U2 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (Live)

U2’s new album, “Songs of Experience” out now. Listen to the album: Music video by U2 performing Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. (C) 2007 Universal-Island Records Ltd.

Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me U2 hold me thrill me kiss me kill me acoustic hold me thrill me kiss me kill me ly... hold me thrill me kiss me kill me u2

Guys, where did this show perform? Mexico City?
Akaash Jain
absolutely pure and thunder music
Alexander T
killer riff, I dont like U2 at all but damn the edge is a legend
Amigo Ronaldo Collantes Gonzales
best band .....they been together for so long....legend !!
Andras Sideri
Chicks like the car 😎😎😎😎
Armando chavez
when bono was cool
Athanasios Kaltsos
thessaloniki back in 1999...my very first live...
Black star и Эндермен tapatalk tapatalk
I love this film
Chris Carter
Batman Forever
Cla abc
How cool is bono here?!
Cristian Lobo
U2 rules!
Cristian Reyes
Amezing music of batman Forever
Cruz Jorge
very unique. awesome band.
Hey do you have The Outer U2 in Hold me Thrill me Kiss me Kill me music video?
Is it me or does Bono remind me of Chester Bennington?
Dancing rick
A band at there peak right there :D
Not as good live☹
Pop is one of the best albums I've ever heard :)
Darth Watson
Now I'm not a fan of U2 but recently I had watched Batman Forever and this song grew on me.
David Mac farlane
popmart 97
David Maloney
How cool is the Edge
Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks
i remember when U2 came to san diego they were charging $400 minimum price for cheapest seats from ticketmaster. U2 is a great band but they hate their fans that cant afford $1000 for a pair of tickets. Its ashame they dont want all their fans to have a chance to see a show!
The people of dislikes, why?
Felix L Ricardo
This song along with the music video was the best shit about Batman Returns...well, Kiss on the Rose be Seal, too. But this song, man. Fire!
Genecarlo Show
All the Christian girls who begged their parents to go to this concert LMFAO
George Clooney
it needs an orchestra!!
Gruagach. Iron Shoes
Remember when U2 was doing cool as fuck music back in 97, I'm still hoping they have another Pop'esque album in them as the ones that have come after have been OK at best but balless.
Guess Ladyorlad
“Of course you’re not shy”
Gulnara Talat
You guys are absolutely Incredible!!!\nU2 Forever! Your lifetime fan!!
Ingrid Johanna León Girón
Excellent song!!! This is one my favorite!!!
I liked batman forever 10 times more after this
Jack Young
This is played on a very short music reel in the Mr. Freeze ride building at Six Flags St. Louis. I knew this song very well by the end of the season. Took me a while to actually go look it up though. Never figured out why this was always playing until I did. :P
Jamal Pulliam
This song would've been perfect for SUICIDE SQUAD :)
Joaozinho carioca
Batman Forever
Jordan Morton
This Is My Favorite Batman Song
Karl O'Connor
With Batman Vrs Superman coming soon, U2 should put this song back on the set list and include it on the current tour.
Ken Shiro
What a bloody amazing track!!!
I'm a fan of Popmart, but I think the 360 version tops this and is more powerful.
Lord Nose
Someone do music a favor and shoot bono.....TWAT!
Luis Daniel Chong Zorrilla
sube la bersion de la pelicula batman forever
Luke J
90's pop culture and rock and roll had a baby. This is it
Luz Garcia
Que esa musica jamas pasara de moda por que ese grupo es todo terreno
More of this please!
Mariam Oliva
Love this song!! The only good that came out of Batman forever :-V
Mary Beason
God I miss the 90's.
Metren Angerjärv
We can argue endlessly about what is the best U2 song, but there's no debate about this being the most badass one ;)
Mike P
Popmart tour. I was there in Philly, awesome show.
Mohd Nasri
val kilmer the best batman...
Mozz TasYa
always good to.hear.
Más Allá de los Eones
Batman Forever time!!!!
Nicholas Tosoni
Quite good, but a little too loose and relaxed for my tastes. Also missing that wonderful orchestra at the end. \n\n\
Batman Forever, forever the best Batman.
Norid Rad
Val Kilmer best Batman oh yea 😎
OVI-Wan Kenobi
I remember first hearing this song in the summer of 1995 when Batman Forever was playing in the movie theatres right after my first year of University. By September during the first week of back to school, the students union used the title of this song for their University campus Week of Welcome i.e. \
Party Myrtle
Fantastically Dark with a Bright side to it all
Patricia Robertson
Just connect U2 the REST will follow.
Rachmad Igen
Back when his voice worked
Ralph Williams
this song is still banging 21 yrs later
René Matus
Mr. MacPhisto come back, you have telephone calls to do
Ricky johnston
U2 1995 just before Pop, amazing!!!
Robot Lover
Rojenn Ortiz
Why do most of the bad 90's movies get the best Soundtrack, like for example Godzilla... it had like foo fighters, jimmy page, fuel etc.
Ron Wylie
Im not a huge U2 fan but this blew me away from the fist time I heard it and they do it great live!
Snake Plissken
Bono’s stage presence is terrible.\n\nHow this band has been so popular world wide is beyond me:
Stevie Amis
Best Band in the World 😊👍🏻
I dont really wanna see Edge hump his guitar
I much prefer their 90s stuff to any of the hits like beautiful day
Tracy Bodin
One of the best rock songs ever made Ofcourse, no one could have done it better.
i was at that concert - life was great then. now...ugh
Uriel Isaias Rivas Pineda
Yo fuí a ese concierto de U2 🙌 🙌🙌 en ese tiempo uno IVA a disfrutar y no a verlo por el celular 😎😎 viva U2
Vincent Bickerstaffe
Wanda Fischetti
Xavier Sandoval
Mexico City 1997 unforgettable!!!!!!
Yoshiki G
I f**king love this song.
Zero Kool
adam collins
Edge playing great guitar. Again.
andy b
one of the best bands ever! not ofter u2 release a crap song, pink floyd still better!!!!!
Such a sick track!
I watched this dvd last week. Excellent.
Wow..them were good times..this song in the car...booze and pot a 'plenty...and and that new batman trailor..mtv and mid nineties..
i am the sun
que pirobo tan satanico
The heavy rock side of U2.
jj martin
My all time favorite song when driving!! Heard way back in the 90s In a Porsche 928 In NY!
a defining moment in 90s rock n roll
marianne khos
The last Great U2 Days .. ¡ ! .. after POP all started to melt down... until this day..
rene hernandez
They want you to be Jesus\nThey'll go down on one knee\nBut they'll want their money back\nIf you're alive at thirty-three
they want their Money back if ya alive at 33.
This reminds me of batman with Val Kilmer!
Adam Clayton looked so badass in his orange boiler suit; the Edge looked like one of the Village People....someone got the short end of the costume design stick.
Best part about this song is they can still sing it amazingly after 10 years.
zachary lee
I Renamber This Song From The Batman Forever Movie Is The First Time That I Ever Watch This Music Video I Got Too Say This Song Always Creeps Me Out Seince I Was Little But I'm Older Now And I Think It's A Pretty Good Song And Catchy Sometimes This Song Always Stuck In My Head LOL But I Think Y'all Did A Preaty Good Job On This Song😃