SADE Greatest Hits - Full Album / The Best Of Sade Songs

01. No Ordinary Love -


She is one of the greatest of all time. Her songs are timeless.
Aaron Akanyang
On point SADE I love lovely your
Abhik Roy
In my teens, I hated the song no ordinary love. Now in my late 30s, I love this song and can't stop listening to it.
Ade Ademilola
Something special for the world to admire
Alexis Rodman
11:41 love song
Andrea Di Dio Cafiso
Annette Papana
Beautiful songs 💕💕
Antonio Bernardo
Armando Pizarro
muchas gracias....
Bella Bella
Love Sade
Chris Love
Christian Egon Bärnthaler
super art
Cristian Andres Casas Leon
La mejor... excelente música !!
Daniel Bennett
Thank You. Love all the songs.
David Braithwaite
Can someone really SING like that??? She is UNBELIEVABLE. NO WAY. I can not stop listening to her voice. THANK YOU SADE
Donna Mills
Saw her in concert she was amazing 🎼🎤
Elia Epchook
Her songs used to resonate at summer fish camp, lovely voice made the birds sings.
Elisha Jones
It it touches my heart, truly beautiful.
Ellen Hulsbergen
I know her since her very first album and she's extraordinary...pretty and a wonderful singer.
Emmajohn onu
To think that she is an African Nigeria to be precise make it more interesting
Eugenia Scandella
La follia può essere troppo perfezionista e far vedere un finto ordine accomodante delle cose. E spaccare una sedia e poi andarsene facendo finta che sia germoglia una cipolla nel freezer in seguente successive. Biologia di magia di un certo mago del paranormale
Frédéric GILOT
Il y a SADE, et il y a tous les autres … Si la perfection existe elle est incarnée ...
Gabriel Psilocybin
Guðmumdur Jónas Haraldsson
Thank you Nina ❤️
Helen Vajcovec
Iveta Jírová
Super 😍💋💋💋❤
JacQuelin Allen
Jackie Thompkins
love SADA,
Jay Coxtable
Classy, timeless, lyrical. good music
Jazz Jazz
че за мудачье дизлает?...
John Sweeney
Thanks so much for these beautiful memories.
Jorge Luiz
Very good this album. I like SADE ADU.
Juanita Mickens
Bullet Proof Soul. Deep song!!!
Dam forgot all about this quality Music!!
Karen Leslie St James
Love Sade. her voice and rythym will always be in style..💖💖
Keep on rollin
I love this woman! Always have always will. I was 15 when I was turn on to her. I am almost 45. So for 30 yrs I have loved her. She still makes me feel the same as when I 1st heard her. SADE UR ONE OF GOD'S GREATEST GIFTS TO THIS WORLD
King Zsoltan
She will always be a goddess to me......
Love her music, just sets the mood
Laurent Valette
Remember the 80's years, when I was a young boy...I was in love of this singer ! I had all her albums...
Liz Fay
Thank u Nina 😍😍😍
Lye 310
Thank You Nina! This is NO ORDINARY SINGER! Simply amazing SADE!
Maria Roszik
big thanks:)
Marwan Grira
تحية شكر من البحرين ، big thanks from Bahrain
Mia Sanchez
Always soothing to hear this song never fails
Miirza Beatlemania
De lo mejor😍 Relax
Mirek Bieniak
Mam wszystkie te piosenki na CDs. Cпасибо Nina:)
A wonderful gift that keeps giving and giving...
Live legend..
Nic tu po was
Podoba sie
Nina Klimova
01. No Ordinary Love - 00:00\n02. Smooth Operator - 07:22\n03. By Your Side - 11:41\n04. Kiss Of Life - 16:08\n05. Cherish The Day - 20:18\n06. Your Love ls King - 26:36\n07. Soldier Of Love - 30:17\n08. Paradise - 36:15\n09. ls It A Crime - 39:47\n10. Nothing Can Come Between Us - 46:10\n11. Jezebel - 50:02\n12. King Of Sarrow - 55:14\n13. Never As Good As The First Time - 1:00:09\n14. Hang On To Your Love - 1:04:05\n15. Love ls Stronger Than Pride - 1:08:02\n16. The Moon and The Sky - 1:12:21\n17. Feel No Pain - 1:16:55\n18. Babyfather - 1:20:42\n19. Haunt Me - 1:25:24\n20. You're Not The Man - 1:31:14
Pickle Rick
I can have the worst day ever...come home..turn this on..and just melt! This girl has some voice on her!
Pinche Flakoug
Very talented singer
I love Sade. Her music is timeless and her voice is calming.
Queena O. Fitial
Wish to see you in concert Sade....
Rachel Breuer
Love, love so much...
Renee Simpson
All those ads!!!!!
Russell Lamb
Love Sade... Thanks, Nina, My Mind Drifts Away To So Many beautiful Thoughts
Stevo McSteve
Soldier of love is such a kick ass and creative song..
Sure Shot Clothing
She looks like an Egyptian goddess hahhaa
Susana Zabala
Bellisimaa musica!! Gracias!
Teura Isabelle PACAUD
Thembela Nelson Mgudlwa
Thank you....
Uchenna Michael Maduka
great job Nina, thank you for sharing such a beautiful album
Valera Podxomytov
William James Harbour
Great composition
Yes Man
2018 and forever
Yosa Setiawan
Yvette Jones
Love her voice!
alex dunn
No Nina where have you been,you kinda disappeared,I missed you sweetheart.
asama alabide
لازم\nازاحة\nمن\nجثمانتو\nواهلو\nوعشايرو\nالعسل\nوالترضع\nوالحليب ب و ع
Too many ads!
debbie smith
Awesome voice, meaningful songs, lancaster uk x
dwi yanto
Smooth ...............
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful music!
freq freak
....thanks for the upload, excellent ...
gunnar björnsson
love is it.
john jovoni
this my music
pap NSK
Просто классно
phumzile qwabe
nice music I needed this
Grew up on this music.
沙袋 。俺的最爱。
GREAT JOB! you are missing something \
subramanian kanjinkattu
wave surfa
Sade (singer) Helen Folasade Adu CBE (Yoruba: Fọláṣadé Adú [fɔ̄láʃādé ādú]; born 16 January 1959), Nigerian dad and English Mom, raised in Britain...beautiful soul.\nIt is of Yoruban and African origin, and the meaning of Sade is \
yves poiret
Nostalgie nostalgie
Галина Нестерова
Спасибо Нина .Я наконец нашла музыку для приватного танца, который хочу подарить любимому. Это No Ordinary Love
Жиром Закушу
я не видел красивее женщины чем она..
Иаан Драга
This is beautiful and great album from Sade ‼️‼️‼️‼️👠👠👠👠👠❤️
Иван Кучин
++×++!!Great to you
Иван Лохов
Awesome 💯✔
Иван Шахов
Great album 👍Just perfect 👌🙏 ♥️✨🕶
Палкин Александор
The Best Of SADE ADU album, Very good Job Nina 💘👍💡 For me!