Tim Burtons Stainboy in HD - Episode 3, Bowling Ball Head

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Things get rolling in Episode 3 of Tim Burton's Stainboy, as Bowling Ball Head brings his 16 pounds of evil to the screen.

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Afroswine Hoggintons
This is so weird, but I can't stop watching it
Aidan Bobunk Campbell
@ledruchii No it's Glenn Shadix (Otho from Beetlejuice)
Ameen Makanvand
I think this sort of shows how America is becoming a sort of facist culture. We salute you Tim Burton
Blue Cthulhu
I like how all the criminals are dead, yet still thrown in jail...
Chelsea Blockmon
Fav episode so far
Christian Clouse
Was that bowling ball the same voice as the boogie man on nightmare before Christmas???
XD I love how there's a dead body in the dumpster\n
love it
don;t knwo why, but i think tim burton could easily bring a season 2 Invader zim series...
Eden mcDonald
My god, I love this side of YouTube.
I know everyone thinks it's Glenn but it REALLY sounds like Christopher Lee
Faustina Smith
Definitely my favorite!!! Thanks!
Hector Vazquez
it's oogie boogie's voice!!! *________*
Jacob Goltry
6 n
Jai Kaminoff
sux tht theres only 6, and who's the bowling ball!!!??? (the voice actor)
Jas C.
DAMN! THAT'S A BIG HEAD! roflmao!!!!!!!
Juliet Chavez
I still don't get it.What do they do like what is their jobs???
in the credits it says: BOLWING BALL HEAD=?
Lina Tenenbaum
that's exactly what I thought!
Who do you think Bowling Ball looks like? Darth Vader? Batman? :P
Third episode I see. Honestly if you ever been in the dark side of youtube, there's ton of similar stuff from unknown authors which is wierder/funnier/more inspired/better than this poor cartoon from mr burton.
Mathieu Leader
who you calling pinhead
Strike!! \\o/ , The guy who gives stainboy missions look like danny elfman. x)...And I saw a clown XD .
@oogie6789 why does Glenn get credited for the other voices he did in the series but not for Bowling Ball? It might be someone else.
Michael Cozine
lol when it hits the dumpster and you see all the bodies is hilarious.
Reagon Alford
I want to stop watching but I just can't.
Rebecca Benson
The person who voices the bowling ball is the same guy that does the guy who gives Stainboy missions. I looked it up on IMDb. I love Stainboy's Superman pose.
HOPEY SHIT, this wasn't really disturbing! It must have been one of Burtons few off days.
Rock of ages :D\n
Hey! I'm not native english speaker. I liked the Stainboy series but in this particular apisode I couldn't get what the Bowling Ball Head said from the \
Drunk loud people with hairstyles that resemble small dead animals!\nSo glad that I finally figured that out!
Tiana PIVOT (Student)
Love It!!!!!!!!!!!
Strike b*tch!
ha they should make a mini game of this, when he is getting away from bowling ball head! xD
he always gets his man :D
I love how Stainboy climbs on top of the bowling ball after he's defeated him and wears that proud, triumphant look.
Doesn't Bowlingball head guy sound an AWEFUL lot like a certain Oogie Boogie we all know? But the voice actor isn't credited at the end, there's just a '?' where the name should be! But don't they sound alike?
did tim burton do too much acid when he was younger
stain boy's so cute with his little round body and big eyes, especially when he SMILES!!! which he only does once, why is that? and i love how he slides on his stains! ps why doesn't he ever speak? it seems like he should be talking, epsecially when talking to the bowling ball man. please explain
you could say he reminds of Darth Vader! the bowling ball guy..
the ball's very booggie man like
I think Glenn Shadix does the voice for the ball aswell. Its just that they made it sound a bit different.
spencer kain
I just love these so much!!!!!!!!
That voice sounds like Christopher Lee to me....