav song xx
Hey U
Now I’m depressed😞
Ingrit Denise Aguilar Corona
2018 alguien vivo
Jay Vin99
This song along with this music video has made me cry more than any movie or book. Masterpiece.
Jhon Figueroa
Alguien que habla español la escucha? 8/10/18 😔😃👍
João Castro
tem brasileiro ai?
K-Row L
October 6th 2018 🎃💀
[Verse 1]\nCome up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry\nYou don't know how lovely you are\nI had to find you, tell you I need you\nTell you I set you apart\nTell me your secrets, and ask me your questions\nOh let's go back to the start\nRunning in circles, coming up tails\nHeads on a science apart\n\n[Chorus]\nNobody said it was easy\nIt's such a shame for us to part\nNobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be this hard\nOh take me back to the start\n\n[Verse 2]\nI was just guessing at numbers and figures\nPulling your puzzles apart\nQuestions of science, science and progress\nDo not speak as loud as my heart\nTell me you love me, come back and haunt me\nOh and I rush to the start\nRunning in circles, chasing our tails\nComing back as we are\n\n[Chorus]\nNobody said it was easy\nIt's such a shame for us to part\nNobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be so hard\nI'm going back to the start
Kamikaze Azul
Escutando a em Octubre ❤🔉
Krishna Gour
Perfect song\nPerfect lyrics\nPerfect video\nWhat else do you need
Larry Medina
Así es como empezó octubre... sin ti y con Coldplay.
Lestari Sihombing
Nobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be this hard\n\nthat hit me right in the feels
Liam Gibson
My best friend died from a brain tumor this was his favorite song thank you Coldplay
Llewen Garcia
The message of the video: Wear your seatbelt.
Lucas Rocha
Essa música é muito triste 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
Luke Faulkner
Remember the kid at school who'd play this on the piano in every music class at school?That was me (sorry). Best song of my childhood.
Luz Marina Rojas Zacharias
Like si no sabían la letra de la canción y pusieron ronnie en circos comen ateos 🤣😂😂
Maki Sacayan
Octubre 2018?🎶🎙
Matteo Benedetti
Super yeaaaah Coldplay✌️🔝
Matthew Vasquez
ok whos here from holly henry from the voice? like if u are :D
Micaela Be
2018 y lo sigo escuchando\nLike si te encanta
Miguel Melendez
he actually learned the song backwards 2 make the music video in reverse so when they played the footage backward it looked like he was singing
Milly Oliver
I love the song!❤❤❤
Miscellaneous Nerd
I love looking back at comments I’ve made on old videos like this from harder times in my life. They remind me that it’s over. For now, my life is together. YEEET. Also beautiful song and video of course \u003c3
Mix Jam
My sister died in a car crash, this song always reminds me of her...❤💔 plz wear your seatbelt everyone..\n\n\n\nEdit: Guys, everyone who says I am lying is really effecting me. U guys make me feel worse about myself. I'm only 13 and she was only 3 when she passed. Reading these mean comments makes me feel like going with her. Pls stop.\n\nEdit: this is true. Pls stop saying all these mean things. Some of you dont know what it feels like to have this happen. Pls stop bc one day this might happen to one of your guys family member or something. God bless all of u guys who mistreat others.
Moises Alonzo
Yea but i never made the move on her & she chose the high class prep instead of the midclass me and I thought she was the the most beautiful girl i have ever seen and was polite and respectful to her but i guess they just care about the money not true love i even wrote her a peom how stupid of me to do so she probably didnt even read it but you know what im not going to let her desicion turn me down or phase me because theres more beautiful women out there its just so hard to talk to them when they are probably the most beautiful women you have ever seen or met this was back in mchi high school in texas its been about 7 or 8 years since then but ive moved on now and realized the truth.
Oscar Piedrahita
algun latino presente?
POintless POints
It's a pretty weird video if u think about it, he's in a car accident and he walks for a while and lies down in a mattress on the pavement.
Pedro E'to
2018? 🎤😍❤
Can you imagine world without Coldplays music? I can't!
Prata Santos
Mano esssa música eu só lembro do meu irmão que morreu 💔 slc
R'ockziee N'n
Coming back as we're #😢😢😢
Valaki a Játsszuk Le-től? Senki? Ok \n\n\n\n\n\n:c
October 2018?♥
STEMiee O'Zone
October 2018?
Saima Zainab
still obsessing over this song in 2018 \nNever gets old💕💕
Sangram Singh Rajvi
Song was beautiful.... \nBut correct me if I am wrong, \nYes it was backwards... \nBut did he just open the door and wondered in whole city after accident instead of taking her to hospital. \nWTF¿
Sara Mesquita
Sena Nur
Nothing is worse than two people who love each other but can't be together
Señora Bipolar
*LYRICS* \nCome up to meet you\nTell you I'm sorry\nYou don't know how lovely you are\nI had to find you\nTell you I need you\nTell you I set you apart\nTell me your secrets\nAnd ask me your questions\nOh let's go back to the start\nRunning in circles, coming up tails\nHeads on a science apart\nNobody said it was easy\nIt's such a shame for us to part\nNobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be this hard\nOh take me back to the start\nI was just guessing at numbers and figures\nPulling your puzzles apart\nQuestions of science, science and progress\nDo not speak as loud as my heart\nTell me you love me\nCome…
Sharuld jaikol
Don't forget to use safety belt
Ski God The Slump Mask
who disliked this wow
Some Guy
'Oh take me back to the start'\nI never really knew what those words mean.\nUntil I broke up with my girlfriend. Neither of us liked talking to eachother as much anymore, and it was better in the old days, when we would never want to leave eachother's side.\n\nNow I know what those words mean.
Stuart Whelan
Absolutely brilliant song have a good weekend everything lm having a smoke.
Swivoltaire Soxeyaldero
Is it in your mailbox or something something something something calling the shots
Thais Vieira
Ele está falando daquilo de qual a alma se perturba dentro de cada um de nós, mas que não podemos mudar o passado 😑 é frustrante demais gente, é melancólico isso. Mas é justamente por isso que todos nós já passamos, estamos, ou passaremos, é... Mas, temos uma certeza, o Espírito está pronto 😃 o que isso quer dizer? Que podemos enfrentar a depressão, agora, busquem ajuda ok? Não fiquem com essa dor solitários não, ta bom? Por que depressão mata. É isso.
I really believe that this is a song about a scientist who spent his whole life to unlock the secret of time itself instead of living with his lover. The tragedy is not even the power to rewind time by his hands can heal the memory of a wasted opportunity, ironically wishing to go back to the start.
Better than despacitooooo
1% are commenting about this song 99% are commenting in what year they r watching
Wow. I just have discovered that the sense of the video is fully reversed. So the history of the video starts in the end, in the accident, and then he walk all that way until he finally finish in the \
Videos star de Niky
*2018* *??*
October 20 18 \n\nLIKE for more
Yasmin Cordeiro
Bolsonaro 2018
Zakaria El Morsÿ
I wanted to thank you for the 12 years
1k likes and I'll sing this to my crush while playing ukulele
Awesome!! ❤
I remember the first time I heard this i thought it was eh until i heard “nobody said it was easy” and that really hit me hard
flex house dance
glory fielaa
2018 Agustus?
Todos queremos volver al inicio... a ese primer dia, a esa primer mirada, a la primera sonrrisa, al primer beso, a esa primera vez que se dijeron \
mimasekar Liesanti
Make me missing somebody who can not see me anymore 😢😢\nI wish my dad get the best place in heaven 😇
nicolas geme
Brasil??? 😊💖
Tragic. Always have been my fav coldplay song.. Love the lyrics and instrumentation\n#noks
yani carp
Alguien la escucha en octubre 2018? \nHermosa canción ❤❤
•If I Could Fly•
*the song finishes*\nme: \
October 9, 2018 i'm crying so hard 💔