Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live at Reading 1992)

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...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead
The sound in this is *_FUCKING AMAZING!!!_*
When Kurt Cobain Was Smiling At 0:24 Nobody Knew That Just 2 Years Later We Would Lose One Of The Best Guitarist Of All Time. R.I.P Kurt.\nedit: thanks for all the likes r.i.p kurt
:a 9403
Don’t eat mic😂
Albert Ferron
We need a Time Machine.
Alex Croson
No flashes, no phones, no cameras....
0:26 wtf i see here Paul Walker
If they hated this song so much , they should have played smells like nirvana instead
Arthur BlueBlood
*Load Up On Drugs*\n*And Kill Your Friends*
Literally Eating the mic 2:53
Balaclava Bill
How can four chords, two notes and a terrible solo still sound so good ?
Beste Eker
Miss you Kurt 2018💖💖
Bethany Hunt
Dave Grohl is an AMAZING drummer.
Brendan PW
No cell phones. Just people rocking out. Love and miss the 90s
Bruno Pereira
My all time favorite band RIP KURT you will never be forgotten
Carlos Gómez
Paul Walker is playing guitar 0:24
Chirag Chris
More than a feeling \u003e smells like teen spirit
Daniel Brooks
WTF He ate the mic
Dave Mannix
October 2018!
Efsefse Efsefsef
That song is a freaking cult, and i'm amazed how well he's playing live, I was too young back then, I wish I could have seen him live, damn !
Evan Gg
Algún hispanohablante ??
Dance Tony! Dance!
Faelindaum dos beats
Alguém sabe o nome dessa música que eles tocam no início? Antes de smell
Famke Mans
i miss kurt although i wasn't even born when he died
Felipe Correa
minute 0:47 krist trolled by kurt
Francis Bulawan
Friend: hey wanna listen to my smells like teen spirit solo?!\nMe: ya sure!\nFriend: 3:31\nMe: *oh*
George Twine
watching this really makes me mourn over his death
Hard as a Rock
Top 10 guitar solos 1:10
HolaSoyRickThanos XD
1:10 Wtf?\n3:31 too WtF?
I'm warrior
24 years... R.I.P Kurt Cobain (05/04/1994)
Irina Verkhoturtseva
у меня раньше плакат был курт с этого концерта. 20 лет назад это просто ....
Jake Elder
kurt cobain is the coolest
Jeff Wang
Can't get tired of the intro!
Jeffrey Robinson
WOW That drummer looks alot like the frontman of Foo Fighters!
Johnnyboy 8567
Kurt hated this song because many people wanted to see them play this song and not others.
Jojo Rhoday
Kurt you will be missed and to the eye of many you will always be one of the greatest rockers ever
KUrt Angel
Lamark G.
Brasil 2018.
Lucas Nicolás Sánchez
When you fail so much in guitar hero but still finish the song
Luna Neptuna Sag
'More than a feeling' at the beginning was a great touch with the off beat guitar strumming 😍😍😍
The drummer is really energetic. He should make a band called Foo Fighters or something.
How come the quality of the sound recording is better in 1992 than anything we hear in the past few years?
Maricon Generico
Laik Zi no qerias q muriera 😫😢😭😭😱💪👌👊👊💦💦💦💦
Markos Bass
Como. Lograban ese puto sonido... No mms
Max Stigmatine
Maxime Chafai
0:29 someone is having the most memorable moment of his life in the bottom left
McSquizzy Tumluffin
Idk why but Krist reminds me of a pirate
Morgan Freeman's favorite freckle
Kurt Cobain is the only musician in history that could make his song better by playing it terribly
Just look at 0:24\n\nYou can obviously see Kurt just smiling. He's just so happy that he trolled more than 20 million people by just almost sampling Boston's More Than A Feeling opening riff in Smells Like Teen Spirit. He just wants to watch the world burn\n\nHeil Kurt.
Nabila Cantik
Kurt is gone but i have grunge \
Oliver West
I love how they cut to dancing Tony as they would for the members of the band
Who's the guy in the tie having a seizure
Patrick Pearce
Paulo Lima
someone already noticed that the lead singer of Nirvana looks like guitarist of Nirvana ?
Paulo Teixeira
detuned, improvised,spontaneous, form the core of the soul... how did we all loose that? I really miss grunge. The music, the feeling, the spirit of peace and rebellion.
Puto El Que Lo Lea xdxd
0:46 Like
This will show you that you can't understimate a drummer and bassist, i mean because of them the show keep going doesn't matter how much kurt messing around
Renz star
It's so funny that the casual Nirvana fans thinks this is great.\nMeanwhile it's a joke to the ones who knows them
more hard than More than a Feeling
Ricky Motionless 570
Kurts silly!!! Silly goofball shorp Kurt!!!
Santiago Costa
I so wanna be the drugged dancing guy
Sarah Brackstone
And look at the crowd.. proper festival people. Not like the cunts these days
The beginning is one of the best things I have ever seen when they reference \
Shannon Fields
Is that a hired dancer onstage or someone from the audience? 😂
Sherwin Roxas
August 2018 anyone?
Son of a Gun
Lower left corner at 0:30 ... guy is having a good time
Best version of smells like teen spirit
R.I.P ❤️
The Bargerito
Put it at 2x holy!
Timothy Kagay
That one dude just jumping on a stage deserves a trophy 😂
Topi Makkonen
It still Smells Like Teen Spirit in 2018
Walter Azzari
Mom: what do you want to be when you grow up?\n\nMe: dancing Tony 🤘🏼
William Flores
Funny how the crowd still dancing to Krist singing random shit😂
Yeetacus YT
Yo the drummer seriously looks like the lead singer of the foo fighters
Yosho Amigable
Si todos los genios de la música no se hubieran muerto (suicidado) tendríamos un mundo lleno de genios musicales y no música desechable como la de hoy en día
alexan blod tear
I saw this band in I think 90 or 91 at the very first Sydney Big Day out. The event was actually for Violent Femmes and between booking the bands and event day (a few months) NIrvana broke massivley in that time. And so on the day we all abandoned VF and went and watched this new band Nirvana.
4:30 Someone tried to hit the dancer, I guess they weren't too glad with his amazing performance.
dex frido
Back to 90
diego perez
1:09 thats its me in guitar hero xddd
douglaspinheiro douglaspinheiro
Eu sou brasileiro já basta toda quarta-feira tem um peão de sertaneja que canta desafinado ainda coloca os rockeiros mais desafinado que o brasileiro Ainda bem que já era 😂 kkkkk ☠💩🙉🇦🇷🇦🇽🇦🇱🇧🇷🇬🇧🇯🇵🇱🇷🇱🇷
i once found a tab for the solo at 1:10: it was in hieroglyphics
joaquin vega
This was the best worst concert ever
You can really tell how much Kurt hated playing this song in this video
marl boro
idol since my gradeschool
MORE THAN A FEELING Dfmindianifdnfiasndifnsainfisnifasadfnisa MORE THAN A FEELING
i wonder what kind of music kurt would be putting out today if he was around to see the modern political climate.
toxic badasss
Who else was at Reading in 92 ????? And in the pit getting bruised ?????
user 1
Cadê os br?
viagem ao fundo do mar Mota
Nirvana música feia mulher orgulhosa e esclerosada Courtney não deu certo ....
Kurt did a prank solo, everyone gone insane.
Богдан Матричук
True legend!!
Василий Переслыцких
У Нирваны свой Гаркуша был))
Йеннифэр из Венгерберга
Сер Саур
в России тебя тоже очень любяят) привет ниформалы из конца 90
Серый grunge
Блядь я тут даже успел отметиться, где я не успел:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
(2018/07/01 19:45:27)
Still, the music of Nirvana helps to cope with deep depression