The Iceman Confessions Of A Mafia Hitman (1991)

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Chris Documentary Evans Franco Interview James Kuklinski Richard Wino... fights gang hitman killer mafia murder murderer prison serial shotgun

**Dank* **Angel**
Love Richard he is my fav serial killer of them all! I don't think he is as cold as everyone says he is! Sad that he has passed away :( I would have loved to have been his pen pal
I don't know why everyone is calling him a psycho beacause there is no such thing it is just a way of labeling people \nThe way they see if someone is a psychopath is through a question paper so if it was a mental illness then they would be able to scan it in the brain \nThinking in a certain way is not a illness it is just your personality there is nothing wrong with that
Sweet guy
10:23... damn thats one hot mama for sure.. holy shit\n\nbut its fascinating how you can see his change from age mid 20ties (just another cool dude) to the pure evil very visible in the eyes when his like in his 40/50ties.\na normal man just became pure evil
Amy M Esselborn
He has a kind of soothingly creepy voice.....
Angelo Gomez
Real gangster period
Anthy F.
What really gets me is when he says that he wishes that he could have been different from what he was. Wishes he hadn't been like that. And for a moment, I thought I saw remorse, but then he only says, \
Banana is Life
Should of cops hire him instead?
''This is the devil. No question about it-this is the devil.''\nUh-huh. So, the devil kills mob guys but, refuses to kill children and women.\nInterviewer: ''Is there anything you wouldn't do, Richard, for a contract murder?''\nRichard: ''Yes.''\nInterviewer: ''What wouldn't you do?''\nRichard: ''I wouldn't kill a child...and most likely wouldn't kill a woman.''
Be Limitless
31:11 and 31:20 He sure looks like Tony Soprano, even the hairline. I wish I heard of this guy before I started watching The Sopranos the first time. I watched the\
Cam Munro
If all of you can say this stuff about him and his family on this I doubt any of you would say it to his face if it was just you and him in a room
Chazz Jocazzi
Calm. Soft-spoken. Never swears.......of all the YouTube docs on guys like these, Richard Kuklinski is the most impressive. What a Professional Psychopath. That undercover cop who nailed him, was VERY lucky to walk away. Richard's Daddy Dearest trained him well with all that ultra- Hate and violence. I like Richard Kuklinski, businessman extraordinaire. What a Sales easygoing and Lucifer-like... I blame his monstrous parents, 100 percent.  They made him.... And to corroborate, his young brother was murdered by Daddy Dearest in the house and the remaining brother, was jailed for raping and murdering a young girl on a roof and then threw the girl and her dog from the roof....The Addams Family can take lessons from the Kuklinskis'.... Richard was the polished, pride of his family.
Corey Perry
Thats BS because why would he have been under a matress?
Craig Young
I like to smell my own farts
D Leyba
rip RK
Dean Brown
Just shows you you can never tell about people,,,wow this guys is scary..
wow, isnt he a treat
Father Wayne
Love him
He’s a killer for a reason and I don’t blame him! At least he’s a family man! He loves his kids and wife
He's clearly not crazy, he's just a hired killer.
Genesis Cruz
Mr. Softy must have been really crazy to be called extremely crazy by this guy..
George Penwell
With every thing I've ever read of or heard of over my fifty eight years on this earth about the Cosa Nostra I can not conceive of someone like Kuklinski ever being an integral part of and a trusted so called \
Grudgin 1
Iceman don't cry
Guy Guisbane
People have tough childhoods all the time guys, they don't all become merciless hitmen.\n\nThe sympathy being displayed here is fascinating and disgusting. Everyone has a choice he made the wrong ones. He has complete control of his faculties.
Hans von Grimm
I'd still have a beer or two with this guy.
Heriberto Lazcano
True Sicario
Isaac Pereira
Everybody is so surprised that this man kept it hidden from his own family.. He was what he was, he realized it and utilized it to his advantage. It's fucked up, but you don't mess with people who aren't meant to be messed with. What was he supposed to do? Tell his family about his dark truth..? What would you have done?
James smith
Weird how this would be normal 1000 years ago when vikings and people like that killed A lot more men than tgis
Jessica Woodbury
Omg he was born on April 11 like me and is catholic
Jett Rink
Did he murder Attorney Carrol's  hair?  Nice toupe, dude.
Jim Bee
How clever he feels.
Joe Cavick
Damn Tyrion, are you gonna call him up to the Free Cities? He'd be a good Hound.
John Wolf
How can you say he's not a serial killer. He's the definition of a serial killer
Jonn Myers
this guy was a mafia legend he was built for it he had no remorse and that made him untouchable for so many years
Joseph Decesare
Bro constine or what ever ur name is look at the doc with him ad the doctor the other doctor what ever they show u more than 15 bodies alone in that interview how u can say he's full of shot is beyond me they show u the murders he didn't have a feeling about it he was a nut these are the ppl to fear in life the ppl I would never know are like this
He kinda looks like Tony Soprano.
bad parenting ...and the result,,,,
Happy this man was not my father. No doubt. They were not the all american family. He led his life a lie to his family and let then down and shamed them. my dad was orphan and lived a life with a tyrant uncle. He did not have to do what Kuklinski did to make a decent life for our family. This man was a lazy, piece of shit.
Kovy Jersey
*That is one dude you did not want on your bad side not saying i condone murder but most people he killed im sure had it coming!*
Krisp E. Creme
Lachlan Baron
if I had a manh mogos say hhis everyday. likd we are victims. we all have a choice. DENIAL is real
`god didnt show up`
Lex Lowroom
can't help but like the chap
James Gandolfini would of played the perfect ice man ...
The Man is a Maniac !!! It is not possible now, but 50 years ago - Legend
Matt Harrison
His childhood experiences don't justify what he did for his entire life but they certainly set him up psychologically to commit the first murder. Once that line had been crossed I get the impression there was no looking back. He did have a choice of whether or not he would be a hired murderer but the fact that he ever killed. namely the first couple of times, is a direct result of his abusive upbringing.
Melissa Husk
This particular guy always threw me. I'm a criminal profiler and this one, the level of calm and indifference he appears to have is astonishing though if you catch the little clues you can tell that he is in fact, perhaps not on an extreme level, a little remorseful.
Naked Tongues
c'mon folks, this guy was whacked around like a pinata, others have been beaten just\nas bad, but this did not help.  My guess is he would not have turned to be a killer\nhad he been not so beaten.  Tough neighborhood etc. \nBut I would still execute the bastard, primarily because my Mom was nearly killed\nin a robbery and when I came back, and found her, knew then if they found the guy\nall bets were off on my previous stand against the death penalty.
Nick Wood
The cyanide story reminds me of that scene in Dumb and Dumber where the hit man gets the hot peppers put on his burger while he's in the bathroom, and then Loyd gives him the cyanide pills instead of his ulcer medicine. Lol. I can always picture Loyd and Harry squeezing those ketchup and mustard bottles up in the air and sticking their tongues out to stop the burning after they dare themselves to eat the hot pepper before the hit man gets his. Too funny.
This dude reminds me of Mick Thomson #7
He is just a man with twisted moral norms because of his desire to dominate through violence caused by his tough childhood. And just that along with his skills and other qualities made him one of the most dangerous murderers in the world.
its often said he didnt show remorse, but there are afew times during this that he does show slight remorse. Does not change what he was, but there was feeling inside him.
Orrie Knapp
a real family man. do what you gotta do for your family
The realist mobster ever imo
Pope missopan
Heh.. \
Rae A 레 아
Finally! Another actually smart killer!
Randy Bailin
He and his family lived in an upper middle class neighborhood in New Jersey. Some of the occupations of the primary bread-winners on the block: Accountant, Engineer, Doctor, Insurance Sales, Stock Broker, Killer.
Stone cold, this guy would not give a second thought to someone pleading for there life, even if it was a child women or man, he has that stone cold look, and u can tell he means what he says, guys on this documentary who claim. To have killed for Mafia like that dude in network who now lives with his son, those guys big it up, this guy is the real deal plain and simple
Reggie Robillard
Dominic Palephrone is so Italian-American he bleeds spaghetti sauce
Robert Roberts
That popping of the mouth noise makes my skin crawl
Steven Williams
Causing his family pain is the only thing that could bring this cold hearted man to tears. Blood is thick. Family comes first in life, its the number one of thing you have in this world. even to a guy like this who didn't value other's lives.
Sveno V
he took the 16k and left the rest there.\nlike \
business is business
He is normal
Tony Stanford
this guy is a stone cold killer
Wilfrid G
...I'm gonna need to get me a cup o' coffee for this here juicy stuff!
Wolter Siegers
Bizar !!!
badger DC
The wrestler stone cold Steve Austin based his gimmick off this guy.
He seems to be a bit of a stuck up wanker. Like he thinks that he is tough or something
They sure glamorize thugs on all of these shows.  I read the ice man book a few years before seeing this on HBO.This guy like a lot of others have a similar background and produce similar results usually like this.  They grow up with f'd up parents, (usually very young messed up parents), they are deprived of love, which in turn makes them have hate and no feelings towards others or other peoples feelings, and they do harm to others and finally get the attention they so much desire.  The end.
dani filth
90% had it comming
danish cookie
god the interviewer and his questions were so bad
I love this guy, not because of what he did but because of how he acts about it.\n
do shi
His wife knew everything eventhough she denies. This is why she is in a don't ask don't tell relationship bc she knew he was sup to no good and his lifestyle. She should've went down for keeping his secrets too.
dook dynasty
so he wacked a bunch of low-lifes that needed wacking
fakyourbullshit nemasproblemas
Atleast he was an hard working, well earning and employed man, right?
freeze spell is awesome
at least he showed his family love and respect. shows there was some good in him. very cold hearted serial killer but a loving husband and father at the same time
What's up with the guy at 48:43, how he ended up in this position
hot rod daddy
this guy loved his family and this was how he supported them ... he was doing this for business, the people he was getting rid of were the dregs of society.. unwanted criminals that prey on others. so he actually help the average citizen by getting rid of criminals...businesses can kill more people than this man and not even get a fine...religion is the cause of more deaths than anything else that has existed in our history..
His interview was boring and slow.
At least he got paid for his work, kept his family out of it and supported them. business is business just so happens he was in the mafia game and good at his job
matt savoie
Guy was a pathological liar and almost all his claims have been proven to be false
The way he talks makes him look like an actor in his best role and that is the scariest thing about this man he just doesn't care anymore.\nThat's what happens when you bully people and when parents beat their children, we are all different and our mind hides things that when they come to the surface of our personality we make this world worst or better.
phenomenal one
he could have worked for the illuminati lol
phoenix J
To be honest, he is muuuuuuuch better than sociopaths. He values n protects his family and the crying shows his conscious is still there. The coldness caused by his bitter childhood so it's little understandable. But sociopaths who survive by using others kindness and innocent are truly evil.
rob delayer
Crazy world. You never know who you are sitting beside.
samantha severin
He's a sociopthath, that could've been an actor! LOl!
Had he been in the military....we would call him a hero
the man
you know what i know i will get hate for this comment but we breed people like this...he had abusive parents...he was bullied severely how else was he going to turn out....people are to blame for this.....
tupac easy biggy tupac easy biggy
Everyone thinks he's a great lad so did I but he was going to grass on the gambinos so that why I think he a fool he was doing life so why rat I'd love to ask him that even though he's dead
walrus grumble
Had he chosen comedy over murder he'd be as famous and rich as the rest...when he went independent to collect on that bad debt in New York on Christmas Eve i feel this is what put him under the eye of the law because people were talking who knew of him or knew he talked freely...huge mistake..don't talk! I don't agree with what he did but in his later years he was killing people generally who were  people the cops would have liked to have shot themselves(notably Roy DeMayo who killed people for the sheer hell of it!)\n\n\n\n\n\n0
He is still a better father than most
xolani mkhwanazi
Not entertaining
The government really could have used this guy instead of locking him away like a dangerous vile animal. Such a shame he's dead now.
Basically Catholicism (or basically Christianity and Abrahamic Faiths as a whole) creates killers because Abuse which they call \