The Walking Dead - Mad World

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This video tribute contains spoilers for Telltale's Walking Dead video game, so if you haven't finished it yet, then don't watch!*~*~*~*~*"You don't just end it because it's hard. You stick it out. And you help the folks you care about." - Kenny, TWD*~*~*~*~*After reading a lot of good reviews for The Walking Dead, I decided to play the game myself and was not disappointed. This game is an emotional rollercoaster that has not only the shocking moments that you'd expect in a zombie game, but plenty of very touching moments as well. To me it's more about the characters that you interact with, your relationships, and your reactions to the world and situations around you than just the zombies alone. A great story with plenty of heartbreaking moments.*~*~*~*~*edited by: steph01423video: Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead"music: "Mad World" - Gary Jules (pitched)recorded with: Frapsediting program: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0As always, no copyright infringement intended.*~*~*~*~*Watch my tribute to Lee and Clementine here:

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This is amazing!
Bentarb Bronze
rip lee
Cooscle M.
Wonderful :')
Darren Rivers
that was good u shond of life the gun shot sond in at the end
Delta Death
I'm with a team of four badass super soldiers, but a frikin group people dying like this still makes me feel bad. (Sniff) Crap, i forgot i'm still in Kino... i'm out of ammo! Maybe i should just drink instead, piss on some one
;( you rock man ;( you nailed it ;( that ending doe
One game , thousands of memories... \u003c3
Francisco Arriagada
I was one too, no regrets though I'd have also liked to see a growing relationship between Carley and Lee, but I know now that never even happened.
Geek Gaming
So who is ready for season 3!!!
If this is your gameplay, then I applaud you for Saving Doug, I was one of the Few people who did, also this is really great! Awesome video,
João Martins
I wish the tv series were this good... but they're not.
So sad this brings back so many sad memories I feel like I knew these people and now there gone
Marnie and Meewah
I am very surprised they didn't use this story for the TV and the series's story for a game as it has more violence and this has more emotion/more of a story. But, then I guess we wouldn't be able to get as attached to the characters in this if we weren't the ones making friends/choosing stuff. (and the tv may be against Kenny)
Matheus G.
Naseem Taheri
Omg Duck died on clems birthday! :(
Nebojša Bošković
I like the walkie talkie sound in background well yea do many memories R.I.P Lee
This is great... but sad ;(
I love your WD music videos, please make more!
i was actually a Carly savior... i thought about it logically. She was good with a gun, she got to live. Awesome video though
Could you make a Lily tribute?
wow just wow love it
Sir Thomas
Walking dead season 2 in a nutshell
Deserves 2 millions man!
Su Rak .....sad
So touching :,( great video
This is amazing!
Travis Faulkner
this is wolrd this song nowa days
go figure
Very good indeed !
jannine petersen
did anybody else here the scratchy noise or does that mean I need a new phone
luke wolf
this song is so for the game more videos like this now I hope you get to 1000 subs :D
Thank you! =)
badass seal of approval
This really got to me. ;(( Brilliant job, steph.